Bad Rep - A. Meredith Walters 1 - dokument [*.PDF] This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author's. Bad Rep 1 A Meredith. Mr. Meredith has arbitrated disputes under the ICC, LCIA, ICDR, UNCITRAL, LMAA, SCC, SIAC and. ICSID rules amongst others as well. "Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes". Maysie Ardin is .

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walters,prime time 3 workbook answers pdf, pdr nurses drug handbook goddesses,bad rep bad rep 1 by a meredith walters, triumph daytona Bad Rep book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especial. separate her from the bad type in order to avoid a bad reputation in the future. In

Bad Rep - A. PDF Opublikowany This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons. Living or dead, business establishments, events or locals, are entirely coincidental. Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the material herein is prohibited without the express written permission of the author. My roommate, Riley, poked her head in from the hallway, her brown hair rumpled from her two hour nap. Irubbed my hand over my face, pushing my bangs back from my forehead in an agonized gesture. Throwing the piece of paper onto the coffee table and leaning backwards on the horribly ugly yellow and green couch that came cheap, courtesy of the local good will. Riley Walker, my best friend since our freshman year at Rinard College in Bakersville, Virginia and recently acquired roomie, picked up the discarded letter and read it quickly. Her eyebrows shot up and she looked at me in shock. Maysie Ardin, are you freaking crazy?

But things aren't always as they seem. And when Maysie finds out Jordan has a girlfriend, and who his girlfriend is, she does her best to stay away from him no matter how much she is drawn to him. No matter how much she thinks about him.

No matter what He is also the president of his fraternity. His relationship with his girlfriend has simmered down. So when he meets Maysie, she is someone that he has a lot in common with. She is more interested in him, and his music, than his own girlfriend.

This kind of chemistry he has with Maysie is new to him, something he's never felt before. And because of that fierce chemistry they have together, he is willing to betray his trust with his girlfriend to be with Maysie, and relentlessly pursue her until she finally gives in to him.

Maysie does her best to stay away from Jordan. She knew the consequences would be bad if anything happen with Jordan. But unfortunately she could no longer deny her attraction to Jordan. And because of one kiss , her whole reputation was ruined.

Jordan Levitt is the popular, gorgeous, rocker who all the girls want a piece of. The kind of chemistry he has with Maysie is new to him, something he's never felt before. She knew the consequences would be bad if anything happened with him.

But, unfortunately, she could no longer deny her attraction to Jordan. And because of one kiss, her whole reputation was ruined.

Perfect Regret (Bad Rep, #2)

Because of this kiss, Maysie endures a lot of vicious rumors and cattiness. And, because of that one kiss, the life she has created for herself is completely shredded overnight. It's really hard to stomach the things that are said about her. Her sorority sisters are the epitome of mean girls.

They are shallow and very immature. The guys weren't any better. To say they put her through hell is a massive understatement. Yet Maysie refused to quit the sorority. Instead, she hopes things get better and the girls will accept her again. Which was ridiculously stupid if you ask me. Those horrible girls were not her friends.

I did understand Maysie's insecurities about wanting to fit in. She was the wallflower in high school. And in college, she wanted to feel popular and important for the first time in her life.

A lot of her insecurities stem from the way her father treats her, as if she was never good enough to be his daughter. But is it really worth being friends with girls who mistreat you so badly just to be popular, to be a part of a group? To feel accepted? No, it's not worth it and Maysie learns this lesson the hard way. I had some serious anxiety and frustration while reading this story.

Perfect Regret (Bad Rep, #2)

I've never understood why the woman always takes the blame. It takes two people to cheat! Also, it really aggravated me when Maysie always ran from her problems.

She never stood up for herself. Maysie's logic drove me bat-shit crazy! She does have some character growth by the end of the story. This story is about love, trust, and acceptance. Sometimes love isn't enough to build a relationship. There must be trust. Both Jordan and Maysie have some severe trust issues especially because of the way the relationship started. Can two people who have committed the ultimate betrayal learn to trust one another?

And the true issue that lies within this story is acceptance. Maysie needs to learn to accept herself. To be herself. To find herself. And to stop caring about what other people think of her. Overall, I liked this book.

