𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Jan 1, , Norehan Haron and others published IRON LADY. The Iron Lady in which Margaret Thatcher, as portrayed by Meryl Streep, is cautioned by U.S.. Secretary of State Alexander Haig against going to war with. Her POV down the corridor of JUNE and the POLICEMAN and a CLEANER. The Iron Lady - FINAL SHOOTING SCRIPT - 8th April 11 (c) Pathe Productions. 2.

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The Iron Lady Script - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. p.m. Movie. A surprising and intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher. (Meryl Streep), the first and only female Prime Minister of the United. The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher, from Grocer's Daughter to Prime Minister. By Campbell, John. Abridgement by David Freeman. (New York.

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Historian Volume 75, Issue 3. Matthew C.

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Volume 75 , Issue 3 Fall Pages Related Information. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. I was rummaging around the bottom of my bag.. On TV. Bloody taxi driver. Where the Prime Minister and a number of her cabinet were staying.

The injured are pulled through the rubble. DENIS looks at her. Five people have died.

The Iron Lady Script

O Denis! Quick Flash: Denis in pyjamas. Chaos outside the Grand Hotel in the aftermath of the bomb. They sit. At ten to three this morning an explosion extensively damaged the Grand Hotel in Brighton. The IRA have claimed responsibility.

Come on. He grips her hand. Both looking out in silent shock at the devastated Grand hotel. S Now take it easy. She watches. CAROL settles beside her on a chair. CAROL stands behind her. Really Carol.

When I was your age the last thing I wanted to do was fuss around my mother.. DENIS writes. DENIS withdraws into his crossword. CAROL looks up. You must find something better to do with your time. CAROL smiles. My little twins. Thank you. She looks back at her ornate and rather hideous starter. Her confused face. Hoping to be chosen as our candidate for parliament.. Miss Roberts. A long table packed with silverware.

Close up of a shoe being rubbed on a calf. A young hand hesitating on a door handle. DENIS whispers A bank of sporting prints collage a wall. Attlee has his sights set on the steel industry.

She remains unruffled and goes back to her food. And Mayor of Grantham. It was a family business. The put-down. Ears prick up around the table.. The Host is lost for something to say. Miss Roberts? But for those that can do. Just like the man or woman on the street. Pudding is on the go and Margaret is warming to her theme. A half-chuckle from someone. I have to make economies the next. A general sense of quiet incredulity.

The female guests exchange glances. Yes we help people of course we help people. The men laugh raucously. Denis lets out a spontaneous guffaw as the host and hostess exchange looks. Margaret is the last to leave..

They see industry being nationalized. She turns to the ladies who are regrouping at the fireplace and regarding her with suspicion.. The ladies scurry to the sitting room. The men rise.

But it has never been so patient. He walks away as another couple approach Clever man. Quite a smoothie. In the background. You were remarkable. The Iron Lady.. Now its about trying to be someone. Great to see you. I hope you appreciate what an inspiration you have been for women like myself. It was lovely. CAROL drops the pearls into a jewelry box. CAROL catches the stray eyelash on the tip of her finger.

She opens them smiles. I want to talk to him about it. Tell him to come up. Night night Ma. Carol sits down beside her. CAROL using all her might..

The slam of a door. Taxis'll be few and far between at this hour. You really must try to get some sleep.

Sleep well. Winning candidate Mr Dodds had better watch out. Hang on. The Town Hall is empty save for a couple of Volunteers stacking chairs and sweeping the floor. You did splendidly. He smiles. He slides them down in front of her. DENIS fishes in his pocket pulling out a hip flask DENIS appears in the doorway. The litter of election night is everywhere. Then sinks once more into misery. An impromptu supper made She is fuming but he regroups with a big breath. She is genuinely stunned. You deserve a safe seat.

Self pity. But it does not come unless you learn to play the game a little. He leans over and kisses her. But if you were to become the wife of a moderately successful businessmanFor the first time. Then she begins to smile and nod her head and smile. She is frozen. I cannot die washing up a tea cup. She kisses him.

Or remote and alone in the kitchen doing the washing up for that matter. He leans forward to kiss her again but she pulls away a little. I will never be one of those women Denis who stays silent and pretty on the arm of her husband. Beyond the cooking and the cleaning and the children. He sits up and stares as if seeing her for the first time.

Mark and Carol charge into the water to retrieve them.. She merrily returns to her work. Super 8 footage. She sips her whisky. You never really got golf. Denis with a golf club and ping pong balls practicing his drive from a tee.

Bloody hell. DENIS sits behind her on the sofa in a dressing gown. Fiddling with the DVD player. DENIS approaches the camera laughing and appears to take hold of it.. She resumes a search-. Looking back. The rapid rewind of Denis swinging his golf club.

As he moves on. Without breaking step. She freezes the image of him turning to camera. Mark on a swing. Now on the screen. He turns and rushes towards the camera. Margaret turns with something to say. DENIS approaches the camera laughing and appears to take hold of it. Mark and Carol charge into the water to retrieve them.

Airey Neave. An ironing board. Follow me. Two headless bodies come towards the camera. She passes men in suits and groups. The doors swing openINT. A row of urinals. Others come towards her and notice her. POV of the promise of sanctuary. They go on tip toe. Welcome to the madhouse. The door opens onto a cupboard sized space. Gothic arches.

