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In , however, the newspaper was ranked th. Brennan was its first editor. In , editor Robert Knight — bought the Indian shareholders' interests, merged with rival Bombay Standard , and started India's first news agency. It wired Times dispatches to papers across the country and became the Indian agent for Reuters news service.

Knight fought for a press free of prior restraint or intimidation, frequently resisting the attempts by governments, business interests, and cultural spokesmen and led the paper to national prominence. In all he lived in India for fifty years. He was respected in the United Kingdom as an expert on Indian current affairs. He christened Jaipur as "the Pink City of India".

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Ltd was sold to sugar magnate Ramkrishna Dalmia of the then-famous industrial family, the Dalmiyas, for Rs 20 million in , as India was becoming independent and the British owners were leaving.

In the court case that followed, Ramkrishna Dalmia was sentenced to two years in Tihar Jail after having been convicted of embezzlement and fraud. But for most of the jail term he managed to spend in hospital.

In the early s, Shanti Prasad Jain was imprisoned on charges of selling newsprint on the black market. Based on the pleading, Justice directed the Government to assume control of the newspaper which resulted in replacing half of the directors and appointing a Bombay now Mumbai High Court judge as the Chairman.

Nain, passed an interim order to disband the existing board of Bennett Coleman and to constitute a new board under the Government.

The bench ruled that "Under these circumstances, the best thing would be to pass such orders on the assumption that the allegations made by the petitioners that the affairs of the company were being conducted in a manner prejudicial to public interest and to the interests of the Company are correct".

Kunte had no prior business experience and was also an opposition member of the Lok Sabha. On 26 June , the day after India declared a state of emergency , the Bombay edition of The Times of India carried an entry in its obituary column that read "D.

O'Cracy, beloved husband of T. Ruth, father of L.

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Bertie, brother of Faith, Hope and Justice expired on 25 June". Vijay Karnataka was the leader in the Kannada newspaper segment then. The paper launched a Chennai edition, 12 April Introduced in [34] and awarded for the second time in , [35] " The Times of India Film Awards " or the "TOIFA" is an award for the work in Film Industry decided by a global public vote on the nomination categories. The Times of India has received criticism for blurring the lines between content and advertising.

Celebrities can pay for the Times's staff reporters to write positive, promotional articles about them. While these articles are marked "advertorial", the newspaper has been criticized for making the alerts small and easy to miss.

Under an ad sales initiative called Medianet, if a large company or Bollywood studio sponsored a news-worthy event, the event would be covered by the Times of India but the name of the company or studio that sponsored it will not be mentioned in the paper unless they paid the Times of India for advertising.

In , a report by a subcommittee of India's Press Council found that Medianet's paid news strategy had spread to a large number of newspapers and more than five hundred television channels. This ads-for-equities model accounts for up to fifteen per cent of its ad revenues and is being followed by other media houses. The Hoot , a media criticism website, has pointed out that when an elevator in a 19 storey luxury apartment complex in Bangalore crashed killing two workers and injuring seven, all the English language and Kannada language newspapers with the exception of the Times of India called out the name of the construction company, Sobha Developers, which was a private-treaty partner.

In both times the article was factually incorrect and made false claims about the success of Monsanto 's genetically modified cotton. Vineet Jain , Managing Director of B. There have been claims that The Times of India would strike deals with advertisers only if they removed their advertisements from other competitor newspapers.

The Times of India is also embroiled in an active lawsuit against the Financial Times. In , when the Hindustan Times was the top-selling paper in New Delhi, the Times of India slashed their prices by a third, to one and a half rupees after having built up their ads sales force in preparation for the price drop to make up for the lost circulation revenue.

By , the Hindustan Times had dropped to second place in Delhi.

The Times of India took a similar strategy in Bangalore where they dropped the price to one rupee despite protests from Siddharth Varadarajan , one of the editors of the newspaper at the time, who called the strategy "predatory pricing". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian English-language daily newspaper. Audit Bureau of Circulations.

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Retrieved 21 August Natarajan 13 February National Words: Notion Press. Kaminsky; Roger D. Long, Ph. India Today: An Encyclopedia of Life in the Republic [2 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Life in the Republic. Retrieved 20 April Rick Westhead. The Star. Ken Auletta. New Yorker. Retrieved 10 November Bhattacherje 1 May Sterling Publishers Pvt. Retrieved 23 June Menon Malhan 25 July The TOI Story. HarperCollins Publishers India.

Retrieved 22 July Times of India. Retrieved 23 July Pages Page Clips. Download Feedback About. With Cyclone Fani likely to make landfall near Puri on Friday, about 7 lakh people have been evacuated.

What do we have then?

Have we kept it for Diwali? He left burying facts: Kochhar, too, supported this view and those red flags got a quiet burial. These emails and internal exchanges form part of official records accessed by The Indian Express that underline how serious concerns were raised withinthebankoverthelending process followed while appraising certain loan proposals.

Of the16menkilledinalandmine blast triggered by Maoists in Gadchiroli Wednesday, Tomeshwar Singhnath 24 was the last to join the journey. Within minutes of receiving news of the explosion, Hitendra Fadnavis with relatives of those killed in the Naxal attack, in Gadchiroli on Thursday.

Tomeshwar, who was fondly called Dadu, left behind a 22year-old wife, Vandana, who he married five years ago.

Learn to trust your judges. It has little sway over theological debates, shaped by Sunni groups who control mosques and madrasas. The MES has held the veil to be a foreign import, but the rejection is likely to be challenged by the clergy.

Much of the diplomatic negotiations took place in New York, while Washington, Delhi, Beijing, Paris, London and Islamabad were in the loop, officials from at least six countries involved in the discussions told The Indian Express. Today, she fetches water, cooksandwashesutensilswhile her two brothers go to college. Nearby, the oneacre plot where her family once cultivated wheat in Shivrajpura village lies vacant and cracked.

With Tikamgarh battling a drought-like situation for years, Gudiya says her mother followed others who migrated for work. Unlike boys, she says, girls are not allowed to move out for education.

Since,whenTikamgarh became a Lok Sabha constituency, the predominantly Ahirwar voters have favoured the saffron.

In , the BJP won by a margin of 2. Left behind are mostly women, children, elderly and cattle. But again, say residents, the root of these problems lies in lack of water. Continue Back.