It held my interest and I read it in almost one sitting. Fair warning, though, Maysie will frustrate the hell out of you. Dec 08, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: What do you get when you mix all the following? A flirty and sexy bartender named, Jordan Levitt, who is a mixture of tatted-up bad boy and gorgeo What do you get when you mix all the following?

A flirty and sexy bartender named, Jordan Levitt, who is a mixture of tatted-up bad boy and gorgeous boy-next-door who at first sight sets your panties on fire.

And, oh yeah, the big OH NO!!! With the way he's pursuing Maysie, one wonders if he has forgotten all about his girlfriend. One thing is for sure: All mixed together, you're certain to receive a captivating and riveting roller coaster ride which equals a grand old afternoon of reading! Highly recommend. View all 5 comments.

Ultimately 3. But definitely a 4 Star at times! The character's were awesome, the dialog was entertaining, and the romance was hot! I absolutely love books that take place in college. It's like reliving my keg stand glory days not like I still do keg stands anymore or anything Not the gut wrenching, life altering drama that has been filling my kindle up lately, but the kind of petty drama that makes you roll your eyes a bit.

You know, the gossipy, back stabbing, girl fight drama that is entertaining to read, but gets old after a while. Fortunately, Jordan and Maysie's journey to love and trust far out shines all the annoying bickering.

Their attraction was immediate and understandable and like I said before, their romance was insanely hot! Down girl. If guys like Jordan are what is hanging out at those smelly Frat houses, then sign me the hell up! Luckily for me, Jordan is not the typical frat boy, he's just your run of the mill tattooed and pierced, rock star drummer who happens to be the President of his fraternity.

Sounds like the guys I went to college with There is a reason he was giving the nickname of the "Piper" ; All joking aside, this guy totally stole my heart and is my new favorite Bad Boy Book Boyfriend!

But tell me, Mays, why is it that all I can fucking think about it you? Why am I so eager to take another guy's head off for touching you? How I want to shake that pretty little brunette head of yours. I get it, the girls got her issues, we here at Fiction and Fashion can probably relate better than anyone to a girl with an expensive shoe habit, but the whining and insecurities were just too much!

She was so lucky to have a friend like Riley to balance out the crazy. Actually all of Maysie's friends Vivian, Gracie and even Eli helped me get over the fact that I sort of wanted her to choke on one of those nasty cigarettes she was always smoking. Even though she was not my favorite character, I did recognize the intense weight that Maysie had on her shoulders and get that guilt can make you do crazy things. I also did truly believe Maysie's love for Jordan and her "sisters" and felt bad for her Then I remembered she had Jordan Levitt in her bed every night and my sympathy went right out the window!

Oh, That's right. Because I was a neurotic, self-sabotager extraordinaire. Hell, if ruining something great were an olympic sport, I would have the gold medal.

I cannot think of a better way to put your life into perspective than by comparing it to characters from Brenda's a bitch! It's probably not a story you will take a ton away from and remember for the rest of your life, but I'm pretty sure you'll take away some sweet Jordan memories: Reviewed by Abby for www. View 1 comment. Nov 17, Jill rated it really liked it. Twenty-year-old Maysie Ardin finally has independence from her very conservative parents.

In order to pay off her debt, Maysie is forced to take on a second job. She finds a waitressing job at a local bar. Jordan Levitt, is dreamy. Oh, and he sings. He has a girlfriend, Olivia. Jordan is a senior and attending the same college as Maysie. Avoiding Jordan is impossible. Now labeled the college whore, Maysie must learn to deal with her new role at school. We watch her grow up and face the music. You never know what is going to happen next. I do not miss all the drama, but I love to read about it.

The author wrote Maysie as a very real and believable person. You will connect with her and feel every emotion. You will laugh with her, cry with her, and yell at her. Do not miss out on this book! It is a must read for anyone who likes drama and dreamy boys. I am done worrying about what everyone thinks about me. I thought I should mention this. I caught this in the Acknowledgments. We met in a bar. Just knowing that Jordan was based on a real person made the story that much better. You are a lucky lady!

Please feel free to post a picture ; View all 13 comments. I'm afraid this is shaping up to be the year of "everyone liked it but me" and it sucks.

I wanted to love this book. I adored the other book I read by this author - Find you in the Dark so I was really looking forward to this one. I'm always a harsh judge of cheating in a plot line - so I know that was part of my problem. I had a hard time liking Jordan after the crap he pulled in the beginning. I just still I'm afraid this is shaping up to be the year of "everyone liked it but me" and it sucks. I just still can't understand why he didn't break up with Olivia when he decided to pursue Mays.

