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Blyton, Enid - Adventure 01 - The Island of Adventure Blyton, Enid - Adv 6 - Ship of Adventure The Island of Adventure (Book One of the Adventure series). Enid Blyton . “It was the most exciting adventure anyone could have--but oh dear, how afraid I was That Island of Gloom--do you remember it, Dinah?”. The Secret Seven have built a new meeting place, and it's a tree house. But someone else has discovered their hideout, and he's on the run from a gang of.

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The Island Of Adventure Enid Blyton Pdf

This classic edition of an original Secret Seven adventure is reissued in its original form. Each of the books in the series celebrates Enid Blyton's writing for the. Περιπέτεια (Greek)Seikkailu-sarja (Finnish) The Island of Adventure (Adventure, #1), The Castle of Adventure (Adventure, #2), The Valley of Adventure (A. A beautiful Macmillan Classics edition of the first book in Enid Blyton's Adventure series, The Island of Adventure.

Whether dealing with forgers, gun-runners, Nazis, traitors, mad scientists or thieves, they frequently find themselves in desperate situations. Their adventures are a step up from those of the Famous Five in that they involve aeroplanes, motor-boats, a cruise-ship, seaplanes and helicopters. Then there are the stunning locations. Who could forget Craggy-Tops and the mysterious Isle of Gloom, not to mention castles, rivers, valleys, mountains, caves, underground passages and islands galore? Jack is a bird-lover obsessed with finding a Great Auk, Philip has the ability to charm animals of all kinds from lizards to bears, Dinah is a feisty, adventurous girl while Lucy-Ann, affectionate and home-loving and not really one for adventures at all, is actually the bravest of the lot. As for Kiki, she has a knack of saying just the right thing at the right time and her mischievous antics brighten many a dark moment. These children simply can't help stumbling across strange goings-on wherever they go. As adult character Bill Smugs remarks: "I never saw such children for smelling out adventures! I believe if I took you to visit my dear old aunt, we should find she had suddenly been kidnapped in a submarine, and you were forced to go to the other end of the world to rescue her!

Shelve The Mountain of Adventure.

Book 6. The Ship of Adventure by Enid Blyton. All aboard for a quiet cruise among the Greek Is… More. Shelve The Ship of Adventure.

The Island of Adventure by Enid Blyton

Book 7. The Circus of Adventure by Enid Blyton. What on earth did Bill have to bring the wimpish…. Shelve The Circus of Adventure. Book 8.

The River of Adventure by Enid Blyton. A river cruise through ancient desert lands will… More. Shelve The River of Adventure. Two Great Adventures by Enid Blyton. Two Great Adventures. Two superb books in one from Enid Blyton's best-s… More. In The Mountain of… More. The Circus of Adventure and the River of Adventure: In The Circus of A… More. The Children at Happy House 2. The Happy House Children Again 3. Benjy and the Others 4.

Naughty Amelia Jane 2.

Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm 2. Six Cousins Again Twins 1. Tales of the Twins 2. Hello Twins 3. Come Along Twins 4. Here Come the Twins 5. Trouble for the Twins Barney Junior Mystery 1.

The Rockingdown Mystery 2. The Rilloby Fair Mystery 3.

The Adventure Series

The Ring O'Bells Mystery 4. The Rubadub Mystery 5. The Rat-A-Tat Mystery 6. The Ragamuffin Mystery Noddy 3. Shadow the Sheepdog 1. Shadow and Johnny 2. Shadow Learns a Lesson 3.

Shadow to the Rescue 4. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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Blyton Enid Circus 1 MR. Galliano's Circus Jump to Page.

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Blyton Enid Mischief at St. More From charmeelapaty. Popular in The Secret Seven. But gradually it becomes apparent that the island may not be as deserted as it's supposed to be.

Who is signalling from the island to the mainland at night? What is going on in the abandoned copper mines beneath the island? And what does the friendly yet enigmatic Bill Smugs know about it all? We are introduced to some of the wild creatures which Philip carries about his person — including mice and a squirrel — and it's interesting, as the series progresses, to see how many different kinds of animals he manages to tame. Craggy-Tops is an isolated house, old and half-ruined, set halfway up a steep cliff in a district honeycombed with underground passages — like Smuggler's Top Five Go to Smuggler's Top, which was published a year later, in in some respects.

Aunt Polly, who looks "tired and faded," is over-worked and struggles to make ends meet, causing her to be sour-tempered. Her husband is a Quentin-like figure — an absent-minded historian who spends most of his time working in his study, even forgetting about meals. There is also a handyman-servant named Jo-Jo, a bad-tempered, sullen character with "rolling eyes.

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