Page 1 Page 2 Essential English Words 6 Page 3 Essential English Words 6 Paul. Top Vocabulary Words - Vocabulary List: Vocabulary. Vocabulary brings these words to the fore. Whenever possible, one-word definitions are used. Although this makes a definition less precise, it also makes it . Additional educational products from Nova Press: GRE Prep Course ( pages) Master the LSAT ( pages, includes an ac.

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Essential words books download for free PDF Vocabulary for exams css, pms, upsc, ias. Important English Vocabulary learning books download pdf free. important English words for every english learner pdf download free. Essential English words for CSS, PMS, FPSC, UPSC, IAS and other exams. Free Download. PDF version of The English Words Essential for Educated Vocabulary by Ghulam Murtaza Dahar. Apple, Android and Kindle formats also.

Automatyczne logowanie. It is a shame that we do not tap this rich source more often in our daily conversation to express ourselves more clearly and precisely. There are of course thesauruses but they mainly list common words. Other vocabulary books list difficult, esoteric words that we quickly forget or feel self-conscious using. However, there is a bounty of choice words between the common and the esoteric that often seem be just on the tip of our tongue. Vocabulary brings these words to the fore. Whenever possible, one-word definitions are used.

But they laughed at his bell. Of course they like your bell. He tried to be patient and teach the dog to be calm. This made the dog very content. He liked the song the bell played when he walked. He bit people frequently. John tried to instruct the dog to behave. We want your dog to stop this habit. During their important meeting. It tells them where you are so they can avoid you. This way. His friends in the village always expected the dog to bite them. John had great concern about this.

One day. He expected them to want a bell like his. They said the bell made people avoid him. The dog liked the bell.

People looked at him when they heard his bell. It was not an appropriate way for a dog to behave. He was patient and showed concern. What is this story mainly about? What did the other dogs say about the bell? He instructed the dog on learning tricks. Why did the issue with the dog bother John? A dog that is frequently bad b. He punished the dog for biting. A content man and his dog d. He expects people to be calm around him.

What is true of the dog? He shakes his head too much. To hurt is to do something that makes you feel pain. If something likely happens. If something belongs to you. To continue something is to keep doing it. A field is a big area of land. If you are aware of something.

Judgment is the ability to form opinions or decisions. Badly means in a severe or harmful way. An error is something you do wrong. An experience is something you have seen or done.

A result is something that happens because of something else. If something is wild. It is normal for me to bathe every night. To request something is to ask for it. If something is visible. C since [Sins] prep. Since is used to talk about a past event still happening now. The moon and stars were visible in the night sky. If something is normal. To roll is to move by turning over and over. To relax is to rest. If something is rare. The bird was from nature.

The man walked through a large area of land. My day at school was not strange. So he made a plan. I must get home soon. But how did the jackal get his black back? This was how it happened. Ever since his experience with the sun child. So he asked her to get off. He hoped the sun child would fall off. But soon. She was not a normal child. As a result.

The Jackal and the Sun Child A jackal is a wild dog with a big black back. The heat was hurting his back very badly. But she did not. I have been relaxing on this rock for too long. He had to get away from the sun child. So when the sun child was looking at the sky. This necklace belongs to me. She was a rare and beautiful sun child. She said. The child saw the jackal and smiled. She was bright and warm like the sun. The sun child was very hot on his back. You will likely get me home more quickly.

If you do. They started to walk. She was sitting upon a rock. It resides in the desert. The jackal ran away. I am slow and you are fast. She was an ill child. To get away from the sun child 4. It wanted a new place to reside.

Why did the jackal run into the field? What did the sun child request? What kind of girl was the sun child? Why the sun child has a beautiful smile Why a wild dog hurt a sun child An error that the sun child once made How the jackal got his visible black mark 2.

To continue his journey b. She was likely very shy. To take a nap and relax d. What happened at the end of the story? She was a normal child. The sun child forgot the experience. She was rare and beautiful.

An advantage is something that helps you. To cause is to make something happen. A choice is the act or possibility of picking something. A community is a group of people who live together.

The distance between two things is how far it is between them. To escape is to run away from something bad. If you face a problem, you deal with it. To follow means to go behind someone and go where they go. A ghost is the spirit of a dead person. A pet is an animal that lives with people.

