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Marry the boy next door in this sweet contemporary romance by USA Today Best Selling Author, Jillian Dodd. I feel so sparkly, glittery, and full of promise, because I absolutely know he's that boy. If you love best friend romances, weddings, and new adult family life drama, you'll. Get Free Read & Download Files That Wedding Boy 2 Jillian Dodd PDF. THAT WEDDING BOY 2 JILLIAN DODD. Download: That Wedding Boy 2 Jillian Dodd. We offer guide qualified That Wedding Jillian Dodd Pdf created by .se Learning with cost-free reading online or cost-free downloading. You are.

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That Wedding Jillian Dodd Pdf by Learning is among the very best seller publications on the planet? Have you had it? Not at all? Silly of you. That Wedding book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Marry the boy next door in this sweet contemporary romance by USA Tod. It excels time! Time for reviewing That Wedding Jillian Dodd Pdf, as best seller publication in this wolrd. Do not have it? Too bad. Currently, you could download .

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I understand that she and Danny grew up together, and they've always been close. But the way they talk sometimes, it's a bit too much, in my opinion. I mean they send each other sexual text messages not just sometimes but like ALL the time. And it would be fine, but they have a history. If I were Phillip, I would probably be bothered by this - not because I'm jealous - but because a lot of times, it seems like crossing a boundary. And as Lori, even though I understand nothing ever happened with Danny and JJ and nothing ever will, it just seems a little weird that she's so comfortable discussing their past.

I mean, I would want to kind of know about my husband's past, but I don't really want to know in detail or discuss it, like all the time. The way Jillian wrote this book is like JJ's fantasy and not her reality - from the perfect relationship with Phillip to the way too comfortable relationship with Danny and Lori to the way she flirts with everyone and Phillip not be pissed about it. He's perfect - maybe a little TOO perfect - but how can you not love him. He puts up with a lot of crap - even more so in this book than the first book.

I think JJ can be disrespect at times, especially at the bar, and I don't know how he does it. He's sweet. He's loving. And he always knows what to say and what to do. It also doesn't hurt that he's so sexy so I can't blame JJ for always wanting to jump him. I really need to get myself a man like him. Despite the weirdness going around, I actually like all the other characters in the book.

I think they're all great in their own way, and I love that we get to walk down memory lane and how each of them have played a role in JJ's life. And despite my hesitation about liking this book, I can't help but like it , and I think that Jillian is a great writer. She has a way to make us laugh, even make us cry. Her lines are not at all cheesy, and even when they're supposed to be, they're oh-so-romantic.

I love each character's quirkiness, and they are well written, and they have great lines themselves. The dialogue is cute and clever. And even though I didn't like JJ as much or what happened as much, I thought the actual writing the wording, the phrasing, the telling of story development was awesome. And the end was just perfect. From the breakdown and the realization to the pastor's closing of the marriage counseling and the actual wedding. It was the perfect ending to a great story.

So i am sorry but i was really disappointed with this book. While i normally am a person who finishes a book in one sitting, especially a sequel i have been looking forward to, it took me literally weeks to finish this one, because there were times i was just too bored to keep on reading. The characters i really loved in "That Boy" were suddenly annoying and shallow in "That Wedding" and i feel like there wasnt really a storyline.

I still believe Jillian Dodd is an amazingly talented writer and i am kinda sad i wasnt able to like "That Wedding" as much as i liked"That Boy": That Wedding by Jillian Dodd 5 stars!!

It may be a few short months, but this book is packed, I absolutely loved it, I have laughed so much reading this book. Having not long got married myself I could really associate wit That Wedding by Jillian Dodd 5 stars!! Having not long got married myself I could really associate with Jadyn during this book, I knew her pain, I felt her pain and I lived it with her. As with any Jillian Dodd book, there are highs and lows, there is some angst, some misunderstandings, but we all know wedding planning is strenuous, at least I thought so!!

I absolutely howled with laughter, in fact I laughed so much, my husband woke up and thought I was being attacked! Jillian, that was pure genius!! Phillip just gets better and better in this book, before he was always seen as the quiet and reserved one just biding his time until he could unleash, well in this book, he unleashed.

We got the smoking hot Phillip and he really changed in my eyes. I loved him even more. I will say that there is no gratuitous sex scenes in this book, it is clean, you have to use your imagination, but the implication is there!

Phillip was so understanding with Jadyn, he knew what to do and when to do it and what to say and when, he was her true soul mate, he grounded her and he was absolutely PERFECT! Even feet means they are perfect for each other! Mine are always hot. Yours are always cold. You cool mine down. I warm yours up.

