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I have two versions of this faq; one is an illustrated PDF guide*, | | complete with screenshots and the second is the one you have right | | now. Valkyrie Profile at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. For Valkyrie Profile on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 22 FAQs (game guides and You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!.

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Valkyrie Profile Walkthrough Pdf

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Official Strategy Guide. Bradygames l Language: English l PDF l Pages l 87,4 MB. Defend Asgard Against the. Got a Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] Valkyrie Profile Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 25 videos by Starliath (). Title, Duration, Date. Perfect Boss 1 Battle.

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Walkthroughs for Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Add Your: The fire elementals are weak to ice so Icicle Edge is the most effective way to defeat them in groups. In the next room, you will find an opening on the floor that looks like a mouth. Jump on it intentionally, and you will be taken the separate room indicated in the map. Before that, find the Flame Jewel and the Mage Slayer chests hidden behind the large organ to the right.

Stand over the intestine in the middle and you will taken back in the upper right ledge of the room where you started. Just get past it you will be damaged. Exit back and fall all the way down to the bottom. In the 2nd room to the left, you will find three sensitive intestine- like pillars. Grab the item 8 in the chest first and jump your way to the other side.

In that room, you need to jump over those organic pillars. Remember that you need to step on them only once as you jump! Any split second delay will send you falling down those mouths.

You will be taken again to the room where the Flame Jewel and Mage Slayer are found. To avoid backtracking a distance, jump to the rightmost 'intestine'.

You'll exit 2 screens from that room. This may several tries if you're bad at timing your jumps like me, heh If you managed to get past, proceed to the next room. This is a good way to vent the frustration you had earlier. This boss is not that hard but does contain a good amount of exp so this is worth the trouble. After that, head to the top left room. Attack it and obtain the same amount of event exp you recieved a while ago. Grab the item 9 as well.

Once you reach the bottom floor, continue to the right and save. Prepare for a challenging boss battle. Hel Servant x2 HP: This pair is already hard as they are. The only way to defeat them is to kill them both at the same time.

You wouldn't want that to happen since 1 they have pretty high endurance and damage resistance; 2 their attacks are really damaging; 3 you wouldn't like your ass to be kicked by some floating eyeballs with overgrown worms yeah, I know they're snakes Alright, concentrate on one of them first.

Watch out when you're performing your special attacks. Do not overdo it. The lower their HP gets, the better. Do this on both of them. Now once you've damaged them both and you think you can defeat all at the same time, don't perform combination attacks.

If you have some attack crystals Holy Gem, Shadow Gem, etc have all your warriors use them while your mage casts a magic targeting all units.

Hopefully, if you estimated it right, the two of them should go down. You can also have your mage switch equipments to an Element Scepter for her to cast a devastating great summon.

It doesn't matter whether one of them dies first. What matters is that you kill them both before they get their turn. Manual of Resurrection!!! All of those artifacts are worth keeping, except for the spear, unless you are using Aelia in your party. The Manual of Resurrection will be a very good treasure to have.

For seasoned VP players, they should know what I am talking about. After sending them, then do the major events to lower Valkyrie's seal value. Without any resting periods, you should still have periods remaining to visit Flenceburg, get Lorenta and meet Lezard in his Tower. Book of Everlasting Life! Warhammer, Eye of Heaven 3. Splash 4. Nightshade, Frigid Damsel 5. Teachings of Asa 6. Dancing Sword, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine 7.

Creation Gem,!!! Timer Ring!! Remember that the paths don't go in circles. Your main objective is to reach the bottom floor and to activate the two switches. You will obtain event exp for each. Unfortunately, the paths for those switches are littered with tough and annoying enemies.

Lorenta is your mage of choice her, since she has Mystic Cross by default. This is not the best spell but it does more damage than any spell that you may currently have right now.

Ride the elevator - Get off on the first floor where it unloads. Go up. Use the Beast Slayer to get rid of it easier. Defeat it and find item 1 in the far right of the room. You can clear the area of enemies, just for additional experience boost and map completion.