To reach means to arrive at a place. To return is to go back to a place. To survive is to stay alive. To be upset is to be unhappy about something. A voice is the sound a person makes when they talk or sing.

The weather is the condition of the air: To be wise is to use experience and intelligence to make good choices. Sam was happy to go back to his house, re. William wanted an animal to live with. He studies what the condition of the air is like. Choose the word that is a better fit for each sentence. The town is a small. I hardly noticed that a dog was following me 3.

It rained for two days. I make many choices b. I love my dog.

The 4000 Words Essential for an Educated Vocabulary.pdf

The storm was very bad. As I was walking home from school today. I was a ghost b. After my vacation. I returned to work b. We closed the door. He causes fright 7. I was an advantage 4. She was dead. They were having fun with their pet. But she had a scary voice. She loved children. The Friendly Ghost A nice woman lived by a large river. It was very dark. She lived a very long time and became very wise. She also used her power to lead them home. The children knew they had a choice: She wanted to help children and not to cause them fright.

When she died. The ghost said. The children ran a long distance away. She loved her community. It rained and rained. The children knew they were lost. The river was rising. The ghost followed them all the way. A ghost can save your. They needed to go north. They knew it was a ghost. Some of them began to cry. She wanted to help them in any way. She yelled again. Children were afraid of her.

The ghost was very happy. But they were far from home. Soon the river rose higher and higher. She only scared them to help them. Then the weather became bad. When the moon came out. The ghost had helped the children survive! She had saved them from the rising water. It was very dangerous. Then the ghost moved closer. The bad weather near the river c.

She was afraid of their pet. How a ghost returns to help her community How a wise pet helps children escape a ghost Why an individual has a job in the north How some children escaped bad weather 2. They had the advantage of being ghosts. The voice of the ghost d. Their home was a short distance from the river. She had no other choice. What was true of the children in the story? The power of the moon at night b. They were upset when they saw the ghost.

She wanted to help them. Why did the ghost scare the children? Their dead pet 3. Where did the woman live? What caused fright in the children? A challenge is something difficult to complete.

A difference is a way that something is not like other things. To announce something is to make it known. To claim means to say that something is true. When someone or something is beside you. The condition of someone or something is the state that they are in. To divide something is to make it into smaller parts. An expert is someone who is very good at doing something.

To allow something to happen means to let it happen. Peace is a time without war.

O sense [sens] V. To sense something is to know about it without being told. To protect someone is to stop them from getting hurt. Therefore means for this reason. To lay means to put or place in a horizontal or flat position. If someone or something is famous. Harm is hurt or problems caused to someone or something. When something is sudden. A prince is the son of a king. The food was cut into smaller parts so we could all eat. She was a well-known writer in our town.

Sarah let Tim go to the game. The child promised not to hurt our cat. My sister and I were fighting. You are too sick to play outside.

We announced the winners b. Theseus and Pelias heard that their youngest brother was king. He thought his father would make him king. You can lead the army.

His condition was getting worse. The winner gets the kingdom! They realized that their fighting was wrong. The Best Prince King Minos was very sick. You can bring peace.

He had three sons. He was the best choice. Theseus was the oldest and strongest. He had to announce who would become king. Then Pelias did the same. He was an expert with weapons. Your kindness has always made you special. He thought the king would choose him. It had kept them from saying goodbye to their father.

They were surprised. They agreed to have Jason as their king. The youngest son. He loved them all. King Minos could hear his sons fighting. He made more sense. A kind prince who got a kingdom c. What did the king need to protect the kingdom from? He wanted to bring peace to the kingdom.

The challenge of being king was too much for him. A sudden fight between kings b. What was the difference between Jason and his brothers? He was older and stronger. The differences between the three brothers d. What did the king have to announce? The challenge to divide the kingdom 2. What was probably true of Jason in the story? He hoped to divide the kingdom. He had always been kind. The harm caused by sudden fights c. An expert sister and a famous king d.

He wanted harm to come to his brothers. The fighting between the two princes b. The contrast between my parents is very noticeable. To hang something is to keep it above the ground. To arrange things is to put them in the right place.

To balance something is to keep it from falling. To accept something that is offered is to take it. If someone or something is familiar to you. If something is huge. A contrast is the sharp difference between two things. To encourage someone is to make them want to do something. To grab is to take a hold of someone or something suddenly.