Together they make the perfect temperature. The couples counselling was hilarious, thank god I never had to go through that! I love that these two still have that connection. The wedding dress shopping had me laughing, the gifts were so well thought out, the venue sigh!

Simplemente me encanta. Ahora que al fin JJ y Phillip se han comprometido, comienza la verdadera odisea. Phillip es simplemente, hermoso. Tan paciente. Although this one wasn't quite the emotional ride of the first one, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Where That Boy spanned 22 years, the whole life of Jayden James Reynolds and her two best friends, Phillip and Danny, That Wedding is basically just four months, the planning of the wedding. This was definitely not clean, sexually, like book 1.

Phillip and Jade were doing it non-stop very creatively, but it was all implied not described. Phillip is the BOMB, enough said. Jade conflicted me. She was wild, but so honest about her faults. He had always been apart of her life so this stuff went on while he waited for her to be ready for him, not that he was a saint.

Jade was childish and hurtful, but I guess she was only 22 years old, I think Phillip needed to teach her a few lessons. She definitely needed the marriage counseling! I am not only talking about the writing, but it is the ideas that are just perfect.

The venues, the vows, the gift baskets, finding THE dress, the bride and groom gifts to each other I mean I am gushing on how personal all these events were made to the characters. When she saw the pros she said you like all the bad things about me. How perfect were they for each other that Phillip saw all of her faults as pros.

Call me crazy, I felt some foreshadowing for book 3, but I think the antibiotic Jade took might have a big effect. So there were things I liked about his book, and things I didn't like. I definitely liked That Boy way more than this book and I kinda of wish I hadn't read this book because it effects the way I feel about certain characters. So here's what I liked: He's amazing, probably the sweetest fictional male character ever.

He is so devoted to Jayden and always has been. He's definitely her knight in shining armor. However, I kind of thought he was a little too laid back at times when Jayden So there were things I liked about his book, and things I didn't like. However, I kind of thought he was a little too laid back at times when Jayden did some questionable things. I know if I did half the stuff she did, my husband would be furious lol.

God he's just hilarious and usually I don't like cocky guys, but I love him. I liked seeing the characters I loved from That Boy grow up and live their adult lives. I liked seeing Phillip and Jayden's relationship grow and somewhat mature, but only a little. Things I didn't like: Who is this girl?? She seemed so spoiled and selfish I just wanted to slap her in the face. It really bothered me how she was so flirty with guys, like she didn't respect Phillip at all. I didn't realize how slutty Jayden really was!

I had thought after reading the first book that she lost her virginity to Phillip and had only ever been with him. While I was reading this book, I realized that was wrong and she had actually been with several guys before Phillip, which made me sad. I thought this wasn't explained well in the first book, so I was left really confused and frustrated in the second book when all of her sexual escapades came to light.

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I felt like this book was much longer than it needed to be and it was really repetitive. Jayden talks about wedding plans, then her and phillip have sex, and repeat. There wasn't much depth to this book until the end when she finally comes to her senses and matures a little bit. I kinda wish there had been an epilogue in the last book that explained the wedding and how it all went down.

I don't think there needed to be a whole book about it. So, all in all, I rate this a 3. The fact there is a third book coming out is getting me so excited! I love how thoughtful Jayden becomes when planning her wedding and wants her parents to be there in spiri Read more reviews on my blog Like me on Facebook That Wedding by Jillian Dodd is another out of the ball park book!

I love how thoughtful Jayden becomes when planning her wedding and wants her parents to be there in spirit. I am glad Danny was still in the book as an important character.

Jillian Dodd

There were scenes when Jayden was really annoying me. I understand she had a lot to deal with in That Boy, losing her parents so young and I understand how hard it is to grow up and get married without them there for you, but she was really ruining the best thing in her life with Phillip acting scared and running away from him and their future.

That was seriously the most hilarious thing I have read before. It was genius! I wanted to be in their group so much, they are always laughing with inside jokes.

They were just a great group to read about with a cute story. That Wedding is a real winner. It had everything in a book I love. I give That Wedding 5 Stars. You want to be happy? READ this book! Recommended to Michelle by: I'm so smart! How lucky to marry your best friend. I'm not talking about someone you've dated for a while and now consider your best friend and you get married.

I'm talking about someone you've grown up with, shared all the teen angst with, gone to college and shared all the college craziness with, someone you trust more than you trust yourself. How lucky is that? This book is all about this kind of love. I just finished this book and I have such a tight happy feeling in my throat. You know the kind. This author captured a bit of the guy friendship most women envy.

I strongly related to this book so maybe this is why it was such a huge hit for me. Jadyn loved Phillip and wanted to marry him, but worried about the "what if it doesn't work? She struggled with learning to trust herself and this relationship and the truth she knew in her heart - Phillip would never let her down.

