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Asterix and the Falling Sky (French: Le ciel lui tombe sur la tête, "The Sky Falls On His Head") is the 36th Asterix story and the 33rd volume of the Asterix comic book series, by Albert Uderzo (story and illustrations). Documents Similar To Asterix and the Falling Sky. An Asterix Adventure. ASTERIX. AND THE. FALLING SKY. Written and Illustrated by ALBERT UDERZO. Translated by Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge. ORION. Asterix and the Falling Sky is the thirty-third volume of the Asterix comic book series, by Albert Uderzo (story and illustrations). It was released on October

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Asterix And The Falling Sky Pdf

Download Asterix adventures in PDF (English) Asterix and the Golden Sickle. ( MB) Asterix Asterix and the Falling Sky. ( MB). The Complete Guide To · Asterix the · Asterix and the Golden . Asterix and the Falling 22MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Asterix and the Magic Carpet (Asterix Adventure). Read more Asterix and the Falling Sky (Asterix) · Read more.

Plot summary[ edit ] An alien spaceship appears above the Gaulish village, causing nearly all of the people and animals to turn rigid. Only Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and Dogmatix are unaffected due to consumption of the magic potion. An alien named Toon emerges from the spherical spaceship. He is from the planet Tadsilweny and is accompanied by "superclone" security men. He informs the Gauls he is on a mission to confiscate their "secret weapon" Getafix 's potion that is "known throughout the universe", in order to prevent it from being seized by evil aliens called Nagmas. Meanwhile, a Nagma has landed his spaceship in the nearby Roman camp of Compendium and seeks the "powerful deadly weapon". The Roman centurion Polyanthus gives him directions to the Gaulish village. Toon's army of superclones and the Nagma's "cyberat" robot warriors engage in battle. Asterix and Obelix enter the fray, and the Nagma attempts to abduct Getafix. The Nagma is eventually defeated, and Toon abandons his quest for the magic potion as its only discernible effect on the aliens is to cause them to temporarily increase to an enormous size. As he departs, Toon erases all memory of his visit from the village and the Roman camp. Reception[ edit ] Falling Sky was a commercial success, but a critical disappointment. Ian Rankin, writing for the Guardian , described this Asterix volume as appearing to ' jump the shark ' and 'not a success' which possibly led to the 8 year hiatus during which author Uderzo handed over writing duties to a new team.

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