To attend something is to go to it. To tear something means to pull it apart. A theory is an idea about how something works. If something is necessary. To require something is to say that it is necessary. C propose [prapouz] M. Success is doing something well that you choose to do. If something is single. A pattern is a way in which something is done or organized. To propose something is to say that it should be done.

A purpose is the reason that you do something. I agree with your idea. Drinking water is something that she must do. He has an idea of how the machine works. She looks like someone that I know well. There is a big difference between day and night. It is difficult to keep from falling when you stand on one foot. The reason that 1am doing this is to help children. I think it will work. Her routine of exercising after work is common for many people.

The Earth has a solitary moon. My teacher will make me want to get good grades. I usually release them back into the water b. G 3 3 0 Choose the right word for the given definition. When I catch fish. If you try hard.

When she heard I was leaving. It started to rain. This required a lot of time. When he released it. It was her brother! He ran into the woods. She wanted to know who did this to her. The smoke went into the air. This time it was even more beautiful. They tell a story about a beautiful girl.

She even balanced beautiful jewels in it. The lights went off. The purpose of this was to catch the person. Someone grabbed her hair and tore her clothes. When she saw that person. The girl ran after him. The girl was having fun. In contrast. They attended the party together. They became huge. Then she had an idea. She looked perfect. She wanted to encourage the person to grab it again. They chase each other forever. Then they went into space. The Inuit people of Alaska have a theory. One day he proposed something.

The girl accepted. She became the moon. The girl returned to the party. They both carried fire so they could see in the dark. She ran out of the bathroom. As they ran. She put black dirt in her hair. She knew there was only a single person with a black hand.

She went to the bathroom again. She was very nice. She arranged her hair and put on nice clothes. But the girl worked hard. She fixed her hair again. He wore a shirt with a beautiful pattern. She wants to become huge and hang in the sky. Why does the girl encourage someone to grab her hair? The purpose of the sun and the moon d.

She sees someone familiar with a black hand. He accepted the invitation when his sister proposed a party. Why does the girl become angry? He was the only person with a black hand. The contrast between the sun and the moon b. A ad hoc E apathy 4. A bountiful B dependent C provident D superfluous E profligate 8.

A forthright B judicious C circumspect D puritanical E unorthodox 2. A obscure B cantankerous C unsubstantial D tenacious E opprobrious 3. A delusion D cynicism 4. A finite B jejune C tranquil D incessant E imprudent 5. A simplicity D maverick 7. A benign B intrepid C malignant D hyperbolic E tentative 8. A timely D servile 9. A urgency D diversity 2.

A fondness B disagreement C boorishness D provocation E opprobrium 3. A prevaricate B titillate D obscure E sanction 5. A curb B destroy C curse D inveigh E exculpate 8. A bellicose D esoteric 9. A consequence B descent C annihilation D termination E inception 2.

A obscure D imbibe B blunt C desiccate E enervate 3. A vacuous comment B hegemony C plane D common occurrence E capitulation 4.

A immutable B obdurate C hospitalized D pedantic 5. A sincere comment C hostile comment E original comment 6. E stationary C oppress B differ C expose E enshroud B obstruction D equanimity E chivalry A prodigal B reticent C serene D phenomenal E accountable debauchery indulgence decant pour debilitate weaken decapitate kill by beheading debonair sophisticated, affable decathlon athletic contest debrief interrogate, inform deceive trick debunk refute, expose deciduous shedding leaves debutante a girl debuting into society decimate destroy decadence decay e.

A bridle B encourage C reproach D ameliorate E perjure 2. A copy D blanch 3. A radiant D balky 4. A linger D strip 5. A palliate D propound 6. A provide shelter B banish D extol E capitulate 8. A desiccate B intensify D whet E hamper 9. A reserved B restored D busy E kinetic DUET C. A agreement B supposition C strife D scrutiny E antithesis 2.

A concentrated B languid D caustic E voracious 3. A moot B onerous D germane E true 4. A appease B expedite D foil E precipitate 5. A ill B thin C dull D rotund E insipid 7. A intermittent B continual D enclosing E expanding C increasing 9. A strive B adapt C synchronize D estrange E officiate 2. A exhort B dissuade D abet E fixate 5. A alleviate D subdue 6. A consummate B juvenile D ordinary E choice 7. A denounce B deceive D fib E generalize 8.

