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The Proposal Script Pdf

THE PROPOSAL by Anton Chekov. Adaptation by Brian Molloy based on the translation by Julius West (circa ). STEPAN STEPANOVITCH CHUBUKOV, a. The Proposal- Script. Uploaded by Muriel Palanca. Copyright: Attribution Non- Commercial (BY-NC). Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. The Proposal (film).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Development on the film began in , when Chiarelli wrote the film's script.

What are you shouting at? Do be a reasonable man! My aunt's grandmother gave the Meadows for the temporary and free use of your grandfather's peasants. The peasants used the land for forty years and got as accustomed to it as if it was their own, when it happened that You forget just this, that the peasants didn't pay your grandmother and all that, because the Meadows were in dispute, and so on.

Oh, my heart! And it's an open secret that before the last elections you bri I can see stars. Where's my hat? It's low!

It's dishonest!

The Proposal- Script

It's mean! And you're just a malicious, double-faced intriguer! Here's my hat.

My heart! Which way? Where's the door? I think I'm dying. My foot's quite numb. Take it to court! Devil take him! What a rascal! What trust can one have in one's neighbours after that! The villain! The scarecrow! The monster! First he takes our land and then he has the impudence to abuse us. And that blind hen, yes, that turnip-ghost has the confounded cheek to make a proposal, and so on! A proposal! What proposal? Why, he came here so as to propose to you. To propose? To me? Why didn't you tell me so before?

So he dresses up in evening clothes. The stuffed sausage! The wizen-faced frump! To propose to me? Bring him here. Bring whom here? Quick, quick! I'm ill! Fetch him! What's the matter with you? I'll shoot myself! I'll hang myself! We've done for her! I'm dying! At once. Don't yell! A pause. What have they done to me! Fetch him back! He's coming, and so on, devil take him! Talk to him yourself; I don't want to. Oh, what a burden, Lord, to be the father of a grown-up daughter!

I'll cut my throat! I will, indeed! We cursed him, abused him, drove him out, and it's all you No, it was you!

I tell you it's not my fault. My heart's palpitating awfully. My foot's gone to sleep. There's something keeps pulling in my side. Forgive us, Ivan Vassilevitch, we were all a little heated. I remember now: Oxen Meadows really are yours. My heart's beating awfully. My Meadows. My eyebrows are both twitching. The Meadows are yours, yes, yours.

Do sit down. I did it on principle. My land is worth little to me, but the principle Yes, the principle, just so. Now let's talk of something else. The more so as I have evidence. My aunt's grandmother gave the land to your father's grandfather's peasants Yes, yes, let that pass. I'm thinking of having a go at the blackcock, honoured Natalya Stepanovna, after the harvest. Oh, have you heard? Just think, what a misfortune I've had! My dog Guess, whom you know, has gone lame.

What a pity! I don't know. Must have got twisted, or bitten by some other dog. I gave Mironov roubles for him. It was too much, Ivan Vassilevitch. I think it was very cheap. He's a first-rate dog. Papa gave 85 roubles for his Squeezer, and Squeezer is heaps better than Guess!

Squeezer better than. What an idea! Of course he's better! Of course, Squeezer is young, he may develop a bit, but on points and pedigree he's better than anything that even Volchanetsky has got. Excuse me, Natalya Stepanovna, but you forget that he is overshot, and an overshot always means the dog is a bad hunter! Overshot, is he? The first time I hear it! I assure you that his lower jaw is shorter than the upper.

Have you measured? He's all right at following, of course, but if you want him to get hold of anything In the first place, our Squeezer is a thoroughbred animal, the son of Harness and Chisels, while there's no getting at the pedigree of your dog at all. He's old and as ugly as a worn-out cab-horse. He is old, but I wouldn't take five Squeezers for him. Why, how can you? Guess is a dog; as for Squeezer, well, it's too funny to argue.

Anybody you like has a dog as good as Squeezer Twenty-five roubles would be a handsome price to pay for him. There's some demon of contradiction in you today, Ivan Vassilevitch. First you pretend that the Meadows are yours; now, that Guess is better than Squeezer.

I don't like people who don't say what they mean, because you know perfectly well that Squeezer is a hundred times better than your silly Guess. Why do you want to say it isn't? I see, Natalya Stepanovna, that you consider me either blind or a fool. You must realize that Squeezer is overshot! It's not true. Why shout, madam? Why talk rot? It's awful! It's time your Guess was shot, and you compare him with Squeezer! Excuse me; I cannot continue this discussion: I've noticed that those hunters argue most who know least.

Madam, please be silent. My heart is going to pieces. I shan't shut up until you acknowledge that Squeezer is a hundred times better than your Guess!

A hundred times worse! Be hanged to your Squeezer! His head There's no need to hang your silly Guess; he's half-dead already! My heart's bursting! I shan't shut up.

What's the matter now? Papa, tell us truly, which is the better dog, our Squeezer or his Guess. Stepan Stepanovitch, I implore you to tell me just one thing: Yes or no? And suppose he is? What does it matter? He's the best dog in the district for all that, and so on.

But isn't my Guess better? Really, now? Don't excite yourself, my precious one. Allow me. Your Guess certainly has his good points.

He's pure-bred, firm on his feet, has well-sprung ribs, and all that. But, my dear man, if you want to know the truth, that dog has two defects: Excuse me, my heart. Let's take the facts. You will remember that on the Marusinsky hunt my Guess ran neck-and-neck with the Count's dog, while your Squeezer was left a whole verst behind. He got left behind because the Count's whipper-in hit him with his whip.

And with good reason. The dogs are running after a fox, when Squeezer goes and starts worrying a sheep! My dear fellow, I'm very liable to lose my temper, and so, just because of that, let's stop arguing.

You started because everybody is always jealous of everybody else's dogs. Yes, we're all like that!

Department of Linguistics

You too, sir, aren't blameless! You no sooner notice that some dog is better than your Guess than you begin with this, that I remember everything! I remember too! What do you remember? My heart I can't What sort of a hunter are you? You ought to go and lie on the kitchen oven and catch blackbeetles, not go after foxes!

Yes really, what sort of a hunter are you, anyway? You ought to sit at home with your palpitations, and not go tracking animals. You could go hunting, but you only go to argue with people and interfere with their dogs and so on. Let's change the subject in case I lose my temper.

The Proposal- Script

You're not a hunter at all, anyway! And are you a hunter? You only go hunting to get in with the Count and to intrigue. You're an intriguer! I an intriguer? Old rat! Shut up or I'll shoot you like a partridge! You fool! Everybody knows that--oh my heart! My feet I fall, I fall! And you're under the slipper of your housekeeper! There, there, there My shoulder's come off. Where is my shoulder? I die.

I'm sick! You can't even sit on a horse! Look, papa! He's dead! I can't breathe! He's dead. What have you done to me? What is it? Who's dead? My word! A doctor! No, he doesn't drink. It means he's dead, and all that.

I'm the most unhappy of men! Why don't I put a bullet into my brain? Why haven't I cut my throat yet? What am I waiting for? Give me a knife! Give me a pistol! Drink some water! That's right. I see stars Where am I? Hurry up and get married and--well, to the devil with you! She's willing! I give you my blessing and so on. Only leave me in peace! To whom?

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The Proposal (film).pdf

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