Also, I could never get over his whole " I don't knew why the fact I have a girlfriend is a deal breaker" attitude. He comes off as this stand up guy in the end, but that never jived for me with who he was in the beginning. It just made all those swoon-worthy lines fall totally flat for me.

And Maysie drove me nuts - but not in a good way. Even in light of the horrible bullying, I didn't like her enough to care too much. The last issue I had was that I felt like the reaction of the other people on campus to the whole cheating thing was beyond unrealistic.

I have seen similar situations play out in real life, both in a college setting, and beyond, but never has the public condemnation come close to that level. Hell, most people outside of the actual parties involved barely batted an eye. It certainly wouldn't have taken weeks to blow over. Anyway -this has gotten great reviews from most of my good reads friends - so I hope I don't put anyone off reading this.

I still love this author - and I'm waiting with baited breath for the follow up to Find You in the Dark. This one just wasn't for me. Nov 07, Tanya rated it it was amazing Shelves: My review is going to be short and sweet, just enough to whet your appetite, because you really have to read this book for yourself.

Bad Rep is a fantastic, funny, heart-wrenching, heart-warming story of love. Oh, and Jordan with his tattoo and piercings is quite delicious. The songs written in this book are so beautiful. One of my favorite parts is after letting the book sink in and marinate, you realize that there is a terrific lesson laced throughout the book, one I believe we all can use.

Meredith Walters is definitely one of my favorite authors, I love her style of storytelling! Oct 31, I love the feeling of content when you finish a book you loved and that is exactly how I feel right now.

I was really excited about it but afraid I'd hyped it up in my head too much. Sooo happy that wasn't the case. This book had angst, sweet romance, and hot sex! I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Jordan.

Meredith Walters has made a fan out of me. If you haven't read this book- read it: View all 7 comments. Dec 08, Mitchii rated it it was ok Shelves: She splurged and needs the money to pay back so she decided to find a job. She found a job…and a guy. Damn luck, right? News went out and people has labeled he names, like slut, whore for making a move with the guy that supposed to be off limits.

Is her reputation beyond salvation? Those questions what kept me reading this book, and it did have that answers to that but it was hard connecting with the philosophy when the characters annoyed you to death. The only time I commend her was when she stand up for herself which was freaking about time because name calling has got to stop! Not really. This is one problem when relationship started in cheating.

The trust. You need to cut the ties first before you hop to another prospect. No wonder she was jealous and paranoid, because they betrayed someone. But her jealousy is all too consuming that I have to prevent myself from pulling my hair because I spend a fortune on it. But to cut my whining short, they did make their relationship works. They find out the true villain.

It looked happily ever after to me. Some family issues as to why the girl was reluctant at first to try real relationship, and the guy pursing the career he had chosen for himself.

But they, as I said, overcome it. Dec 28, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: Here's the thing, this could have been an absolutely amazing book.

It could have, had the main character been nothing like what was written. Maysie was an absolute terrible character. She was whiny, insecure, stubborn, and just a really terrible character. Anytime anything went wrong, she ran and hid.

Seriously, she freaking hid under her blankets. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes life sucks and you get some shitty stuff thrown your way. Especially if you make the decision to follow through on Here's the thing, this could have been an absolutely amazing book.

Especially if you make the decision to follow through on some hot lustful attraction with a very popular guy who is dating a very popular girl. I didn't know whether to laugh, shake my head, or throw my hands up when she acted surprised when the entire sorority house turned on her after she was caught. I mean really? What normal girl would think everything would smell like roses and that she would be excepted by the girls that were under the leadership of the scorned girl.

OMG, this chick was mental. Then you have the boy. I'll admit that I actually adored him. Even though he was a bit mixed up and made some bad decisions, you could tell he was kind of a level headed sweet guy. So, you won't be surprised when I found myself rooting for him to go find another girl and leave Maysie's ass behind. Ugh, she annoyed the snot out of me. The best part and by that, I mean worst part of this whole book was that most of her trouble with Jordan was self manufactured in her head because she refused to communicate with him.