A diffuse D unique 9. A absence of charity B absence of franchise C absence of pain D absence of success E absence of malice Choose the pair that expresses a relationship most similar to that expressed in the capitalized pair.

A B C D E confederation: Charismatic Leader:: President retreat: A B C D E broadcast: A B C D E melancholy: A B C D E impromptu: A B C D E equivocal: A B C D E clandestine: A B C D E bureaucracy: A B C D E reticence: A B C D E sycophant: MOOT C.

Earth difficult: A B C D E amplifier: A B C D E classroom: A B C D E corroborate: A B C D E exacerbate: Marxist benefactor: A B C D E credulous: A B C D E peninsula: A B C D E demonstration: A B C D E didactic: A B C D E vegetable: A B C D E capricious: A B C D E transfix: A B C D E enervated: RENT E. A B C D E automobile: A B C D E desolation: A B C D E romantic: A B C D E dolphin: Previous Occurrence:: A B C D E mountain: Though most explicitly sexist words have been replaced by gender-neutral terms, sexism thrives in the many words.

Although this is often the mark of a beginner, Williams pulls it off masterfully. The Words Answers to Quizzes Quiz 1 1. H Quiz 2 1. A Quiz 3 1. I Quiz 4 1. C Quiz 5 1. A Quiz 6 1. B Quiz 7 1. B Quiz 8 1. C Quiz 9 1. I Quiz 10 1. E Quiz 11 1. B Quiz 12 1. B Quiz 13 1. C Quiz 14 1.

C Quiz 15 1. A Quiz 16 1. C Quiz 17 1. J Quiz 18 1. E Quiz 19 1. H Quiz 20 1. E Quiz 21 1. A Quiz 22 1. C Quiz 23 1. E Quiz 24 1. E Vocabulary Quiz 25 1. C Quiz 26 1. A Quiz 27 1. D Quiz 28 1. D Quiz 29 1. A Quiz 33 1. I Quiz 34 1.

A Quiz 35 1. E Quiz 36 1. B Quiz 37 1. C Quiz 30 1. A Quiz 31 1. D Quiz 32 1. E Word Analysis Word analysis etymology is the process of separating a word into its parts and then using the meanings of those parts to deduce the meaning of the original word. It is made up of three parts: However, you must be careful in its application since words do not always have the same meaning as the sum of the meanings of their parts. In fact, on occasion words can have the opposite meaning of their parts.

But over the years it has come to mean just the opposite—terrible. In spite of the shortcomings, word analysis gives the correct meaning of a word or at least a hint of it far more often than not and therefore is a useful tool. Prefixes 1. Nevertheless, there are a few that are helpful. Suffixes Suffix Meaning Example 1. Analyze and define the following words. Answers begin on page Word Analysis Solutions to Exercise 1. To sail around the world. One who hates all mankind. Without rule, chaos.

Y noun suffix 5. Doubtful, unbelieving. Certain, cannot fail. Without morals. Consider the following example: Little Susie, who does not realize that it is wrong to hit other people, hits little Bobby. However, if her mother explains to Susie that it is wrong to hit other people and she understands it but still hits Bobby, then she has committed an immoral act.

One who does not believe of religion. A person of no significance. Something that cannot be repaired; a wrong so egregious it cannot be righted. To look inward, to analyze oneself. Cannot die, will live forever. One who does a good deed, a patron. The act of lowering someone socially or humiliating them.

Devoid of personal feeling, impartial. Without feeling; to be uninterested. The apathetic voters. This complexity should be no surprise since grammar deals with the process of communication. Usage concerns how we choose our words and how we express our thoughts: We will study six major categories: The key point for the use of pronouns is this: Steve has yet to receive his degree.

Here, the pronoun his refers to the noun Steve. Following is a list of the most common pronouns: Jane and Katarina believe they passed the final exam. The plural pronoun they refers to the compound subject Jane and Katarina. Faulty Usage Neither Jane nor Katarina believes they passed the final.

