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Cloning cattle can eliminate the genetic gamble that comes with more traditional methods of reproduction, proponents say. Ranchers will choose the animals that produce the best meat and the most milk, as well as those that resist disease and reproduce more efficiently. He also said that cloning could be a boon for developing countries where cows produce four to six times less meat and milk than those in the United States, where genetic breeding is more advanced.

The FDA said last year it was developing a regulatory policy for cloned meat and milk, and in the meantime asked companies not to market food from cloned animals. A representative from the FDA said the agency had not examined the study yet, and declined to comment on it.

She said the agency will consider the paper, along with all other animal-cloning data the FDA has gathered, when it determines its final risk assessment, which she said is in "final clearance" and should be released soon. ViaGen and other animal-cloning companies for several years have been feeding the FDA health data on their bovine clones. The NAS report said methods for testing cloned meat and milk safety were insufficient for determining potential health effects associated with unintended compositional changes in the products.

Candis — August 2017 Yummy — July 2017 Food Magazine Philippines — Issue 2,…

It also said the technologies were not sufficient for determining what parameters, such as DNA or the presence of certain amino acids, were relevant for predicting the impact on human health.

But Yang is confident his study examined relevant endpoints for proving that the products are safe. The researchers cloned a Japanese Black beef bull. The animal is so prized in Japan that the country does not allow export of the animals or even its cells, so the actual cloning was done in Japan.

They also cloned a Holstein dairy cow. They performed both using somatic cell nuclear transfer, the same technique used to clone Dolly the sheep.

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Digital recipes saved me a time consuming step — all I had to do was format the recipes for consistency. Here is the template I used to format the recipe s.

This is the cover from our cookbook this year. You can download a Microsoft Word version of this cover and change the text for your class.

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Part 4: Feast Time! Our multicultural feast is a highlight for my students, their families, and the faculty. With students hailing from six continents and a range of cultures, they feel positively daring when sampling foreign delicacies from their friends.

I ask each family to bring in one dish that represents their country of origin, religion, cultural traditions, or just a family favorite. I encourage the students to get involved helping with the food preparations. Then all of the families are invited to school to travel the world through our taste buds!

I ask each student or their families to fill out a card with info about his or her dish for the feast. We place the cards next to each dish to share info about each food item, as well as to provide guidance about allergens and dietary restrictions.

Download the feast information card.

I glue this onto cardstock to display at the feast. Some students wear traditional clothes for the feast.

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Others bring flags or cultural artifacts. The students also make globes using paper lanterns as feast decorations.

How do you celebrate the winter holidays with your students? Do you have tasty holiday traditions at your school?

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