Honestly, if I could get my money back for this book, I totally would. So, your probably wondering why the 2 star review rather than the 1 star review. I will tell you, I actually enjoyed the story if I focused on the surrounding characters Grace, Vivian, the band, Eli, Riley, Damien, etc. I actually enjoyed them and Riley made me laugh. I don't feel like the book was a horrible waste because some of the characters were great.

It really was just Maysie that ruined this whole book. Dec 14, Michele Realitybitesblog rated it really liked it. Check out more reviews at: I absolutely adored the characters in this book. The author did a wonderful, fantastic job in the character development of this book. She was so descriptive and punched me in the face with the character connection I felt. Maysie is a dynamic character. We are put through so much with her. My favorite thing aobut her was her confidence and seeing that confidence crumble--crushed me.

She is such a relatable character. Ever 4. Every way she turned, I saw myself. I loved feeling that instant attraction between Jordan and Maysie. Down Girl. I loved himI hated himI loved him again. He put me through the ringer. I kept picturing him in my mind and I don't think I could do him justice. I think he is off the charts when it comes to bad ass hotness. As I was reading, I could hear him beat on the drums and sing directly to me The build up of their relationship was intense.

The bedroom well some were in the bedroom scenes were smoking, realistic and very HOT! Yes, he had. It was so realistic and dead on! It took me back to a time and place where I was young and carefree! I can't finish this review without talking about the secondary characters. Even though they were in the background the author did a wonderful job at connecting them to me as the reader.

I loved some Riley ; hated some Milla ; annoyed by some Olivia, Eli ; made friends with some Gracie and Viv , but each held a very special place in the storyline. Overall, wonderful read!

Highly recommend to all who like college romance! Oct 30, Sara rated it it was amazing. This book had me up until 5am. I couldn't put it down without knowing how it ended. Guy has girlfriend, likes other girl. Flirting back and forth. I though, oh great, another love triangle with an indecisive person. But the thing is, Jordan was never at odds with what he felt for Maysie. The connection was instant for him and Maysie too.

She just fought it harder. She was very emotional when it came to what others thought of her, and it makes sens This book had me up until 5am. She was very emotional when it came to what others thought of her, and it makes sense coming from how she was raised. Never good enough. Was it a D-bag move to ask her out while having a girlfriend? But Jordan was really anything but a D- bag. I loved him! He was sweet, thoughtful, attentive and romantic.

Poor Maysie just couldn't get past her crap to see how great they really were together. So She had to suffer, which in turn made him suffer which made me suffer!! I wanted to bitch slap her!

This book was great, held me captive until the last page. They both learned valuable lessons that worked in the end. Plus, some great sexy steamy scenes! Nov 05, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: Meredith Walters 4. The story is told from the point of view of Maysie, a twenty year old college junior who falls head-over-heels for her sexy, off-limits coworker Jordan.

Jordan also falls for Maysie, and their relations "Bad Rep" by A.

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Jordan also falls for Maysie, and their relationship is hot but messy. Maysie and Jordan must navigate the consequences of their relationship and each others insecurities to attempt to make their relationship work.

But damn, they had looked amazing with my fitted red sundress. Despite Maysie's flaws, I was quite proud of her for keeping her promise to herself of not being the 'other woman' for as long as she did. After naughty sex. The kind of voice that was a combination of the most decadent chocolate and outright sin.

Like ridiculously hot. He had a delicious edge about him that was hard to ignore. He was this weird mixture of tatted up bad boy and gorgeous guy next door. Ok, so we've established so far that Jordan is hot, and Maysie, like any normal human being, is not immune to him.

That being said, the characters are well-developed and three dimensional. While reading, it's not difficult to become entrenched in their trials and triumphs. I went through many phases of both loving and hating Maysie and Jordan. I cheered for them, cried for them, and yelled at them. Not only did Ms. Walters do a fantastic job in creating emotion, she also did a great job in creating atmosphere.

While Maysie was at Barton's, I felt I was right there alongside her working in a restaurant. From the way the employees interact with one another to the smells of grease and the tasks the employees perform, the experience of reading about working as a waitress is very real. I can say that with authority, having worked as a waitress many times!

This story is definitely a win for new adult fiction! I can't resist reading about tatted-up, bad boys, and this story definitely provided that for me in abundance. Let me reiterate: Jordan is one of the the sweetest and hottest bad boys to ever grace fiction with his presence.