Correct Neither Jane nor Katarina believes she passed the final. This is probably the most common pronoun error. If a pronoun follows two nouns, it is often unclear which of the nouns the pronoun refers to. Faulty Usage The breakup of the Soviet Union has left nuclear weapons in the hands of unstable, nascent countries. It is imperative to world security that they be destroyed. Although one is unlikely to take the sentence to mean that the countries must be destroyed, that interpretation is possible from the structure of the sentence.

It is easily corrected: The breakup of the Soviet Union has left nuclear weapons in the hands of unstable, nascent countries. It is imperative to world security that these weapons be destroyed. This construction is faulty because they does not have an antecedent.

4000 Essential English Words – Book 1 PDF

The sentence can be corrected by replacing they with people: In Somalia, people have become jaded by the constant warfare. The people of Somalia have become jaded by the constant warfare. Faulty Usage One enters this world with no responsibilities. Then comes school, then work, then marriage and family. No wonder, you look longingly to retirement. In this sentence, the subject has changed from one third person to you second person. To correct the sentence either replace one with you or vice versa: You enter this world with no responsibilities.

One enters this world with no responsibilities. No wonder, one looks longingly to retirement. The answer-choices offer five ways of phrasing the underlined part. If you think the sentence as written is better than the alternatives, choose A, which merely repeats the underlined part; otherwise choose one of the alternatives. B If the Administration had not lost the vote on the budget reduction package, his first year in office would have been rated an A.

B to immediately notify customers whenever the government is contemplating a forced recall of their products. World War II taught the United States the folly of punishing a vanquished aggressor; so after the war, they enacted the Marshall Plan to rebuild Germany. A after the war, they enacted the Marshall Plan to rebuild Germany. B after the war, the Marshall Plan was enacted to rebuild Germany. A to most Americans; now, however, most Americans accept it as desirable. B to most Americans, now, however, most Americans accept it.

The Words Essential for an Educated | DocDroid

C to most Americans; now, however, most Americans are desirable of it. D to most Americans; now, however, most Americans accepted it as desirable. E to most Americans. Now, however, most Americans will accept it as desirable. Geologists in California have discovered a fault near the famous San Andreas Fault, one that they believe to be a trigger for major quakes on the San Andreas.

We have surpassed our sales goal of one million dollars. Here, the first person plural verb have agrees with its first person plural subject we. Note, ironically, third person singular verbs often end in s or es: He seems to be fair. Here, the singular verb was agrees with its singular subject one.

Attached are copies of the contract. Here, the plural verb are attached agrees with its plural subject copies. The sentence could be rewritten as Copies of the contract are attached. The rising cost of government bureaucracy have made it all but impossible to reign in the budget deficit. In a co-publication agreement, ownership of both the material and its means of distribution are equally shared by the parties. The rise in negative attitudes toward foreigners indicate that the country is becoming less tolerant, and therefore that the opportunities are ripe for extremist groups to exploit the illegal immigration problem.

The rising cost Since the rising costs Because of the rising costs The rising costs Rising cost indicate that the country is becoming less tolerant, and therefore that indicates that the country is becoming less tolerant, and therefore indicates that the country is becoming less tolerant, and therefore that indicates that the country is being less tolerant, and therefore indicates that the country is becoming less tolerant of and therefore that The harvest of grapes in the local valleys decreased in for the third straight year but were still at a robust level.

Thomas—has a powerful, dynamic personality. Following are some useful tips for protecting your person and property from the FBI. As written, the sentence implies that the FBI is a threat to your person and property. To correct the sentence put the modifier from the FBI next to the word it modifies, tips: Following are some useful tips from the FBI for protecting your person and property.

Then when you read through the list again, mark any that you do not remember with two checks. Continue in this manner until you have learned the words.

There are four types of quizzes interspersed in the word list: Matching, Antonyms, Analogies, and Sentence Completions. The Matching quizzes, review words that were just introduced. All the other quizzes contain words from any part of the list. Answers are on page Choose the word most opposite in meaning to the capitalized word. A voluntary B arduous C solicitous D righteous E befitting 2. A fatuous B productive C bountiful D pertinacious E opprobrious 3.

A ad hoc B perdition C woe D trepidation E apathy 4. A multitudinous B blemished C sturdy D counterfeit E sparse 6. A distend B assail C unfetter D enfeeble E prove 7.

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