Download the Book:Yoga For Regular Guys: The Best Damn Workout On The Planet! PDF For Free, Preface: Listen up, guys: If you think yoga is just for earth. Prepare For The Best Dam Workout on the Planet- Yoga for Regular Guys Health should always be free! Download for free the latest, best-selling site books. hundreds times for their chosen books like this yoga for regular guys, but end up yoga for regular guys is available in our digital library an online access to it is.

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Yoga for regular guys pdf. Free Download e-Books RP 1 14 1 07 PM - Software Distribution Service 3. Yoga for regular guys pdf. Get file - Yoga for . The DDP program consist of the book Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Damn DDP Yoga Program - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or. The DDP program consist of the book Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Damn Ddp yoga program guide pdf ddp yoga schedule week 5 almost over ddp yoga.

Feb 13, Alain Burrese rated it really liked it This is not your regular yoga book! But it's not a joke either. It's a serious workout. Page wrote the book with Dr. Craig Aaron and even got Rob Zombie to write the Foreword. I found a copy at a used book store and am very glad I did. First off, the book is aimed at guys. This should be obvious by the title. Wit This is not your regular yoga book! With that said, there are a few tid bits of locker room humor, but nothing that bad, and as the covers states, there are yoga babes included. Page begins by making his personal case in regards to doing yoga. Why he started, what it's done for him, and why he thinks it is the best workout you can do.

Tomo no Kai is not a fanclub for an individual seito, but for the company as a whole.

The club offers ticket sales for all troupes to its members before the general public, and also hosts special talk shows with prominent or rising stars. Membership is only open to residents of Japan, because of the requirement of a Japanese bank account. Individual Actresses' Clubs Besides Tomo no Kai, a number of theoretically unofficial fanclubs for individual actresses do exist and command a significant amount of influence. The most visible marker of this influence is in how the staff run iri-demachi at the stage door.

Behind the scenes they will also organize the fans into downloading tickets to performances and hosting tea parties for their actress, among many other things. Deutsch for Kyoto Journal page 6 There are obvious benefits to being in a fan club.

Particularly in smaller clubs, you may have opportunities to speak with or hand over your letters and presents personally to the actress you support. The club provides updates on public appearances and publications, ticket forms for performances, ochakai tea parties and dinner shows, and often order forms for club-exclusive merchandise.

#PDF~ Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Damn Workout on the Planet Free by jackmailer - Issuu

Being in a fan club is also expensive. There is a fee to apply, and then a yearly fee thereafter, which goes towards downloading presents for the star and toward organizing things like ochakai, etc. Among many written and unwritten rules are the following: You may join only one club and attend iri-demachi only for that actress. Photo-taking at iri-demachi is forbidden. In Tokyo, you must wait until all the stars have left before the club disperses. While the rules vary by troupe and even by club, in general they are strict and may seem stifling.

Takarazuka clubs generally do not have publicly accessible web presences. Joining is pretty much limited to contacting fan club staff in person at iri-demachi or ticket distribution times, or contacting the actress herself through the mail.

Clubs may or may not permit foreign members, and may or may not place additional restrictions on you. If you are allowed to join, you'll receive a form to mail in, and instructions on how to wire your dues to the club. Bank-transfer is often difficult or impossible from outside of Japan, so prepare to make arrangements with a Japanese contact or cause a great deal of trouble for your club. All the same, many clubs are happy to have anyone who genuinely admires their star and they can be a great deal of fun.

The original text is available here. Now then, for the Takarazuka Revue Company, fan clubs for individual seito do not exist. Depending on the club, how things are done and the kind of organization differ slightly.

Even so, I will only describe the truly basic things here. For details, please ask the club staff of the particular seito. For the clubs that I have been in, there was only one organization.

Please bear in mind that as foreigners, we also bear a responsibility to at least offer to cover the additional postage and other costs.

Often clubs will kindly refuse to let you cover all of your additional By Lauren W. Deutsch for Kyoto Journal page 7 costs, but you should at least try. The things you can do once registered with a club seem to be, 1. Ticket commission you can download tickets 2.

Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Dam Workout on the Planet!

Participation in guard at iri-demachi 3. Information about tea parties and participation at a reduced cost 4. Notices and information about publications, etc. For 1, the ticket commission, is ticket reservations. Participation on the first day of ticket sales at the Takarazuka ticket counter popularly called narabi.

Update: From , narabi will not occur. Ticket reservations through Takarazuka Tomo no Kai 3. Participation in guard 4. Participation in tea parties inviting friends, etc. Theater-going through the ticket commission inviting friends, etc.

Generally, there is a tendency to assign good seats to the people who have contributed a great deal. In Takarazuka, iri-demachi is a thing where the general fans who are not in clubs line up behind the fanclub members who are called to guard.