Get off on its first stop. Grab items 2. Enter the elevator again. Now continue to the left and defeat the Dragon blocking the path. Defeat it to gain a good amount of exp. Continue to the left and take the door up. Continue to the right afterwards. Take it. Ignore the door up elevator for the meantime and continue to the far left.

Enter the door up. Grab the chests 4. You can now backtrack to the elevator I told you to pass by a while ago. Kill the Dragon Zombies along the way. Find item 5 in the far left. Defeat the Manticore blocking the path and enter the room behind it. Obtain event experience. Head up through the door. In the next room, walk upstairs to the left. Take the path that leads down front - Follow the path and go to the left downstairs. Enter the door and continue to the left then down.

Defeat the Dragon Zombie and continue to the right. Slash the crystal to activate it as well. Go back there and you should find a teleporter. Take it and follow the path. You should find the most important items in this dungeon. You will obtain the much awaited Creation Gem in one of those chests. Now, the magic starts. Equip the Creation Gem. This will increase Valkyrie's transmutation level to 2. Transmute Manual of Resurrection to get an Orihalcon 3. Transmute Orihalcon to get the Creation Jewel.

Equip the Creation Jewel and start transmuting really powerful weapons and equipment. You can even get high level recovery items from ordinary items. Check out the partial list below. Icicle Sword can even freeze enemies and cause instant death to enemies weak to ice. Although its attack thrust is only 1, it is not that noticeable. It can turn enemies to stone Much better and cause instant death to enemies weak to stone.

Valkyrie Profile FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation - GameFAQs

Of course much powerful rods can be found only inside the Seraphic Gate. Learn more about it later. Aside from its high magic and resistance bonuses, this will enable your mages to perform devastating great magicks during their special attacks.

After getting these goodies, it is payback time. If you want, you can defeat all those enemies you kept of avoiding a while ago. OR just slip past them by equipping the Dimension Slip. In any case, make your way to the teleporter past the save point. Grab the chests there and teleport.

Before heading left, grab the chests containing Normalize and Base Metal on the other side of the teleporter. Go left to initiate the next events. After a brief conversation, you will be engaged in a battle against Lezard. Lezard Valeth HP: If you managed to have all the great equipments mentioned a while ago, then battle is a breeze. If not then prepare for a tough battle. When one of the Dragon-Tooth Warriors dies, its allies became 'possessed' - this increases their stats.

Not to mention that Lezard can resurrect those Dragon-Tooths as well. It will seem like a mini-slugfest until you defeat them all.

Walkthroughs for Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Just concentrate your attacks one target at a time. Reserving your mage's great magic in the 3rd or 4th time will deal greater damage to take out the two Dragon-Tooths. Remember that after you successfully attack Lezard, even once, he will be in the front for the rest of the battle. It is safe now, considering that you sent the required Einherjar before doing any major events, including this meeting with Lezard.

If you haven't done it yet, remove the Nibelungen Ring before entering the Sacred Phase. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Arkdain Ruins -2 5. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Citadel of Flames -2 6. Visit Flenceburg, recruit Mystina -1 period, Seal Rating 2. Enter Arkdain Ruins -2 2. Enter Citadel of Flames -2 3.

Enter Cave of Oblivion -2 Consumed: You may send him to Valhalla for this chapter since he perfectly fits the requirements. Remember that it is required to send Lucian to get the good ending! At this point as well, your Seal Value should be dwindling at around If you messed up earlier, you may skip sending someone for one chapter - but that will be costly, in terms of the supposedly good rewards you'll never get, low evaluation and low MP.

Raptor's Claw 2. Sap Power 3. Nightshade 4. Resist Magic, Eye of Heaven 5. Stun Check 6. Quartz Gem, Sap Power, Savory 8.

Vegetable Seed, Darkness Arrow, Estoc 9. Daemon Slayer!! Sap Guard, Beast Slayer!! Mighty Check after the bossfight, behind Lyseria's crystal Stun Magic Ranseur Ether Scepter, Sap Guard Dark can be transmuted to Reverie when Creation Jewel is equipped This dungeon is pretty small.

Most of the chests here are trapped with enemies. Also, this is one place where you can farm experience without losing precious periods.

