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Get all past issues in Digit Mega PDF pack! Cover price Rs. /- We're giving away ALL past PDFs before March for download. Title: Digit October , Author: Media, Name: Digit October , http:// thinkdigit Your favourite magazine on your favourite social network. .. This month we have a hot running GPU, annoying script errors in PDF. Title: Digit June , Author: Media, Name: Digit June , Length: 26 pages, Page: 1 [Hint: You have the entire PDF Mega Pack at your disposal] Answer format: .. thinkdigit Your favourite magazine on your.

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Full text of "Thinkdigit Magazine " .. Somebody has just Googled the topic and saved all related PDF docs and dumped into the DVDs. $10 biLLion in R&D for its green tecli-initiative between now and Eagle Eye Department. Security Software. Kaspersky Internet Security 01 - Jun - McAfee Mobile Security. 11 - Sep - Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. 03 - Nov. Digit is an Indian technology media publisher magazine owned by Media. According to the On May 30, , Digit's website got a new address - On the occasion of the Retrieved 19 June ^ Digit: About Us Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

After running successfully for four seasons, Gotham is entering its final season next month. Through the seasons we got to witness the origins of several iconic villains of Gotham and the humble beginnings of Batman. Apart from Batman, we might also get to see the origin of the Clown Prince of Gotham M any box office records were shattered with Infinity War. It was the culmination of the entire universe that the MCU built over the decade through 22 movies, all of them inter-connected to a bigger storyline. Doing justice to the endless roster of characters and superheroes was almost a Herculean task and the Russos stood up to it and delivered. But will the Russos be able to do it better in the next and final instalment? Doom Patrol posters revealed After wrapping up Titans, DC Universe has now unveiled a teaser trailer and character posters of their upcoming series Doom Patrol. This one brings back the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Considering this is going to be the final movie for many characters in the MCU, all their character arcs deserve a worthy completion. The title was something that Marvel had been holding back for a long time.

The industrial revolution, followed by the age of electrification, led to unforeseen advances in manufacturing and transportation.

The period, from the end of the second world war up to the Watergate scandal early 70s , saw huge achievements such as the moon landing, the invention of micro electronics, computers, civil aviation, television, and antibiotics. Drop me a line at: siddharth. Big mistake. But why blame technology if a certain human is too stupid for his own good? How does one keep a modicum of sanity into their life and prevent technology and the Internet from becoming a health hazard?

Not once or twice, but from time to time, in a habitual, preordained manner.

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Recent studies have shown that our over-indulgence with the Internet and an always plugged-in lifestyle is affecting our mental and physical health far worse than our parents or grandparents. Especially, entrusted with the responsibility of bringing up our daughter in an overbearingly digital world, I at least want to let her experience, in however small way possible, the world as it is beyond digital marvels.

SabriSuresh K. BhargavaLeslie Y. This type of patterned paper is a prototype of a class of lowcost, portable, and technically simple platforms for running multiplexed bioassays with microliter volumes of a single biological sample.

Citing Literature. A novel, simple and low-cost paper-based analytical device for colorimetric detection of Cronobacter spp. Ganesan Sriram , Mahesh P. Bhat ,. MIX gives itself over to the production of crushers and mills which can be used in aggregate crushing, industrial milling and ore processing fields.

By , MIX has built 6 world-class manufacture bases, which cover a total area of over ,m2, and accomplished an annual production value of RMB 5 billion. MIX Technology New products development is MIX Service The wide product range enables us to provide our Hoyoung Lee Cool Electronic PDF Paper-based microfluidic analytical devices for colorimetric Techniques used to design microfluidic patterns are cost-effective, less sample requirement, environmentally benign and [27], Copy right , American Institute of Physics Publishing], B desktop 3D printing process [Reproduced from Ho-Young Jung..

This technique consists AIC Colour Motion field texture synthesis Average downloads per article, 1, Recent Developments in Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices His research focuses on the development of low-cost paper sensors for personal exposure monitoring of metal particulates in air pollution.

Yeo Fabricating Simple Wax Screen-Printing Paper-Based Analytical Devices To Demonstrate the Concept of Limiting Reagent in Characterization Patterned Paper as a Platform for Inexpensive, LowVolume, Portable This type of patterned paper is a prototype of a class of lowcost, portable, and technically simple platforms for running multiplexed bioassays with microliter volumes of a single biological sample.

Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton sustainable and cost-effective. Related links stone crusher diy dunlop conveyor handbook crushing machine factory in sweden stone crusher machine grinding concrete association beyase agriculture machine. Is this the beginning of the end? How easy would it be to add the mugshot you see on this page into a criminal database?

But there are far reaching consequences. Statesponsored blackmail, propaganda enforcement, your freedom of movement being restricted — just simply way too much power resting in the hands of the state.

And at the risk of receiving similar brickbats, I still felt the need to draw the attention of the tech elite of the country you readers to this issue. Our job is to be constantly aware of this. Because only with awareness can we can put pressure on scrutiny and on enforcing audits when these systems are designed. It is our only defence against subversion. You know where to reach me with your views.

Happy reading. No, this was truly low key. The fascinating bit was that most of the news items surrounding this announcement were celebratory. And perhaps they should be. I know if my friends or family were kidnapped for example I would be very grateful if NeoFace was able to track down the perpetrators and bring my loved ones back to me safe and sound. Yet, somehow I felt queasy about the whole thing.