Her opposite number Shadow Minister looks almost smug: Teachers cannot teach when there is no heating. Why has it forced so many in the public sector into taking strike action to save their own jobs? And I ask the honourable gentleman. The chamber reduced to a bear-pit. If she wants us to take her seriously she must learn to calm down!

The stench is awful. We want. The unions are not our enemies and never have been. All around. But not neatly stacked. Prime Minister. HEATH wavers, mid-speech. HEATH resumes. Finally acknowledging Margaret Yes, Education Secretary. All eyes TURN on her again, hearing the reservation in her voice. A snigger, then the lights flicker back on.

We on this island are strong.

Napoleon called us a nation of shopkeepers. The crowd of men applaud. We should encourage our children to aspire to achieve more than we have, for our children today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Blackouts, no petrol. Maybe third time lucky. The only thing you should remember is that everyone else is either reckless or inept. And often both. Move to your right a little bit Move to the right! Terribly sorry! The tyres screech on the corner. All the time I thought I was having a driving lesson.

For Goodness sake. CAROL storms out of the kitchen. DENIS scrapes down the toast. One must know when to go. None of these men have the guts. He tries. What is the matter with everyone this morning?

A beat. She reaches out. The business is a bit rocky at the moment and the Doctor thinks I need a rest. Of course. DENIS pulls his arm away. A BEAT. He looks utterly fragile.

Just to nip at their heels and make them reaffirm the principles on which the Conservative Party must stand. She smiles. But I will run. The SLAM of the door. And the rest of us. I will run. How many days passed before you realized I was gone? Probably had to ask the cleaning woman where I was.

They are unafraid of success. On screen. She is watching herself intently. They are polar opposites.

She leans forward. It has no authority. NEAVE freezes the picture. Persuaded yes. And she wears a hat.

The Iron Lady

Give it more impact. But the main thing is your voice. REECE considers her. They on the other hand are formed by their philosophy. In fact I think all hats may have to go. Not by what has been. Oh yes! For a start. Its too high. And the pearls. Just to shake up the party. Never be anything other than yourself. I disagree. I will never be truly one of them. If you want to change this party. Oh no. Mr Reece. And I told Airey.

Oh no no no. One simply has to maximise your appeal. In Britain? There will be no female Prime Minister here. If you want to change the country.

I think we can loose the handbag.. I want more authority. A nice deep breath.. I want conviction. Hands down the sides. I want -. But the pearls were a gift from my husband on the birth of our twins and they are absolutely non-negotiable. Mrs Thatcher.. I am in your hands. I may be persuaded to surrender the hat.. Like them. How are you? So nice to meet you ladies. She looks up. It stops them from working.

Now it persecutes them. DAY A darkened backstage. It is killing jobs and it is bringing this country to its knees. I say enough. She has a hard hat on her head. DAY The bouffant is now apparent. He is brimming with pride. Margaret Thatcher! Next stop Prime Minister. The blessed Margaret! From behind she stands. He looks her up and down.

Wedges of fanatical party faithful on their feet in a kind of rapture. As Margaret looks in horror at the scene. Her shattered face. Behind her. He laughs and drives towards the exit of the car park. NEWS V. If you want to change the party. Mrs Ghandi in India. That together we can shake off the shackles of socialism and restore to greatness this country that we love so much.

And the only way is for the Conservative Party to win! Jubilant crowds applauding.. The place that she has secured in British history.

A TV headline announces: I ask your help. Where there is despair may we bring hope. The door swings openEXT. The door of Number 10 looms ahead. Michael Heseltine. Where there is doubt may we bring faith. And now. Where there is error may we bring truth. I should like to share with you a prayer of St Francis of Assisi: Where there is discord may we bring harmony. The cheers go over. Number 10 Downing Street. The distant hum of a hoover. So will you please go away and stop bothering me. The same image.

The beep of the machine. Denis appears. Check everything is hunky dory. She shakes her head. Probably a good thing. I sleep. I always have. She looks at him as if he really should know this about her. People can use these things.

It was my idea. To Oxfam. Perfectly good stuff. That interests me. Watch your actions. What we think. Watch your words.. You are bound to be feeling. Watch your habits. And watch your character. My father always said that.

A cold plated lunch resting on a shelf. JUNE heads up the stairs. Just like the old days! Hallucinations my eye! DENIS picks up a piece of cucumber from her plate. Standards are slipping Margaret. Cold supper. The ball bounces down the wooden stairs. She absently smacks at his hand. Looking through the bannisters. Shaking her head. When the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride -. DENIS looms close. He shouts to scare the monster. She moves onto the radio.

She moves on. For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. Then the stereo. Her detractors blame her savage public spending cuts and sweeping privatization of JUNE moves like a dervish through the house. I will not go mad. Although rarely seen in public. I will not. I am not going mad.. Lady Thatcher. She opens them and suddenly freezes on seeing an image of herself.

Am I out of the doghouse yet? Then a pair of glasses. She turns in bed. Francis and talked about bringing faith. DENIS is gone-. The shelf of a bathroom cabinet. More gently.. Just the three of us. Shaving brush. She closes the book and pulls off her reading glasses. DENIS beside her reading the paper. Lloyd George and me. Sudden panic. Out Out Out! Maggie Maggie Maggie! And the biggest collapse in industrial production since The knives are out.

A strategy. Geoffrey and I are will be walking out of that door in 15 minutes.