After clearing the dungeon, exit through the main gate and enter again. All enemies in the dungeon will be reset. Make your way to the top left. Now jump down to the bottom floor and take the route down. Grab the lone chest 15 there. Continue to the next room to get item 4 as well - The next room is empty but leads to a save point.

Use it if you want. Grab the item 5 in one of the ledges there. Ignore that path to the rear, that is located on the bottom floor. Instead, take the top right exit. Get the items there 8 , exit out and continue to the right. Get all the items 6 in this room. After that, backtrack to the room where you found item 5 and take the path leading to the next area from the bottom floor. The door will be locked. Defeat all enemies within the room to unlock the door. Get the items 7 as well.

You need to create a full crystal on the ledge, with the save point. Then, shoot it to create a shimmering platform and jump on it quick. This may take several attempts but don't be frustrated. You are almost there. Grab the items 10 way up, near the ceiling.

Then head to the room to the right to initiate a boss battle. Reaver Lord x3 HP: Their attacks are damaging but they are not that hard to take down. Cast Celestial Star for best results. The artifact worth keeping here is the Robe of Bryttain. Mages don't have that high RDM.

This is one of those equipments exclusive for mages that has high RDM value; a must for any mage. So unless you are a collector or item whore, return those two to Odin. Don't forget to grab the Mighty Check behind Lyseria's crystal as well. Shadow Servant 3. Soul Slayer!! You can slide and slash the fire to avoid being hit.

The item there contains an Eye of Heaven. If you have any difficulties getting it, just leave it. Find item 3 hidden in the far right corner of this room. Go to the far left and examine the sphere on the pedestal. Activate the switch. Obtain event experience for doing it. Find a new path leading to the rear. Take it to reach the next area. Now to reach the items located in those hanging platforms above the running river of lava, try creating some crystals, slash them and throw them in the lava.

Use them as footholds as you try to get the items. There are 3 items to get. Once you get to the first platform, create a crystal there and slash it. That will give you a safe ground for the next platform. Repeat the process for the other items. Exit the area from the door in the far right. But first, activate the switch to open the path. To do this, go to the upper right corner of the map.

Use crystals as footholds. Now to get to the Flame Jewel, you need to make your way to the middle platform. Now jump and shoot crystals so that they attach to the sides of the next platform. Backtrack again and jump on the footholds you created. To get to the Flame Jewel, create some footholds beside the platform where it is located, just to be safe. You need to jump as precisely as you could since you could hit the low ceiling of the platform and make it short. Once you get the Jewel, head to the center of the area.

By normal means, you won't be able to reach it easily. The easiest way to get to the other side is to face to the right, create a full crystal shoot twice and shoot it again so that it will "explode" into shimmering light. You will be thrown backwards, exactly to the exit. Head up. You will obtain event exp by doing all these successfully. Take the only path leading to the rear. Just bring the pot to the other side. On your way, you will step on the switch, activating the fire rain.

You just need to 'catch' those fire balls using the pot. After catching a certain number of fireballs, the pot will break and you will be engaged in a boss battle. An easy one. Fire Elemental HP: Ice EXP: This boss is one of the giveaway battles if you know its weakness.

The Icicle Sword makes short work on this guy, not to mention that one hit is enough to kill him - and you have more than one Icicle Sword you should.

Just 'shake' him with ground attacks to have him drop CT orbs, needed to lower your mage's wait time. It prevents freezing by just having it in your inventory. No need to equip whatsoever. This will be very useful when fighting against one of the last bosses in Ending A. You will be using it against one of the last bosses in Ending A.

The Holy Water of Mithra is one of those items you would like in your inventory in case of emergencies; just like the Tome of Alchemy. So you can keep this one as well.

You can get the Holy Water from him once you release his soul and return as a living human. Also, if you watched the FMV when meeting with Brahms, you will see Silmeria trapped inside a crystal. More of those interconnecting stories can be found in the VP Silmeria. Just remember that before the chapter ends, send someone to Freya.

I would send Lucian at this point. In all the Einherjars, Lucian is the most special. You will see a short event with him and Lenneth. After sending him up, your Seal Value will increase a bit, may around It is still safe to send another einherjar in the next chapter.