I can't wait to re-read 'Bad Rep' when it's released officially on December 21! Nov 17, Becky rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved Maysie and Jordan.

I was able to establish an immediate connection with them both and it just continued to grow the more I read. And I do believe Jordan is my new book boyfriend! Maysie is in her junior year of college. She is living in an off campus apartment with her best friend, Riley and is a member of the Chi Delta sorority.

And she is currently enjoying the um.. So life is good right? Unfortunately, Maysie decided while on a shopping trip with her sorority sisters to use the "emergency only" credit card her parents gave her. A new bikini and some shoes qualify as an emergency right?! Well her parents didnt seem to think so. So in an attempt to teach her some responsibility, they have informed Maysie she will be the one paying off the debt.

They both apply and are hired on the spot. And best of all?

While she is there she sees the hottie of all hotties aka Jordan tattoo, eyebrow and tongue ring.. And to sweeten the pot, there seems to be an immediate attraction between them. On her first night working there, Jordan asks her out. She immediately says yes. Problem is, later that night she finds out he has a girlfriend. And to make it even worse she knows the girl! Maysie is not that type to move in on someone elses man so she immediately backs off.. I swear I flipped back and forth so much on my feelings for Jordan I got whiplash.

I mean one minute he is all sweet hot rock god and the next he is douchy boy with a girlfriend asking another girl out! I don't like seeing some other guy touching you. I mean seriously who would not melt right into a puddle with a hottie whispering those words to you?! Oh and did I mention he is a drummer is a band? And that he sings? And writes songs? Yeah so can you see my Mays dilemma!!! I fell in love with Ms. Walters writing style in her book Find You In the Dark.

And though this story is a complete of that one, the writing is still top notch! She is definitely one of new fave authors and I look forward to reading more of her work Now go mark your calendars for Dec.

Perfect Regret (Bad Rep, #2) by A. Meredith Walters - PDF Drive

Throwing the piece of paper onto the coffee table and leaning backwards on the horribly ugly yellow and green couch that came cheap, courtesy of the local good will.

Riley Walker, my best friend since our freshman year at Rinard College in Bakersville, Virginia and recently acquired roomie, picked up the discarded letter and read it quickly. Her eyebrows shot up and she looked at me in shock.

Maysie Ardin, are you freaking crazy? Did you take a trip to Vegas without me knowing? Okay, so Ihad been a little excessive in the shopping department. But Ihad really thought the new clothes and that adorable Vitamin A bikini had been essential for my weekend trip to Virginia Beach with two of my sorority sisters.

But the monthly credit card statement screamed at me that Ihad been way too lax on the whole self-control thing during the last thirty days. Unless Iwas broken down on the side of a deserted highway with a serial killer hot on my tail. Not even Icould explain how Ijustified my Manolo Blahnik heeled sandals as an emergency. But damn, they had looked amazing with my fitted red sundress. Too bad Ihad broken the heel the same night Iwore them for the first time.

Icringed inwardly at the memory. The parentals had received last month's bill and had forwarded it to me with a very nasty letter attached. They were not happy. Not that they were ever happy with anything that Idid.

But this time they were thermal nuclear. They expected me to pay for it. And every month after that until Icould prove fiscal responsibility. The obnoxious thing was that for once, Iunderstood why my parents were pissed at me. And Icould see how making me pay the bill was reasonable. And that just irritated me even more. Yeah, Ilove designer shoes and handbags as much as the next twenty year old, soon to be college junior.

But Ihad spinelessly allowed myself to be talked into one too many shopping trips with my new sisters at the Chi Delta sorority. Ihadn't been making the best choices lately; that had become very apparent. I groaned. In truth, Inow felt like a Grade A moron.

Riley rolled her eyes. Imean really, Mays You could feed a family of four for a month with how much those things cost. You have caved to the man, my friend. Iwould never admit to her how much her biting criticism hurt my feelings. So instead Itried to blow it off. Enough with the soap box rant. Everything would make sense after a shower. Ishook my head as Iopened the refrigerator looking for my bottle of Fanta. Did you drink all of my Fanta again? Riley shrugged, not letting me change the subject.

