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Book Name: Tin Goyenda (Volume) Book Category: Tin Goyenda Series Book Writer: Rakib Hasan Book Format: PDF File (Portable Doc. Apr 1, Book Name: Tin Goyenda (Volume) Book Category: Tin Goyenda Series Book Writer: Rakib Hasan Book Format: PDF File (Portable Doc.. . শুভ্র সমগ্র ও সায়েন্স ফিকশন সমগ্র by হুমায়ূন আহমেদ. Book. Ekaturar Chithe. Book. তিন গোয়েন্দা. Book Series. Tin Goyenda books তিন গোয়েন্দা. Book Series.

Lead characters[ edit ] Tin Goyenda is the tale of three teenage detectives. They are investigators and adventurers. Sometimes Georgina Parker more commonly referred to as Jina and her pet dog Ruffian Rafi for short accompany them. According to the cover pages of the original 'The Three Investigators' series, the investigators are younger than 'Hardy Boys' and presumably 13—14 years old. His parents died in a car accident when he was 7. It was described in the first part that the accident occurred when they were returning home from Hollywood. According to the cover pages of the original series Jupe was a 13—14 year-old white American with black hair. His father and mother were both professional ballroom dancers and died in a car accident when Jupe was 4 years old. Kishore's father's name was Zahed Pasha. He is shown living with his uncle Rashed Pasha and aunt Maria Pasha. Pasha owns a junk yard known as Pasha Salvage Yard. He is a born actor, an electronic wizard and the locomotive of the Tin Goyenda as well.

This place is in Los Angeles, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.


A few miles away from Hollywood. Here, he lived with his uncle and aunty. His uncle runs a salvage yard named "Pasha Salvage Yard". Robin Milford: Robin is an Irish American. Lived with his reporter father and housewife mother.

Robin works in Rocky Beach library as a part-timer. Love to read books and climb a mountain.

Musa Aman: Musa is an Afro-American. His father Rafat Aman works in Hollywood as a technician.

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Musa is a body-builder and love eating. Having an athletic figure and strength, he is the muscle man of the team. Often he uses his head as a weapon to butt the belly of the enemy, especiallThis trait might be a proof of how even the most strong and powerful person can possess an exceptional weakness. Often he provides the comic relief for the books.

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Musa lives with his parents: Mr. Rafat Aman, special effect technician in a film producing company. Musa hates to read books. He has also shown a great passion for animals as can be seen from his love for dogs.

It has also been mentioned that insects and soldier ants are greatly attracted to him for some special element in his blood.

Occasionally,he is engaged in arguing with the female character Jina. He has an younger cousin named Fariha.

Loyalty to the team, deep respect for the teammates and occasional heroism; many qualities set Musa apart from other characters.

He has also faced life-threatening risks many times for helping others including a time when he climbed a burning house for saving a little boy.

According to the cover pages of the original series he is a 13—14 years old white American with golden hair. He is the Book-ocal music company. He collects valuable information related to the current case of Tin Goyenda.

The first books of the series shows him to be a skinny and short boy, but later on he grows taller and becomes very efficient with the ladies. He is known as a hunk. Like Musa Aman, he also lives with his parents.

His parents are journalists.

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Robin Milford is also said to be an expert mountain climber, though it is mentioned that he broke his limbs several times when climbing. He has a strong sixth sense but lacks karate skills of an expert level.

Although he is quite peaceful in nature, he's often found teasing Musa and others.