When ready, consume all the periods in any way you want and the chapter ends. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Shrunken Shrine -2 5. Visit Crell Monfereigne, recruit Jayle -1 2. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Shiho -1 3. Visit Villnore, recruit Badrach -1 Consumed: Enter Lost City of Dipan -2 2. Enter Shrunken Shrine -2 3. If you followed the instructions on getting the A ending in the previous chapters, then it is safe to send one more Einherjar.

Dark Savior 3. Ranseur 4. Triple Distress 5. Neckless Doll 6. Burgundy Flask 7. Invoke Feather 8. Estoc, Reflect Sorcery Hidden from view 9. Ether Scepter, Nightshade Mystic Cross, Concentration, Ruins Fate You will be immediately thrown into a boss battle once you enter this stage so be prepared.

Barbarossa HP: Barbarossa's Malice Grudge attack deals damage and inflicts different status effects, most common would be cursed. His melee attacks are damaging as well.

At this point you can actually defeat him by linking special attacks, including a great magic. You will need to fight him twice. In the next room, continue to the right first, then to the left. Enter the time machine in the leftmost part of this path.

Just read through the conversations. Once you have free control once again, you can check out the very first house near the castle's entrance. Talk to the old lady there to learn about the secret room inside the castle. To get there, you need head upstairs. The room you wanter to check is located in the top floor, to the leftmost side. Once you reach the secret room, examine the bookshelf to open a hidden path. You will obtain Barbarossa's crown after a short conversation with Malabeth.

After a short scene, an FMV and a conversation Valkyrie will be taken back to her time. After talking to Barbarossa, he will calm down and his spirit will be free.

Now its time to clean house. The most dangerous enemies would be the Evil Eyes. They are not that threatening when they are alone. But be cautious when they come in pairs or worse, threes. A good technique to defeat them is to concentrate your attacks one target at a time, but just good enough to lower its HP. These enemies will restore their fallen allies with full HP. That is a problem if the one it is gonna revive is another of its own kind. Also, they are immune to Tome of Alchemy so don't waste any on them.

I wont bother giving you directions on how to get the items since I am sure you are not reading this guide word by word and while playing the game. Once you cleared all the floors, you may ask where the bosses are located.

Well, I could have revealed it to you earlier but you may be unprepared yet to face them. Clearing the floors will give you the necessary exp to level up and learn skills. So in common, where do bosses usually stay?

So, proceed there. If you can, it will be easier to just create a shimmering foothold and jump on it. Slash the painting just above the savepoint to reveal a hidden room. You will obtain event exp for completing this. Defeat all the Evil Eyes here and save again. Also, before you enter the boss battle, have your current mage learn Reflect Sorcery. This will help you survive the fight with no scratches. You can equip your Mage Slayer but that is just optional.

Enter the path up in the leftmost part of this room to battle the bosses. Walther HP: Immediately cast Reflect Sorcery as soon as you get the chance.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Official Strategy Guide

Now get rid of Gyne upper mage because he can cast Invoke Feather and revive his fallen allies. Now the effect of Reflect Sorcery lasts only for three turns.

When you attack them, you may want to attack them while downed on the ground to receive a lot of CT orbs, just to enable you mages to have turn. Fight normally as you could. As long as Reflect Sorcery is active, you can defeat them easily. The Rust Red Circlet is not that important. You may want to pass up with this one. Exit the area and head to your next destination. Sacred Javelin 3. Dark Reverie 4. Angel Curio 5. Lapis Lazuli, Prismatic Missile 6.

Footman's Axe, Ruin's Fate 7. Charge 8. Set Poison Blow as the default spell of your mages. As much as possible, try to successfully cast Petro Disruption Poison Blow great magic to take care a group of enemies at once. Please note that there are some annoying Inferior Eyes roaming around the area as well. Step on the platform. Two Dragonhead Statues will move. You will gain event exp.

Use them as a stepping platform. Continue to the next room. Grab item 1 along the way. Pull the stone tablet as far you can to the left. Obtain event exp. Water will fill up this part of the dungeon. Obtain Event Exp. Exit the room to the right. Now you can't reach item 3 for the meantime. Head to the room where the tablet was and enter the next room.