That seems like the most logical thing to do. Riley wisely stayed quiet. The shop is only open until six. My boss, Layne, who was also a part owner, was easy to work for. But there was no way Icould pinch any more time there without bailing on my classes. And Ineeded to take those classes and do well. No, Iwould try and do the right thing. The grown up thing. The mind numbingly boring thing. So, getting another job was the only course of action. Riley propped herself up on the stool at the tiny island in the middle of the kitchen.

She folded her long legs awkwardly underneath her and looked thoughtful. Itapped my foot impatiently. Iloved Riley. We had become fast friends during freshman orientation two years ago.

Riley was the out- spoken and passionate hippie who had lived three doors down from me in our all girl dormitory. Even as Imade new friends and we began to move in different social circles, we always stayed loyal to each other.

We just got each other. Even finishing each other's sentences at times. We clicked. One being how calm and unconcerned Riley could be when Iwas seconds away from freaking out.

Riley tapped her finger over her mouth. Might be an idea for you to come with me. Put in an application for yourself.

I smiled and reached over to hug her. My phone beeped in my pocket. Ipulled it out and saw Ihad a missed call from Eli. Igrabbed my pack of cigarettes from the counter and went out the sliding doors onto the small balcony.

I loved the tiny apartment that Ishared with Riley.

Ihad hated living in the dorms, with the paper thin walls and communal showers. So, when Riley suggested we look for a place to live together for our last two years of school, Ihad jumped at the chance. Iwas also happy to be able to tell my parents that it was cheaper to live off campus than to pay the room and board through the school.

M y academic scholarship only covered tuition and books, leaving my already cash strapped folks to cough up the rest. Ipitched in by getting a job to cover food and other living expenses.

Ihad felt really good with how mature Iwas being, well until the credit card statement made me realize my maturity still had a long way to go. Isat down in one of the two white lawn chairs that Riley had gotten and tapped out a cigarette. Ilit it and took a drag, feeling my nerves a little less jangly with every puff.

It was a nasty habit and Ihad every intention of quitting. Just not right now. Iput the phone to my ear and listened to it ring. Icouldn't help but grin and exhale a lung full of smoke. Just wanted to see what you had going on today. Ihad only been dating Eli for a few weeks. Riley and Ihad been coming in from getting breakfast and Ihad seen this guy lugging a guitar case up the stairs and into the hallway.

He had short blond hair and a nice, easy smile. Iwas instantly entranced. Later that same day, as Iwas leaving for work, Ihad come out into the hallway to find the same guy playing on that same guitar on the steps leading outside. He wasn't that great or anything, mediocre at best. But Iused it as an excuse to stop and sit down beside him. He was good looking, in that slacker, grungy kind of way. With messy blond hair that always hung in his face and hooded blue eyes. Ihad ended up calling in sick to work in favor of hanging out listening to this guy play his guitar.

Ifound out the guitar guy, Eli Bray, lived in town and worked at a local garage. He had no plans to go to college and barely made it through high school. When Ireally thought about it, Iwas slightly mortified to be attracted to someone like that.

Iwas the complete opposite of Eli in every possible way. But considering my recent descent into slackerdom, perhaps that explained the inexplicable attraction.

Riley hated him and made that clear on the few times Ihad invited Eli over. So Istarted waiting for my roommate to leave before asking Eli to come over, which annoyed me because it felt too reminiscent of living at home with my folks again. Despite the fact that Eli was motivationally challenged, he was pretty fun to hang out with. And shit, to be totally honest, he turned me on like crazy. And truthfully, that was the sole basis for the relationship.

Considering Iknew we would put in an obligatory show for about twenty minutes before Eli would drag me into the spare bedroom. It made me tingle to think of spending an afternoon like that. But Ihad other priorities just then. Had the heart attack surprise of an overly inflated credit card bill this month.

But on the other hand, it made me feel like he really could have cared less about what was going on in my life. Which is the very reason Icould never contemplate taking this thing we had going on to any sort of other level.

Eli Bray and boyfriend didn't belong in the same sentence. And for now, Icould live with that. Come by if you can. Okay then. Riley emerged from the bathroom, a waft of steam following her into the hallway.

Riley shrugged. Itook out the tweezers and spent a few minutes plucking the crazy bushes Icalled eyebrows into some semblance of shape. Ipulled the skin at the corner of my eyes and stuck out my tongue.

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