PDF | Urine therapy and its effects on some biochemical parameters were studied. Forty male albino rats of wistar strain separated into five groups of eight rats. PDF | Urine has always interested and attracted the attention of people. It was in fact never considered a waste product of the body but rather as a distilled. Guide Urine Therapy. (Coen Van Der Kroon). Urine consists of 95% of water, % of urea and the remaining % is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones and.

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Urine Therapy Pdf

Editorial. Drinking or local application of human or animal urine for medicinal purposes has been practiced all over the world for millennia. Documented. The historical review shows that urine therapy emerged in the remote os08/ ruthenpress.info] Accessed November 14, Natural Healing Powers to Control and Cure all kinds of Diseases. Urine Therapy can Control / Cure all kinds of Chronic Diseases.

Duru Majesty Continental J. Forty male albino alb rats of wistar strain separated into five gro groups of eight rats each were used for the study. One grou roup served as the control whereas the other grouroups were given different volumes of urine 2ml - 8ml l for 28days. The observed effects on haematology h and liver could be toxic. This stu study has shown the effects of urine therapy on somee bbiochemical parameters. The two known wn and accepted therapies; the medical and phyto thera erapies have done well in fighting these diseases WHO, O,

Lymphocytes, s, monocytes and granulocytes are components of WBC C that aid in the protective work of the body system Kee eeleet al. The observed significantt increase in could be due to foreign substance urine Keele eleet al. The observed increase in MCHC in test rats ats in the present study could be indication that consumptio ption of urine may lead to hypochromic condition in futureure.

Natural Benefits of Urine Therapy 2

The work of platelets is clearly defined in bblood clothing. Their increase could be indication that urine uri consumption may induce platelets production in thee body. Table 2: Liver function result of rats given giv urine for 28days. Biomedical Sciences 7 1 : 12 - 17, The liver function integrity is measure ured with liver function parameters. Friday noted d tthat cell-derived enzymes have high activity in cells and nd spill in plasma when the cells are damaged or the enzym ymes produced in excess.

Transaminases leak into the blo bloodstream when there is hepatocellular injury. Their significant increase could uld be due to urine consumption. This could implyly that diseases linked with bilirubin in the body may nott be possible when urine therapy is being practiced.

Table 3: Kidney function result of rats ts ggiven urine for 28 days. The regulation of total internal environm onment of the body is the sole function of the kidney Chri hris, ; Robert et al.

Creatinine is a waste prod roduct of creatine metabolism in the muscle and is excrete eted by the kidney Oh, The creatinine clearance of the kidney is used as a marker for kidney failure Oh, Decrease in urea excretion is seen is most severe kid kidney diseases Ranjna, Rats placed on urine in the present study had markedd eeffects especially on haematology and liver function. The implication of this study could be that those that practi ctice urine therapy may be exposed to these effects.

M : The useful methods,2nd ed. John Wileyy aand Sons Inc. New York. Alexander, R. Armstrong, J. Bouaravong, N.

Barkeley Medical Journal Issues cited June, Campbell, M. CMG Archives.

Biomedical Sciences 7 1 : 12 - 17, Celik, I. M Chris, N. Jonhson Publishers Ltd.

Urine therapy

Coen, V. Dacie, J. Longman group Ltd, Hong ong Kong. Danopoulos, E. Lancet Edward, A. Sau West Washington square, Philadelphia.

The Golden Fountain - Is urine the miracle drug no one told you about?

Enemor, V. Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences. Inner Tradi aditions Bear and Company. Forrester, R. C Chem. Friday, E. Geoffrey, L.

Winebrown publishers, USA. Haroon, Z. Hoff brand, A. Jendrassik, L. Biochem em. Jones, R. Keele, C. Martha, C. Mesa, Arizona: Wishland Publishing. Mithal, C. Pan ankaj Publications, New Delhi.

Biomedical Sciences 7 1 : 12 - 17, Oh, M. In: Mcpherson, M R. R, eds. Okeke, E. A, Ayalogu, A. Ramaskrishna, V. ShreeGajanan Book Depot Prakashan. This said, the situation described in the paper by Ogunshe, Fawole and Ajayi in this journal [ 1 ], is quite different.

The Golden Fountain - Is urine the miracle drug no one told you about?

The authors describe the administration of urine to babies and young children with febrile and other convulsions, as a traditional therapy that may be gaining popularity because of increasing poverty. Contamination and bacterial growth in concoctions containing urine is an important issue in a warm climate and when the treated patient is a fragile infant.

Unsurprisingly, Ogunshe et al. In the absence of proper clinical trials it is difficult to prove that traditional urine therapy contributes to childhood mortality in Nigeria, but given the results of the present study, the treatment of vulnerable and already ill children with urine should be strongly discouraged.

First, do no harm. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Pan Afr Med J.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received May 19; Accepted May Key words: Urine therapy. Loeffler et al. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Editorial Drinking or local application of human or animal urine for medicinal purposes has been practiced all over the world for millennia.

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