Here you will find a spherical switch that controls the platform overhead. Hit it twice. You will get Event Exp. After hitting the switch, you should feel the place rumbling.

Now exit the room and head back to the water control switch. As you exit to the right, you should be able to reach the highest room. You will find item 3 guarded by an Inferior Eye. Defeat it and grab the item.

You should find another water control switch. Push in both sides to drain the water. Exit to the right. After grabbing the item, go back to the second water control switch you just passed a while ago. Drain the water again. Now backtrack to the spherical platform switch and hit the sphere twice. So backtrack again to the 2nd water control switch above and drain the water. You should be able to reach the lower door when you exit to the right. Enter it. Now on dry ground, create a crystal, slash it, grab the shard and bring it underwater.

Go below the plug release the shard so that it pushes the switch. Exit to the next room. If you had cleared Oddrock Caves in the earlier chapter, you should know what to do.

After successfully deflecting the beam towards the floating orb, the gate will open. To reach the other side, you need to create a shard and ride it as it floats up. Do that and the door to the lower left will open. Grab Charge in the chest above. Enter the next room and find the Flame Jewel!!! Grab and continue along the path. The upper two orbs can be hit without any problems.

The bottom orb is the trickiest. Just place the orbs directly above the orbs and another one just above the door; of course create one to reflect the beam from the left.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Official Strategy Guide

What a bummer! If you have the Dimension Slip accessory Transmute Bark of the Dryad using Creation Jewel , equip it and slip past those annoying enemies and save. If you don't then you can't do anything but to fight them or gamble and try to slip past them.

Very, very dangerous. Anyways, after saving, you can now face the boss. You will need high damaging spells to end this battle quickly. Wraith HP: This boss has really damaging spells, not to mention he can cast Gravity Blessing every 3rd or 4th turn.

It is possible, however, to defeat him in a single attack run, if you successfully link all 4 special attacks. If you're familiar with your characters' attacks and how much energy they contribute, then there is no problem. You won't win against this boss by endurance. The quicker you end this battle, the better. Reflect Armor - exp Slashing Sword "Farewell" - exp Tear of the Cosmos - exp Obtain exp after opening all artifacts. You may want to consider this as well.

This should complete the primary dungeons in this chapter. You should still have a lot of time left, so you can do whatever you want. I would normally train my characters and clear the any Caves of Oblivion available. Don't forget to send the qualified Einjerhars. If you followed the guide, then it should still safe to send someone in this chapter.

When ready, just enter the Sacred Phase. Freya will request the following: You can relax now and play the game normally. You can also send two sorceresses in this chapter if you want to recieve more MP and better artifacts from Freya and Odin. During this sacred phase also, Odin will also give you a hint about a legendary and powerful sorceress named Lyseria.

You will need to recruit her in this chapter. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Forest of Spirits -2 3. Spiritual Concentration - Locate Cave of Oblivion -2 4. Visit Hai-Lan, recruit Suo -1 2. Enter Tombs of Amenti -2 3. Don't worry, she is not that strong during the fight against her. If you still don't know, she is the lady inside the large crystal in the boss area of Arkdain Ruins.

She is a high-level sorceress, perfectly fit for Freya's request. However, I opt to keep her in my party instead. You can get her before clearing any dungeons. You won't be able to complete the map on your first visit. Wassail-Rapier guarded by Mandragoras 3. Sacred Javelin 4. Dampen Magic 5. Lucerne Hammer 7. Sap Power, Golden Egg 8. Mystic Cross Heal, Sylphan Robe!! Once you get in the Forest, you can either continue along the main path and proceed with the mission or stray around and look for the items.

Also, be careful of Mandragoras. These girls-in-a-bulb are pretty deadly at this point of the game. Their Hellish Invitation attack is really damaging. Be careful when facing these; you may want to kill them all in the first attack run. This is effective too against those pesky Giant Crabs. Normal attacks do very little or no damage against these oversized crustaceans.

