“The 4-Hour Workweek is a new way of solving a very old problem: just how .. into high-income hour-per-week jobs, and 15–30 years of soul-crushing work . Ferriss, Timothy. The 4-hour workweek: escape 9–5, live anywhere, and join the new rich / .. income hour-per-week jobs, and 15–30 years of soul-crushing. NR vs Deferrers (D) D: To work for yourself NR: To have others work for you D: To work when you The 4-Hour The 4-Hour Workweek. Pages··

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Free PDF of The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. December Once you do that , then ideally you'll find yourself working mere hours a week. two-hour-per-week side project that allows him to work full-time as an animal rights 4-Hour Workweek is about producing more meaningful results in less time. The 4-Hour Workweek PDF — Part 2 (Apologies for a few OCR typos!) The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming I have read and heard it said that a “healthy” pace is about 1 pound a week.

The 4-Hour Work Week is about escaping the trap, giving yourself the freedom to work anywhere and still be successful. Tim Ferris comes across as incredibly relatable and down-to-earth, perhaps why his popularity has skyrocketed. In this summary This summary will cover some of the techniques that Tim Ferriss talks about in The 4-Hour Work Week that are designed to help you increase your time and financial freedom, giving you more lifestyle options. D for Definition — essentially you need to define what you're going to do and understand the rules. L for Liberation — finally, the part where you get to go out and live it. The reality is, that you have options, you have the ability to choose, and Tim emphasises that this is a real power within you.

And the best way to do this is to identify a few tasks that are both critical and will contribute to the majority of your income. Ask yourself the following questions; 1. If you had a heart attack and had to work two hours per day, what would you do? What if you had a second heart attack and had to work two hours per week, what would you do?

If this is the only thing I accomplish today, will I be satisfied with my day? Are you inventing things to do to avoid the important?

Most are all three. Time wasters include meetings, phone calls, internet surfing, emails, and discussions.

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These can more often than not be ignored with minimal consequences. Tim has a few tips to avoid time wasters as much as possible;. These can be defined as tasks that are repetitive in nature but need to be completed regularly. These are the little tasks that interrupt the start-to-finish workflow of a task. Common time consumers include reading emails, replying to emails, talking on the phone, customer service tasks, reporting finances or sales, errands, personal tasks, regular manual updates.

Anything that gets repeated frequently.

Tim points out that whenever a task is interrupted, psychologically, it can date up to 45 minutes to resume that task. Empowerment failures are the third key interruption is cases where your approval is required in order for something to happen. When someone has to come to you before they can take the next step in their task.

Or, in the case where you have to go to someone else before you can proceed with a task. Limit access to your time, force people to define their requests before spending time with them, and batch routine menial tasks to prevent postponement of more important projects. Do not let people interrupt you. Tim recommends getting a remote personal assistant when the time is right. It means that you can offload some of your work to them, it frees up your time to work on other things and gives you the opportunity to practice giving orders.

Tim explains that it's not about the money but freeing up your time, allowing yourself the freedom to be creative and innovate rather than being caught up in mundane daily tasks. Their time is just as valuable as yours. Each delegated task must be both time-consuming and well-defined. Golden Rule 2: On a lighter note, have some fun with it. Have someone in Bangalore or Shanghai send e-mails to friends as your personal concierge to set lunch dates or similar basics.

Tim moves on to discuss the next stage, you need a product to sell. Something that's either downloadable or shippable in order to help you eliminate the limitations of a per-hour-based model.

This diagram should be your rough blueprint for designing a self-sustaining virtual architecture:. Contract outsourcing companies that specialize in one function vs. Hire trained groups of people who can provide detailed reporting and replace one another as needed. Getting fired, despite sometimes coming as a surprise and leaving you scrambling to recover, is often a godsend: Tim tries to break the common assumption that you need to wait until the end of your career to embrace retirement.

He suggests that rather than saving it all up for the end, you take mini-retirements throughout your life. Tim recommends that you relocate your life somewhere new for anywhere from 1 month to 6 months before you return to your home. Keep it slow and relaxing, allowing yourself time to reflect and plan.

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Tim explains that more often than not, people can be financially free and have the freedom of time, but still find themselves caught up in the highly-stressful and money-obsessed culture of materialistic businesses.

Tim uses the handy example of caffeine;. In order to combat the stresses this may bring, remember the following;. Something Tim suggests you do when traveling and on your mini-retirements is to learn something new. Whether it be learning a new language or learning how to skateboard. Doing more and spending more time on tasks does not make them important.

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Time consumers-Tasks that need to be completed but often interrupt high-level work. Empowerment failures — instances where people need your go-ahead to make things happen. Time Wasters Check email twice a day, never first thing in the morning. Move toward checking it only once a day. This will reduce idle chit-chat.

Meetings should be held to make decisions about a predefined problem, not to define a problem. Ask for an agenda. Define meeting end times, cite other appointments at odd times to make them believable. Batching: Batching is a solution to time consumers, repetitive tasks that interrupt the important. Batching saves setup time. Test batching frequency to minimize the time you need do the task.

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If problems cost more than hours saved then scale back to the next-less-frequent schedule. Empowerment Failures Tasks that cannot be accomplished without permission or information from someone else. Allow access to information. Setup guidelines and give people responsibility and trust.

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Since the assistant will most likely be overseas this teaches remote management and communication skills. Remember to eliminate before you delegate. Assigned tasks must be time-consuming and well defined. Harass friends with odd phone calls in strange accents from unknown numbers. Examples of tasks: Schedule meetings, web-research, proofreading, document creation, website moderation, voicemail transcription, industry analysis.

Chapter 9 — Income Autopilot I Most of the ultra-successful companies in the world do not manufacture their own product, answer their own phones, or service their own customers. The goal should be to create a vehicle for generating cash without consuming time.

Pick an affordably reachable niche market. Find a market, define your customers, develop a product for them. If everyone is your customer, nobody is. Which industry and professional groups do you belong to? What can you associate yourself with? Look for groups. Look for industry magazines.