"The Body Finder" (book #) 1-The Body Finder - Kimberly ruthenpress.info KB. 2-Desires of the Dead - Kimberly ruthenpress.info KB. SKIN CONTACT AN ORIGINAL BODY FINDER SHORT STORY Kimberly Derting All rights reserved. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places. Chapter 1: Epub Download The Body Finder Derting Kimberly. The Body Finder Derting. Kimberly Epub Download. What should I charge for my concepts?.

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The most popular ebook you should read is The Body Finder. I am promise you will like the The Body Finder. You can download it to your. The Body Finder Derting Kimberly is most popular ebook you must read. You can read any ebooks you wanted like The Body Finder Derting. 6 days ago Great ebook you want to read is The Body Finder. I am promise you will like the The Body Finder. You can download it to your laptop in light.

The first edition of this novel was published in March 16th , and was written by Kimberly Derting. The book was published in multiple languages including English language, consists of pages and is available in Hardcover format. The main characters of this young adult, fantasy story are Violet Ambrose, Jules. Book Details: File Name:. Writen By: Kimberly Derting. Uploaded By:

But just a little bit. We use cookies. For more information on our cookie policy follow this link. By closing this message or continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies on this browser. The Body Finder series has been praised as a "delectable blend of mystery and romance" The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books , a "fast-paced, compelling read" ALA Booklist , and as "imaginative, convincing, and successful suspense" Kirkus Reviews.

The body finder.

Skip navigation Sign in. This video is unavailable. The doll was one of those ugly little trolls with a scrunched-up face and a naked stocky body and shocking neon-pink hair. Only this one had been altered. Sophie had used a Sharpie to streak its pink hair, and to paint its fingers and toes her favorite color: She'd even given it a piercing, shoving a tiny silver stud through its wide, flat nose. She called it her lucky doll. Keep him," she'd said, pressing the doll into Rafe's hand and forcing him to close his fingers around it.

This way you won't forget me while I'm gone. He didn't want to think about letting her leave. I don't want to have to remember you with some fucked-up doll. She'd cried so many times since she'd told him she was leaving that he wondered how she could possibly be doing it again. He, on the other hand, hadn't shed a single tear, and he knew that made him some kind of prick or something, but he didn't care.

He was too pissed to cry. Stay with me; I'll keep you safe. If that bastard tries to come anywhere near you-" She shook her head, wisps of her dirty-blond hair tickling his chin. She can't get a job if she can't afford a babysitter, and she can't get a babysitter without a job. Just quit school so you can babysit your little brother? Connie's supposed to be the mom, Soph, not you. One he'd already lost, even before it had started.

And Sophie knew it. She bit the ring in her lower lip, the sparkle in her impish pale-gray eyes telling him she was no longer interested in fighting.

Sleep No More (Electronic book text, ePub ed)

She shoved him backward until he fell onto his twin bed-the one that was almost too cramped for the two of them. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he felt the familiar jolt, the charge of electricity he always felt whenever their skin touched. She pressed her chest-her breasts-against him. Sophie was great at distractions. I'll only stay until she can get settled somewhere, get a job, and get Jakey into day care or something.

Then I'll come back. He sighed, surrendering to everything she offered. But if he was going to let her go, he needed her to have a keepsake too.

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He tugged at the ring on his finger, a black stone surrounded by carved stainless steel that he'd picked up when they'd gone to get her lip pierced. He'd bought it because of its cool biker vibe, but it had never really meant anything to him.

Until now. Sophie's eyes filled with tears again. He loved that about her: He grinned. He reached behind him, his hand searching for the ugly-ass doll. When he found it, he held it up by the tips of its hair.

It was way too big and it spun in loose circles, even when she tried it on her thumb. That was less than two weeks ago. Rafe hated her for leaving that doll with him. If he'd never had it in the first place, he might not be here now. He jerked his hand out of his pocket as he tried to remember what number he was on. He didn't want to lose track of how many steps he had left,,,not now, not when he was so close.

A part of him wondered what would happen if he just turned around, if he stopped counting and went back to the interstate.

If he went home. Ignored the dream. He laughed under his breath, an ugly sound. Like I could do that, he thought bitterly. Especially not this time. Even with no light to show him the way, he knew he was close. And he knew it was time to make the call. Still walking, he reached for the cell phone again, but he hesitated before dialing. He wasn't sure he was ready to ask for help yet; he didn't know if he was ready to trust anyone with his secret.

But what if he was right?

What if it had been more than a simple dream? He stopped.

The Last Echo (The Body Finder #3) by Kimberly Derting

He could see the ghostly shadow of a tiny house now; it was quiet and dark. There were no lights on-inside or out. His skin tightened painfully as he stared at its inky cutout against the backdrop of trees. It was a carbon copy of the house from his dream.

He hit Enter on the phone and waited. He paused. And then: Where the hell are you?

Jen's freaking out. She's been calling me every half hour to see if I've heard anything. Still, there was no way he could have told her what he was planning. Or why. But now he felt backed into a corner. He needed help. And Sara was the only person he could think of who might believe him. What does that mean, you had a dream? Sometimes my dreams are real. First, you need to add the Author to the InDesign metadata. Click OK. Then click Export.

This will allow you to test the look and feel of your EPUB, as well as the navigation, to make sure it does all that you want it to do before you put it on your device. Unfortunately, you have to do this part in iTunes. Here you can add your cover image in the Artwork section use the Add button and you can add a better Title than the filename in the Info section.

Also, iTunes should have picked up the Author from the InDesign document.

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