In any case, proceed to the leftmost part of the map. An Elf is waiting for you there. You will learn that you need to collect four materials to complete the Gem. It is also recommended to use Fire-based attacks. Most enemies here are weak to fire. For each of the materials you obtain, you will get event exp each. Here are the basic stats of the three mini-bosses you need to face. They are not that hard really but for your info, I will include that as well.

Cockatrice HP: Fire exp Sivapheticus HP: Ice exp Venomous Spider HP: Holy exp On your first visit, there is no major boss here. Note that some of the items indicated on the map are hidden well from view, located in top of the branches. Be careful also of enemies falling from trees. The easiest should be the Polar Drops. From your position, walk to the right and take the first path down.

Go to the left, and in the next screen, approach the spring. You will automatically get the Polar Drops. Take another path leading down again. Move to the left, next screen. Jump to the base of the tree and then, jump to the branch to get the hidden Sylphan Robe there.

Head to the right and get another item 8 - After getting 8, head up four times until you reach the end of the path. Continue to the left, next screen. Be careful when jumping on those branches.

Get item 2 in one of those branches. Take the very first path leading down. Grab the items 5 hidden on the braches. Continue to the right and face the Giant Spider. This is a giveaway battle so I won't be listing any strategies to defeat it. You will obtain the Silver Thread and a bit of event experience. Find another spellbook 3 there.

Backtrack to the right a bit and take the 2nd path leading down. Go down one more screen and right to the large area. The Giant Ape is located in the topmost branch. Make your way there and defeat the mini-boss. Obtain the Golden Candlestick and some event experience as well - Now get down and head to the left. In the next screen where you came from, continue heading left to find another item 6 and a path that leads up.

Get the items 7 and save. Continue to the right to fight the cockatrice. Defeat it to obtain the Charm Feather. After a short while, you will be able to get the repaired Flame Gem in the chest.

Still you have the chance to keep it or return it. In any case, the decision is yours. So, head to the exit and enter the Forest again. You will find a misty maze instead. Continue to the left and you will find another cockatrice waiting. This boss is not that hard; much more as a giveaway battle. Arectaris - exp Elven Bow - exp Obtain exp after opening all artifacts.

These two are actually decent weapons - if you don't have the ones transmuted from the Creation Jewel. Base Metal 4. Darkness Arrow hidden behind those boxes to the left 5. Mithril Plate! Stone Check hidden behind the 3rd urn 7. Resist Magic rightmost part of the room with large floating stone head 8. Ruin's Fate 9. Lucerne Hammer Iron Ore Wassail-Rapier Invoke Feather Reflect Sorcery behind the boxes Raven Slayer!

Basilisk Scale Lapis Lazuli Guard Reinforce On top of the ledge Ether Scepter This dungeon is probably one of the most annoying and frustrating you need to clear yet. It is really large and has a good number of various annoyances that will test your patience.

Also note that enemies here are weak to HOLY attacks. You will need to create a shimmering foothold. Beware of the firejet traps. When you reach the top left door, defeat the Dullahan for some good exp boost. Obtain the Base Metal behind that enemy. Useless as it may look, Base Metals can be transmuted normally into Ebony Powders. Be careful of the traps along the way. Grab the jewel and you will obtain event exp. Now the door will close on you. To open it, you need to put some weight on the pedestal where you took the jewel.

To make your life easier, create a full crystal and slash it. The shards will provide enough weight to keep the door open for you. Exit, jump down and go to the right. Find item 6 past the 3rd urn to the right. Smash the floating stone head's beard and chin. Slide underneath it and get item 7 in the far right end of the room. Two spikes will approach you. Attack the lower one with your sword to stop it.

Jump over it and take item 8. Enter the doors to the rear. You will see another chest above the door. Grab it to obtain another Unicorn's Horn. Immediately create a second one. You might consider using two mages in your party. One great magic is good for eliminating most enemy parties. How about casting two? Also make sure that she has the strongest armor set you can get at this point of the game.

Mages in front will be most likely targeted by enemies. You may also want to change their reaction skill to a defensive one such as Adept Illusion or Dancing Swords. Grab item 10 along the way.

Take the path up front, then go up, take the top left door. You should be in the other side of the large rooms, with a chest on the floating platform.

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