In fact, by and large, awareness about privacy issues is pretty low. Many in India would argue that we have better or worse things to worry about.

But, I cannot let this go. Call me paranoid or well read but somehow this theme is all too familiar to me. This is the first step towards making insidious technology a reality — one that that we can, fortunately for now, only see in movies. In most developing countries, loss of privacy would be looked at as a necessary if not welcome tradeoff. The argument is that if you have nothing to hide read: Despite the risk of the machine get-. This PDF has been cleansed from those sins for you to read through and marvel once again at the wonders of the String Theory.

Keep an eye out for Blip the image and get access the Blippar icon next to video reviews, interactive to some images games, and much more! My excitement levels were through the roof. And the myriad range of software and apps. Technology had me pretty much hooked by this time, and I was having a ball of a time.

And all this while, technology was transforming itself to help me create more memories — switching from a curved picture tube tele to a flat screen picture tube TV, walkman, CD player, DVD writer, discrete GPU, second and third computer, first phone, first laptop, newer gaming console, LCD TV, wireless Internet, first smartphone, and the list goes on and on.

Digit Magazine

The more I think about it and stretch my brain back in time, I am convinced that most of my happiest memories are all closely surrounded by technology and gadgets. You know where to email me. Happy tech memories! Sure, the video I captured of her would go a long way in acting as a trigger in the future, prompting her to access one of her earliest self-preserved memories, but would she really really remember?

Only time would tell, I guess. Of course, that led me to think really hard and jog my memory for some of my most memorable technology-related memories. Ever since I was a kid, I can vividly remember the introduction of a colour television in our home, because up until then I was only ever used to watching moving visuals in black and white.

That was a big moment for me, personally. I can never forget having to live with only 10 channel buttons and a tuner for anything extra — those were the days!

But both of us remember the hours we spent trying to assemble perfect dance hits cassettes with a mix of Hindi and English songs. Oh the number of vacation hours we spent saving pocket money, downloading higher quality recording cassettes for flawless playlists!

Then when VCRs came into vogue, I remember convincing friends to pool up our funds to go rent the latest English movie videocassettes Rs 10 per day at the time! I also remember how one day we rented the movie Hackers and were blown away by the potential of an Internetconnected computer terminal. Needless to say, that was the first time I ever saw glimpses of the Internet. Let me know your thoughts on this column at: Enough pink already Just consider the changes that happened in the US since then: The number of female athletes in high school went up from around , in to 3.

When it comes to doctorates, in a mere 11 per cent of PhDs were awarded to women in the US. Compare that to 40 per cent as of However, the figures are still skewed within science fields, as women accounted for over 50 per cent of Life Science PhDs, but only around 20 per cent of Computer Science PhDs. You can read the full report at: What can YOU do?

And most importantly, never use your gender as weakness or an excuse. What do you think? Our cover story looks at the role women have played in technology thus far, the kind of challenges they face in the tech world, the things some enterprising women are doing in this sphere and of course, the way we think technology will be the ultimate gender equaliser.

This column, however, is about the sacrifices that need to be made first, how you can help balance the scales and why you should. Life in the US before was pretty good. People were doing well, almost all men worked, women too, and by and large, life was somewhat like it is in India right now.

Men provided, and women supplemented income but were also tasked with looking after the kids. It was a male dominated society, especially when it came to business and sports. Thus, it was obvious to people that since more boys participated in sports and went to college, more money should be spent on education and sports for boys.

Perfectly logical, yes? The lack of interest was taken as a reason to provide no facilities and discourage interest, whereas, today, we know it is the other way around.

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Business enquiries Think we can help you grow your business, or maybe you can help us grow ours? Get in touch with us at business digit. Google still continues to be the dominant and hold its possition in search engine market. Read more: I got the latest issue at Delhi airport. The content, as usual, ranges from good to spectacular. But the packaging? It's terrible. Then all those tapes. It took me the entire walk from the book shop to gate 43, a good 10 minutes, to just untangle the mess!

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Digit is a technology magazine, why not use some better greener technology for its packaging? All the best! Get your dose of entertainment right here! That would be nice. If you ever get the time, find that first issue and send us a picture: I say chuck it all, let's start a digital version for phones and tablets and end the whole mess once and for all.

What say? We need to educate India about technology. I try to grab at least the anniversary issue of Digit. I went through the magazine and found it to be the ultimate IT downloading guide for students, professionals and IT lovers.

Since I have a dream of starting an IT hub, I find this magazine perfect for that. I will refer it to everyone interested in technology magazines. No other magazine can beat Digit in this category. Well done, Team Digit. Keep it up. The first book in the series explained the famous equation of physics: My concepts about it really got cleared to a very large extent Thanks to the simple language and explanations. ERROR Keep up the good work. Alfarhan Zahedi.

Thank you Kaushik, your support really means a lot to us. You should get a subscription — it works out cheaper and you get your regular dose of tech without worrying about it at your doorstep! And yes, please encourage more. I think you're typing the links as either: The correct form is: That said, two of the YouTube links we gave went dead since we published the book, that's why we also included the exact names of the documentaries so that you could search for them easily in case this happened.

The new links for those two are now: The book is worth every penny. Thank you for the great effort in making that book. Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate everyone who takes the time to write to us. I'm years old and a big. It's really cool and I quite like your in-depth analysis of every subject that you write about.