PDF | The modeling of aircraft hydraulic system has generated many approaches over the years, ranging in applicability from easy to extremely complicated. The Average modern aircraft utilizes hydraulic systems to operate several systems. The fluid used in aircraft hydraulic systems is one of the system's most . accomplished with hydraulic power systems. Hydraulic system complexity varies from small aircraft that require fluid only for manual operation of the wheel.

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Aircraft Hydraulic System Pdf

Seminar Report on Aircraft Hydraulic System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. considerations which must be observed in the design of aircraft hydraulic systems Aircraft Hydraulic System, AFWAL-TR, Boeing Military Airplane. Intro Saab Company. • Design Philosophy - Aircraft Hydraulic Supply System. • Monitoring Hydraulic Systems. ‒ Leakage Monitoring. ‒ Pump Monitor for Early.

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Published on May 28, A small presentation on aircraft hydraulic system. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Aircraft Hydraulic System. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Hydraulic system of landing gear in Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.

WordPress Shortcode. Ekant Shah , Actively looking for a full-time opportunity Follow. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Aircraft Hydraulic System 1. Prof S. The oil being pumped from the hydraulic pump now has greater pressure on side D of ball 3.

If the ball were to move upward to the upper seat. As you can see. The range of operation depends on ball 1. Hydraulic System Hand Pumps Functions 1. Single action. Pump The pump works on the principle of mechanical advantage. When pilot moves the handle away to L see diagram below. Types There are several types of handpumps. Analysis of a S. Double action. Hydraulic system hand pumps are used to test the hydraulic system when the plane is on the ground.

Since the reservoir liquid pressure is greater than the pressure in Z. Since the hydraulic system liquid is incompressible. When the pump handle is moved to R. For this reason. In this case. Analysis of a D.

They are piston type and poppet type. Flow Control Selector Valves Selector valves are used as 1 directional control devices to insure the movement of the hydraulic fluid flow in the proper direction.

This piston type valve uses the Vickers spool mechanism in which the piston "lands" isolate the high pressure oil from the low pressure oil. Piston Type Positions 1. Position 3 is the stop-locking position of this type of valve.

Types There are two types of selector valves. Position 2 is the position of the selector valve upon retraction of the landing gear or the raising of the flaps. Position 1 is the position of the selector valve. Stacked Poppet In this type valve. The camshaft is represented by the "sinusoidal" line in the diagram below.

These mechanical type selector valves require a fair amount of tubing. This is type of combined electronic circuits and hydraulic system is called electrohydraulics.

In order to reduce the amount of tubing. This has the added advantage of reducing the wasteful motions of pilot. Since none of the selector valves meter the flow. There are four types of restrictors: This device is called a flow restrictor. When the flow pressure seats the check valve ball i. It is a check valve type restrictor with a drilled hole through the seat to the other side of the check valve. Flow Restrictors Since the speed of the actuating cylinder is determined by the rate of flow of the hydraulic fluid.

Because the passage size is fixed. Synchronizing Circuits During aircraft turns or maneuvers. It is the same as the One Way Fixed Restrictor but the amount of fluid passed through the drilled opening in the seat is regulated by means of an adjustment screw. If the power pump direction were reversed.

Since fluid moves towards the meshed teeth at the center of the pump A1.

The pressure forces on the wings would be so unequal that the wing actuating cylinder of the wing undergoing the smaller turn radius would act as a pump. Suppose our selector valve is set to neutral and we try to get away from a rocket missile by turning right or left. Flow Equalizer A device that may be used as a flow equalizer is a power pump that is run in reverse. If a downward force is applied to the left piston and the selector valve is closed. This would be catastrophic. The hydraulic fluid would be pushed out of one cylinder and the only path that it could take would be to the other wing's actuating cylinder.

The main figure shows the two power pumps of the side view. This kind of power pump is set between the two cylinders requiring equalization and would channel the flow to both cylinders as shown below left. When one drive gear turns 2.

Since the volumetric output per revolution is the same for both sides. Input is at the top of the pumps and outputs are shown by the arrows. Sequencing Circuits These circuits are used to cause certain operations to occur in a particular sequence. As the piston rod of the extreme left cylinder moves upward. The sequencing valve is such that it sends hydraulic fluid through the valve to the other sequencing valves and actuating cylinders. Sequencing circuits have been used. The hydraulic fluid in this series type of circuit will burst the hydraulic tubing.

