Search results. of results for Books: Romance: Hindi . Revolution Twenty20 (Hindi Edition). 1 December . Ventilator Ishq - a graduate love story. जब दोस्त बन गया प्यार तो हो गया कमाल – Best Friend Love Story in Hindi उसकी कमी कभी पूरी नहीं होगी – True Sad Love Story in Hindi. Hindi Love Story App is only for who interested in reading the love stories. Many people like to reading love story but many books written in English so some.

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Best Love Story Book In Hindi

Most romantic love stories contains more than 50+ true love stories from all over the world. True Love Stories In Hindi App Read more. Collapse. Hindi Love story, Love Story in Hindi, Hindi Love stories - Read More Than True Love Stories in Hindi. Send Your Love Story Today And Tell The World. Devdas one of his most popular novel, is story of love and sacrifice made by Which are the top 5 Hindi novels, story books, Shayari or poem.

It is amazing to see how few pages of a more or less imaginative story can move you so hard. I have read plenty of them and have cried my heart out on multiple occasions. And I recommend reading an emotional story every once in a while. Here are my recommendations on the best emotional love story books written by Indian authors. All of them are emotional. Some are romantic. I love this book. For its plot, prose and platonic love story. The central characters Sudha and Chander are etched in my mind forever. This is by far the most romantic and heart-wrenching book I have read.

Flag as inappropriate. See more. English Romance Novels - Offline. Free Romance: To Get Me To You. A sweet heart-warming romance.

Inspirational Love Stories.

Top 30 Romantic and Emotional Love Stories Books By Indian Authors

Awesome Collection of Inspirational Love Stories. Novel Romance - Ebook. Novel Romance - Ebook Offline. Story Life. Moral Story - Short story, Storytelling, storyline. Short moral stories, story book, hindi story, Offline story, real life stories. Moral Story - Classic story, story book, life stor. Moral stories is kids story, storytelling app, children's story, short stories.

Short stories with storyline online, stories for kids, storytelling app, story. Bharat Darshan - Comics, historical, picture story. Guess this one does need much of an elaborate introduction thanks to its popular motion picture adaptation. It is can be considered as one of the best love storynovels of all time.

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Kshitish Padhy Yes, it has long title but justifies every bit. The story is about Ritwik, your average next door guy, who is trying to make a mark in the comic book industry. He meets a girl named Shubhangi one day and is determined to marry the girl. To do so, he has to first impress his future father-in-law. So does the father-in-law approve of his probable son-in-law? Well, that is in fact the most interesting bit of this adorable romantic novel.

Sponsored Search. Famous Love Stories ]. It follows the quests of Sanjay who plans to fulfil his American dream. What happens next makes the crux of this wonderful love story by an Indian author.

The novel portrays the tale of a lazy rich spoilt brat named Benoy.

Benoy is the rich guy who is lazy and pretentious. One day he meets a girl who keeps pushing him away in spite of him falling in love with her for true.

So will she accept him finally? Or will the poor fellow just get friendzoned?! Read the novel for more. download the book here.

In this story, we meet Akash, who has a preference for girls with conservative values. One day, he happens to encounter a free-spirited girl Aleesha at a disco.

They exchange their Blackberry PINs to stay in touch but then the love story is not as simple as it seems since there are some more characters that show up.

In spite of different mind-sets they fall in love when they are still in college. As expected, they always end up arguing even on the simplest matters due to their contrasting ideologies.

Their arguments always end with a kiss until one day, after 11 years of relationship, they realise they are close yet feel so far away. Have they reached a saturation point in their love?

सच्चे प्यार की लव स्टोरी A Short Love Story in Hindi

Or is it something else? They have to figure it out soon! Anurag Garg While the name might suggest otherwise, this one makes an interesting read in case you are looking for a nice love story by an Indian author. In his inebriated state, he narrates his love story with Anamika to his friends, and the story then goes back to the past tense.

The thing is when we return back to the present, does Aarav still have a relationship with Anamika or is he just grieving about lost love?

Best Love Story Novels By Indian Authors: 25 Books You Must Read

Smita Shetty If you love reading books with relatable characters, then this one must be on your best love story novels by indian authors list. It tells the story of Natasha, a Bengali woman married to a Tamilian guy named Rakesh. The couple are NRIs, and both are equally absorbed in their professional worlds. Natasha yearns for romance, excitement and companionship but Rakesh seems too busy in his world. She makes a chance visit to India with one of her handsome colleague and bumps into an ex-flame in India.

Best Love Story Novels By Indian Authors: 25 Books You Must Read

Will Natasha have a self-discovery about love or will she have to make a choice? You should really be downloading this one right away. Durjoy Datta Another one of the best love story novels by indian authors, again by Durjoy Datta.

This one is a touching love story about Deep and Ahana. Deep is a young man who enjoys spending time with books rather than human beings. One day, he gets an internship offer in Hong Kong where he meets an Indian girl Ahana.

She is a beautiful woman but is blind. Deep and Ahana explore Hong Kong together, slowly falling in love. Now how does Deep deal with things? Nikita Singh It is an interesting love story about love, friendship and betrayal. Niharika is a fresh entrant to the college, and in the first few days becomes friends with a shy guy named Tanmay. Tanmay is a good guy but not boyfriend material so therefore Niharika starts dating Akshat.

But as time passes by, Akshat starts revealing his true colours. At the same time, Niharika notices a transformation in her bestie Tanmay. Was Tanmay actually the right guy for her? She strives to find an answer and this is her tale.

Shubham Choudhary It is a cute college life story of Yatharth, a studious junior researcher, who has a group of friends who are a mixed bag. Although Yatharth knows everything about the topics he studies, he has trouble fathoming love. Thanks to the coaxing of his friend, he falls in love with a girl Sanchita, who is a sweet and sentimental girl.

It is first love for both of them. Will they be able to handle the pressures that accompany it or will they be left with a heartbreak? A lovely romantic story with ample pinch of humour. Nikita Singh It is a love story full of turmoil but with a message that true love always perseveres.

In this book, we meet Sambhavi Sen, a young interior designer who happens to have a chance encounter with Arjun Datta, who is a young and grumpy businessman but with an interesting persona. In spite of their differences, they fall in love. Things go smooth till the point when Sambhavi makes a shocking revelation to Arjun.

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Smita Kaushik This romantic novel tells the story of Akash and Kasam who keep bumping into each other at various points in life. While Akash has always been in love with Kasam, she always seemed out of reach for him. As life moves on, Akash finds out that his ignorance for his love towards Kasam has become a fight with love itself. Things reach a point that he has to decide whether to propose to her or let go of his love forever.

Do download this one. Yashodhara Lal This is one is a light-hearted book about the challenges mismatched individuals face in matrimony. The protagonist of the book Yashodhara named after the author is a city girl who ties the knot with a small town guy named Vijay.

The two never agree on anything and argue most of the time.

With the arrival of their daughter, their arguments move to the next level since the couple have contrasting views on parenthood. Will the constant bickering bring an end to their marriage? Surely an interesting read with some decent amount of humour in it. Romantic Love Stories ].

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