No matter how early they come, if a general fan takes up a position first, they will be asked to go behind the club members.

Also, only club members will be informed by email as to what time irimachi or demachi will be that day. Even if you feel that way, why would you participate in guard? This downloading is also a kind of support. Even though there are times when letter-collecting is done in a rush, there are always the plans of the seito and the club to consider clubs gather before the seito leaves, and the gathered things are passed to the seito.

Although 3 is information and participation in the tea parties, as far as participation itself in tea parties, even non-members can participate.

However, there is a difference in price, and information on when it is held only goes to the club members. If as a non-member you would like to participate, please ask about and listen to the date at the ticket distribution detailed hereafter. This is different from the official ticket counter or box office. You will also hear a lot of inside stories about the stage and her hobbies.


I was pleased a maudlin reminiscence. An email notification system is used and you are also notified of iri-demachi times. That is to say, that once you have become a fan, it is entirely not necessary to join a club.

Deutsch for Kyoto Journal page 9 Well then, to a fun Takarazuka life!

It is an important event for many fans — some may travel long distances for the sole purpose of going to the ochanomikai. The main difference between an ochakai and an ochanomikai seems to be whether it is held by an official fan club or not.

Those stars who do not yet have enough fan support to have a formally organized club see kai-touroku use the term "ochanomikai" — or the English "tea party" to avoid making the distinction. In some cases the gathering may be held at a restaurant and have other food items available, but this would not be considered a dinner party unless it is referred to as such by the organizers. After the star arrives, the ochanomikai runs for approximately an hour. The star usually answers questions about the current performance, and sometimes past performances and offstage activities.

There may be an interactive game — sometimes including participation of the star — for a prize or prizes. On a hot summer afternoon I roll out my mat and get ready for action. The first thing DDP says is that hes going to teach me how to breathe.

But like I said, hes a big guy, so I decided to go along with this breathing deal. After about fifteen minutes of trying not to laugh, I realize this aint exactly what I thought it was. This shit is difficult seriously. Pretty soon, I wasnt laughing anymore. I was feeling the burn, as they say.

Im trying to activate muscles that have been in a coma for well well, forever, really. To make a long story short, Yoga for Regular Guys works, and trust me, it aint what you think. Its a total body, kick-ass workout that whips you into shape.

Think of it as yoga meets old school calisthenics by way of slow burn isometric movements. Heres my advice to you: Put down the doughnuts, pick up this book, and get with the YRG program or else!

If you picked this book up, youre most likely one of them. Or else youre close enough to one to know that the only yoga book youll ever get him to read would be written by a pro wrestler. Regular Guys are everywhere: Theyre athletes, CEOs, cops, firemen, construction workers, bartenders, and lawyers; well, I may need to get back to you on lawyers, but I think you get the point.

Ask a Regular Guy if he does yoga, and hell probably say, I wouldnt be caught dead doing that crapits for girls. I know, because that was my exact response when I was first introduced to yoga six years ago. If at any point in my life someone told me that Id be writing a book about the benefits of yoga, I would have said, Im sorry.

You must have me confused with another six-foot-four-inch, twohundred-thirty-five-pound pro wrestler who beats people up with steel folding chairs. Incidentally, in case you dont know me, Im a professional wrestler, not a chaplain in a funeral home. So whatever made me, DDP, try yoga? Well, at the age of forty-two, the doctors said my professional wrestling career was over.

I was on the top of the world at that time, in one main event after the other. I could barely bend over, never mind wrestle.

You can say what you want about professional wrestling, but when it comes to getting bounced around in the ring, you cant fake gravity. I remember that night like it was last night. The problem with facing the NWO was, you didnt just face one of themyou faced all of them. Near the end of the match, Scott Hall 66", lbs. Then Kevin picked me up on his shoulders like I was a child and power-bombed me flat down on my back for the windirty cheatin bastards.

When I hit the mat, my body jackknifed, and it felt like my spine had broken in half. Nash didnt mean to hurt me; its not like we were playing checkers out there. He actually laid me out as flat as he ever had, but this time, it hurt like hell. It wasnt just that fall; it was an accumulation of all the falls I had taken in the ring over the years, like the one I just described, along with years of getting splattered by guitars, steel chairs, and garbage cans, that finally caught up with me.

You see, even though most athletes retire in their mid- to late thirties, I didnt get into the ring until I was thirty-five, and at forty-two, I was just hitting my stride. This Regular Guy was pretty bummed out. But one day, while I was laid up in bed with my back injury, I noticed my wife, Kimberly, coming upstairs from one of her workouts.

She was absolutely soaked in sweat. When she told me she was practicing yoga, I thought for sure she was pulling my leg. But she insisted that yoga sessions offered her a great physical workout, and also simply made her feel rejuvenated.

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