The tubing between cylinders and to the selector valve can transmit high pressure hydraulic fluid as well as return line pressure hydraulic fluid.

In the diagram below. When the selector valve is open to the "blue" side. Double Sequence We can design a system so that it can perform a double sequence of actuations. The rod. Such a device requires the piston rod to move into the actuating cylinder to cause one motion to occur and to move out of the cylinder to cause the reverse motion to occur.

Single Piston. Single Rod This type of actuating cylinder has one piston connected to one rod. Double Rod This is an equal displacement cylinder and could be used on an aileron system or an automatic guidance system. Actuation Cylinders The function of the actuating cylinder is to take the pressure and hydraulic fluid flow and change them into either linear or rotary motion.

The piston ends can be attached to a pulley system that can pivot a control surface.

The motion of the piston to the right. The ones that have been employed more commonly are the double action actuating cylinders. By reversing the flow. The fact that oil on the spring side of the piston must move both the piston and the spring. High pressure fluid enters the center section of the cylinder. Double Rod This type of actuating cylinder would be used on bomb bay doors figure shown below right.

When the high pressure fluid enters the two end sections. Single Action Cylinders Bungee Type. Double Piston. The decrease in piston stroke on account of weight and size of spring or inserted rubber mass. Either a rubber mass or a spring loading device counteracts the weight. Its disadvantages include: The size and weight of the spring to do the job might be too great. The rods would be extended outward. This cylinder is a "fail-safe" design so that it will not actuate beyond some given point.

The type of cylinder we use is the stationary piston moveable cylinder. It can develop practically unlimited force or torque. The pilot uses them to go right or left and also up and down.

It can be easily maintained. It is dead beat. It is reliable. The actuating cylinder can change hydraulic power to linear or rotating motion.

It is not a shock hazard. It is lighter in weight than alternate existing systems. It has a reduction gear in it to reduce rotating motion to that amount which is needed. The pilot controls their position from the airplane cockpit. When the pilot moves them into the air-stream.

Hydraulic systems determine flight worthiness. Usually there are 3 sets of hydraulic systems in a commercial aircraft. Hydraulic systems can control motion without worrying about the effect of temperature since it is a closed system not open to the atmosphere compared to a cable system.

Seminar Report on Aircraft Hydraulic System | Pump | Valve

The cables were affected by expansion rates of the cables due to temperature changes. DOWN] 2. This means better control of the plane and less lag time between the pilot's movement to control the plane and the response by the control surface.

Air craft hydraulic system 3. Though several types are listed here. It has a cherry red dye added to it. They are non-flammable and work over a wide temperature range. Water-based MIL-O type hydraulic fluid has been used in naval aircraft because it is not flammable. It is made from a phosphate-ester base. Synthetic Oils have much appeal. One such synthetic oil is known as Skydroll and it has a purple or green color. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a water based lubricant which is chemically treated.

Pearson edu. Thus the hydraulic system is a very essential part of the aircraft and its reliability and functionality are very essential to the flight worthiness of the whole aircraft.

One of these subsystems is hydraulic subsystem. Because hydraulics can transmit high forces rapidly and accurately along lightweight pipes of any size.

These subsystems are very closely interlinked to each other. Modern aircrafts include many different types of subsystems. Aircraft Hydraulic System Power Pumps Pressure Control Synchronizing circuits Aircraft Hydraulic System Reservoir Hydraulic Pressure Regulated Power System Principles of operation Hydraulic System Hand Pumps. Actuation Cylinders Hydraulic System Accumulator Flow Control Hydraulic System Check Valve Pressure Regulation Flow Restrictors Head of the Department for providing me with the guidance and facilities for the seminar.

I also extend my sincere thanks to all other faculty members of Mechanical Engineering Department and my friends for their support and encouragement. Staff in charge. I express my sincere gratitude to seminar coordinator Mr. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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Pushpa Mohan Raj. Aman agrawal. Frictionless Compressor Technology Seminar Report. Sushobhan Das.

Seminar Report on Aircraft Hydraulic System

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