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Well Said Book

Book Description. Whether you're making a formal presentation, wooing a client, closing a sale, or proposing an idea, persuasive communication can make the. Well Said! book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Whether you're making a formal presentation, wooing a client, closing a s. Based on the same concepts that guide the author's award-winning training and consulting company, Well Said! teaches readers to put themselves in their.

Bhadanta Ravigupta It is with such a sense of gratitude that one picks up A. Haksar has offered such treats before, with the last one being the enjoyable rendering of the popular tale of Madhav and Kama. Subhashitanis are a well known part of Sanskrit literature. Or as it is said vachanam sarbhootam yat tat subhashitam uchyate … or the meaning or mood of which is complete in itself is a subhashita. Therefore it is that a single subhashita can excite the imagination for hours, can tell an interesting story, can teach a lesson in an eloquent manner and so on. No wonder then, that compilation or collection of subhashitas seems to have been an interesting exercise undertaken across the country. Subhastivali, a lesser known compilation, belongs to this genre. It has been compiled by Vallabhadeva, a poet from Kashmir, the translator gives evidence to say he has been mentioned as kashmiraka in some other texts. Subhashitavali is a fifteenth century compilation and it brings within it subhashitas from over years preceding the time of its compilaton.

I read this book as we were preparing an agenda for our semi-annual sales team meeting because we wanted to see what if anything from here we could include in the education part of the agenda. This was a good, easy book, and definitely has material you can pull from if that's the sort of thing you are looking for.

There's a lot of tactical stuff in here, which is decent, but the core message is, "what's the most important part of your presentation?

Jul 02, Abdullah Alzahim rated it liked it Shelves: A light book that talks about: Feb 10, Erin rated it really liked it.

The book has useful tips on speaking well. Each chapter has executive summary which you can use as a checklist when you're in a rush.

Feb 09, Lynn rated it liked it. Okay you won't find many non-fiction or business books on my list, but this one was a good, fast read filled with useful tips. Kirk Hiller rated it liked it Feb 25, Chris Mason rated it it was amazing Feb 07, John Walters rated it really liked it Aug 26, Ryan Lee rated it really liked it May 12, Danielle rated it it was ok Jun 10, Holly Engler rated it it was amazing Apr 06, Juha Salmela rated it really liked it Apr 05, Marisa L Garvey rated it really liked it Feb 17, Rori rated it it was ok Nov 02, Rachel Rall rated it liked it Jul 08, Staci rated it really liked it Feb 10, Varnum Consulting rated it it was amazing Jul 02, Nathan rated it really liked it Jul 09, Randee Manley rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Jamal Mazrui rated it really liked it Nov 18, Joanne rated it it was amazing Oct 15, Vallabhadeva had obviously much to choose from and so he had to divide the riches he had in terms of subhashitas into sections, topicwise.

Each section has varying numbers of subhashitas and the whole compilation, a total of Like a flower that blossoms to reveal its many layers, each section looks at the subject from different angles thus giving a multi-dimensional view. Understandably Haksar has had to select further when doing his compilation in English. He has brought verses into this slim volume giving reasons ranging from completeness some subhashitas are incomplete in the original to translatability and humour as determining his selection.

This book finds 37 sections with a short prologue of invocatory verses and has a crisp and adequate introduction. A very valuable section is at the end of the book with short biographical notes on the poets whose verses have made it to the compilation.

Haksar has chosen a fair and wide representation of them in his English rendition, taking care to keep the verse by Indulekha as representative of women poets also in his selection. The verse quoted at the beginning of this review occurs in the section titled Poets and Poetry.

Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results : Darlene Price :

This is the third section after the customary Salutations and Blessings. Moving thus across a range of subjects, the verses capture the mood of every subject very deftly. If some are wry, others are naughty. If some verses paint beauty, others condense philosophy. Tender emotions can be expressed so beautifully as in the following one: Deer, go quickly!

Why do you stop and turn your face, looking back continually? The fluttering of your eyes will not melt even a bit these wretched hunters, their hearts are hardened totally. Is it true that love and philosophy have much in common? Love is charming in all its moods and does not need words to express itself. Silence is often more eloquent, but how to capture silence in words?

Look at me I am at your feet. Or this other one attributed to Dharmakriti: She did not ignore courtesy, frown, be terse or contrary, nor say anything impolite, but when her lover clasped her in a close embrace, her eyes welled up with tears and made her anger known. Would you call this humour or reality or just beautiful poetry: My youth went by in a whirl of bargains of beauty in markets of love; now wrinkles make a thousand patterns on the canvas of my body; only the mind discarding shame, keeps ever growing young.

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That Which Is Well Said

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Well Said!

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