She won't let him. Nothing changed for them other than their love growing so much stronger. Quite a bit of wedding fluff in this book. I enjoyed it, but may not be for everyone. This is a book you have to look beneath the humor and the surface to glean the real story. Point of it all: You must believe in love and you must believe you deserve to be just that happy! This is one of those books I will read when I want to feel good about life and love. A real "go to" book when things get tough and you feel let down.

I anxiously wait for more by this author. Word to the wise:: Whole lot of sex, drinking and sex [implied, not graphic]. Happy Reading! Another note: Just that good! Just the epitome of cuteness! I wish the book had some epilogue. I hope that there is a That Boy 3: D The book was cute, the humor was amazing, the witty one lines were epic. I loved everything about the book except for that they was very little of Danny: How 'bout I get off early, you come back to my place, and I'll make you say Oh God over and over again.

It's over! I'm so sad that I've finished book. Truly, if I had it my way, there would be endless amounts of Jadyn, Phillip, and Danny. This series was perfect and I don't often say that about any book.

It was a breath of fresh air to read a series that didn't center itself on drama, but indulged in things like love, friendship, and happiness.

I wanted to re-live my love for this series, so I made them a playlist. I loved it so so so much! It had me laughing, crying and everything in between. I cannot describe this awesomeness. I cannot praise Jillian Dodd enough.

Waiting on Wednesday #12 — That Baby by Jillian Dodd

This was such a good book. I loved every singly bit of That Wedding. It made me feel happy inside.

Finally, JJ and Phillip are together! Now, they must work together to plan a kick-ass wedding. Which they totally do! But, it is not without hardship. But, oh my God, this was a perfect book and they are perfect for each other!!!!!!

So, yeah, I really loved this book, a lot! There was a lot of sex in this book, but Jillian Dodd was very shy on details. The wedding was so perfect. Everything was so amazing and the descriptions were perfect. I even started crying a little bit!

I was devastated when the book ended! This series is so great.

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I keep seeing things about a third book, That Baby … Really??? Before I start I have to say that I think That Boy was absolutely perfect and is a great stand alone book: I knew before I even started That Wedding it would not be as good as the first book, because what happens after two people have already become a couple and engaged!? And I was right! JJ constantly mopes, cries, gets depressed, etc. And it usually plays out like this: A worthy sequel to That Boy.

I'm so happy right now I feel like I could spontaneously burst into song and twirl around in a circle with my arms stretched out wide. Like she did in the beginning, when she was on top of that mountain. I wanna do that right now. Be on top of that mountain and run around and just sing about this book. How happy it made me. How happy I am to have found this series and this amazing author. And how in love I am with Phillip.

He's truly one of a kind and the most understanding and sweetest guy ever. Seriously, he's amazing. I love him and JJ. And Danny! I love their friendship and the fact that they've all stayed such close friends throughout the years. And Lori is so sweet! Jillian's writing is very comfortable, it just flows with a steady pace. I'm never once bored when I'm reading her books, in fact, I loose track of time when I'm reading. And the dialogue between the characters is great.

It feels natural and nice, very smooth. And hilarious! Go JJ! And GO Jillian! Possibly my new favorite chic lit book. I was done with chic lit for the time being because I started getting into the paranormal romance and urban fantasy type books. But Jillian has brought me back into the contemporary romance once again. I need more books just like this.

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I was laughing, crying, and falling in love along with JJ. Such a beautiful written book and I was definitely emotionally attached to the story from the first book, That Boy. JJ is so amazing along with Phillip. Everyone cou Possibly my new favorite chic lit book.

Everyone could see the two loved each other from the beginning. They were just so blind and stubborn to see it. I read these types of books to fall in love. And fall in love I did. Over and over again. Thank you Jillian! Moving on to That Baby. Jillian Dodd has a knack for writing superb swoonworthy boys.

Both Phillip and Danny are back in this sequel and are just as good, if not better, than they were in the original. That Wedding picks ups right where That Boy left off. JJ and her prince have recently gotten engaged and it seems that everyone around them wants the wedding planned now.

Our eyes meet. All the worrying I did. All the should-I-marry-hims. All the will-we-work-outs. All the tears. They all come down to this very moment. Damn, this chick has secrets for days. ALL focused on guys from her past. This book had me laughing out loud and yeah there were tears.

Happy tears!!! I think Jillian Dodd did an excellent job!

See if you have enough points for this item. There's Danny. Danny is a golden boy in every way. The boy I get into trouble with, the boy I fight with, the hot quarterback no girl can resist. Being with Danny is like being on an adventure. He has a bright, contagious smile and abs to die for.

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