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9. Recording of Opening Balances. 12 – Making Accounting Entries. 16 – 11 Tally ERP Icon. Please double Click on Tally ERP9 Icon or select. Download free courses materials, tutorials training on tally erp 9 tutorial in PDF files. The following are the most common source documents. □ . ruthenpress.info 9 is easy to download, quick to install, and easy to learn and use. ruthenpress.info 9.

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Tally Erp 9 Tutorial Pdf File

Everyone well to comprehend that ruthenpress.info 9 is the world's speediest and most uncommon synchronous Multi-lingual business, Accounting and Inventory. Everyone well to realize that ruthenpress.info9 is the world's speediest and most extreme synchronous Multi-lingual business Accounting and Inventory Management. What This Manual Does Not Contain. Conventions Used in This Manual Who Has the Tally Feature? What is a Tally Item? Questions You May Have Page 9 .

What is the due date to file GSTR-9? GSTR-9 is to be filed on or before the 31st of December of the subsequent financial year. However, the Government has the power to extend this due date to such other date it considers necessary. Important: GSTR-9 once filed cannot be revised. What is the penalty for the late filing of GSTR-9? Thus, the total liability is Rs per day of default. This is subject to a maximum of 2. However, there is no late fee on IGST yet. What are the details required to be filled in the GSTR-9?

ERP 9 users have the freedom to allocate meaningful names in plain English to their data items in the system. ERP 9 Complete business solution: Tally. ERP 9 provides a comprehensive solution to the accounting and inventory needs of a business.

The package comprises financial account- ing, book-keeping and inventory accounting. It also has various tools to extract, interpret and present data. ERP 9, the user is able to choose between accounting and accounting with inventory. If accounting with inventory is opted for, the user can choose whether it should be integrated or not.

Flexible and easy to use: Tally. ERP 9 is very flexible. It mimics the human thought proc- ess, which means that Tally.

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ERP 9 can adapt to any business need. ERP 9 users need not change the way their business is run to adapt to the package. Speed : Tally. ERP 9 provides the capability to generate instant and accurate reports, which assists the management to take timely and correct decisions for the overall productivity and growth of the company.

Power : Tally. It also allows drill downfacility from report level to transaction level. Flexibility : Tally. Concurrent multi-lingual capability : Tally. ERP 9 offers you the exclusive capability of maintaining your accounts in any Indian language, viewing them in another language and printing them in yet another Indian language. It also faciliaties real-time multi-user environment. Versatility: Tally. ERP 9 is suitable for a range of organisations, from small grocery stores to large corporations with international locations and operations.

Multi-platform availability: Tally. It runs on a single PC or on a network. On a network, it supports access via any com- bination of platforms. Online Help : The Tally. ERP 9. Remote Access : Tally. ERP 9 provides remote capabilities to access the data from any- where and anytime.

Control Centre : works as an interface between the user and Tally. Support Centre : allows a user to directly post his support queries on the functional and technical aspects of the Product. ERP 9, which pro- vides auditing and compliance capabilities exclusively for Chartered Accountants. ERP 9 has a simple, menu-driven installation proce- dure.

The user can install the program files on any drive if the hard disk has partitions. The user can also specify the name and directory location of the program files. ERP 9 uses minimum hard disk space in the local drive. Its installation on the local disk takes just a few seconds. Unlimited multi-user support: A multi-user version of Tally.

It helps the user to take a backup of one or more companies or all companies, in a single directory, in the local hard disk, or in any external media. Data reliability: Tally. ERP 9 offers reliable data. It uses a flexi-field, flexi-length, self- indexed, weighted file structure for an extremely compact and fast database. ERP 9 is robust and even if there is a power failure or the computer is incorrectly shut down, data is not lost. ERP 9 uses signalling quality data integrity checks, at regular levels, to ensure the complete reliability of data.

User-defined security levels: Tally. ERP 9 offers high levels of security. Users can define multiple levels of security according to their requirements. Every authorised user in the company can have an individual password, with rights to use specific features only. The user with the administrator level password will have full access and can set controls for other users. Data security: Tally. ERP 9 also uses a binary encoding format of storage to prevent devious grouping of information.

Tally audit: The Tally. ERP 9 audit feature provides the user with administrator rights and the capability to check the entries made by the authorised users and alter these entries, if necessary. Once the entries are audited, Tally. ERP 9 displays the altered entries, if any, 14 Fundamentals of Tally. ERP 9 along with the name of the user, who has altered the entry, and the date and time of the alteration.

TallyVault: Tally. ERP 9 offers a data encryption option called TallyVault. Without the valid TallyVault password, the data cannot be accessed.

Removal of data into a separate company: Tally. ERP 9 allows users to maintain a com- pany for any number of financial years. Once the books of accounts have been completed for the earlier financial years, the user can split the company data into multiple companies as per financial periods required.

ERP 9 also has a feature to split company data. The user can specify the date from which the company has to be split and Tally.

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ERP 9 will split the company to form two companies as per periods specified. Once the data has been split, the closing balance of the first period first company becomes the opening balance for the next period second company. Multi-directory for company management: The user can create multiple directories to store data. The data stored in these directories can be accessed directly in Tally.

ERP 9, by specifying the path. ERP 9 data structure. Data can also be imported to Tally. The data which is to be exported from Tally. ERP 9 data between two or more locations. This process enables a branch office to send its data to the head office, over the Internet or a private network. Graphical analysis of data: Tally. ERP 9 provides graphical analysis of data which helps the user to perform deeper analysis. The user can generate graphical analysis reports such as Sales register, download register, Ledgers, Funds flow, Cash flow, Stock Item registers and so on.

This helps the management to quickly judge performance and be better pre- pared for difficult times. ERP 9, directly.

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Data connectivity is dynamic, which means that any update in Tally. The user can also extract data from Tally. Important: The information declared in the annual returns has multiple implications. Any incorrect information can attract notices, tax demands, interest and penalties and much more. Please check the details filled in before filing as GST Annual return once filed, cannot be revised.

Option to import the yearly Sales and downloads and compare with returns filed at a section level. A simple point checklist to identify potential errors in the GSTR-9 form with suggestions for the tables that need to be updated for correcting the errors.

In-built audit trail at an invoice level for each entry in the outward and inward supplies tables Directly import the data into ClearTax with the superfast Tally plugin. Auto-compute outward HSN summary from sales books data to fill Table smoothly. Invoice-level reconciliation of GSTR-1 with books of accounts.

Excel-like software screen for working online and with GSTR-9 form. However, these will affect the tax liability at the end of the year.

Examples for this situation are — Supply without consideration, goods sent on approval basis, deemed supplies where taxpayers have sent inputs or capital goods to the job workers and have not received them by one or three years respectively, etc. The Ministry of Finance has clarified that the auto-population of data is a service provided to the taxpayers for easy filing. However, the taxpayers have to report the data as per their books of accounts or GST returns filed during the financial year.

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