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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. NYT and USA Today Best Selling Author Melody Anne has written the popular series, Billionaire Bachelors, Surrender. pdf submit surrender 2 by melody anne - ksocmkokn - get it now submit submit surrender 2 melody pdf criminal procedure(the bar lectures. Submit (Surrender, #2) by Melody Anne () Pdf Book ePub Hunter by Melody Anne. Posted by Mason Epub on November 7, Fiction; Contemporary.

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Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. The Surrender Series Series by cover. Series description. Sandra Harlow. Lia Palazzo. Rachel Palazzo. Arianna Harlow. We also get to see a softer side to Rafe. For once he decides to let go and just feel while with Ari. Of course as Rafe starts to develop feelings for Ari he acts like an ass and pushes her away while telling himself it's for the best, that he's not looking for love.

I love Ari's strength at the end. She knows he's pushing her away, but she lays all of her cards out on the table.

She can hold her head high no matter the outcome. Rafe, man! You've screwed up! You've got A LOT of groveling to do in the next book. I hope Ari doesn't make it easy on you. I'll be watching! Off to read the next book Seduced View all 17 comments. No just no! I have too much ranting to express in a written review.

Series: The Surrender Series

I lost nuff respect for her when she accepted his lunatic offer, then further still when she had a chance to leave him 4weeks in but stayed anyways. She got used to being pampered and Come on would it have been so hard to explain to her mom that things didn't work out as planned, and part of taking care of her and paying hospital expenses involved the auctioning of some items. Her mom would have understood, better to r No just no!

Her mom would have understood, better to rebuild with integrity than to sell yourself short. If Rafe's threat had been more ominous like: I will ruin you. No grants, no scholarships, no employment. Everywhere you turn, wherever you go the answer will always be no. I'm a very influential man, who happens to have a lot of money But the choice is yours, you can always chose to walk away But nooo it's the people in a house that makes it special, a house can burn down and be rebuilt, but if the fam burns with it, then what's the sense in having one.

So come on man Why would you talk to the friends that not once but twice have mislead you, first almost getting you rapped, and now conspiring to set you up with a 'Hot Guy' so you can get laid? Why trust strangers no matter how nice they seem to go on a yatch? Why if your soo terrified of drinking do you continue to be a soliate? The first time you partied your mom almost died, the second you were nearly rapped and ended up having sex anyways, the thrid If someone is suffering through a trauma especially one associated with guilt are you that quick to get back in the scene that has already cost you so much?

I could care less about Shane and Lia, and I honestly think this is my last attempt with this series All I can say was this was too disappointing, formulaic and too unbelieveable. View 1 comment. At the end of book one, Ari walks out on Rafe — the ending left me salivating for the next book.

Well book two is certainly no disappointment!!! Their emotional relationship continues. Air has some huge decisions to contemplate. Will she give in to this powerful, handsome, dominating man and become his controlled mistress or will she fight for her own individuality to respect herself and follow the morals which were instilled in her by her loving mother? We will also meet Shane Grayson and Lia Palazzo, another dynamic couple whose story will add to this amazing series.

Watch as these two strong confident women struggle for their independence while falling in love with these powerful dominating men! I cannot wait for book three in this series, again Melody Anne has left me salivating for the next installation in this amazing series!! I suggest you read these books in order to understand the complete story. Submit by Melody Anne Rafe and Ari continued Oh for God sakes sister What are you doing to me??

This was just as first-rate, if not better than Surrender. Unquestionably not a light hearted read, but not necessarily a uber dark read either. It's so hard to put it into words Hmmmm, let's see I was literally holding my chest through most of this one! I even shed some damn tears over this one Oh and the sex I'm moist just thinking about it!!

Hot, Angry sex!!! Rafe was a little less cynical in this installment, but was every bit the asshole he's so good at being. I mean whaddanasshole!!! I was taken aback at the thought of him at the very least just having thoughts that included more than just sex, control, and domination! It made him seem more human to me. I was in love with him before now, but this just solidified it for me!

I loved when Rafe talking to his Father and the advise he was given, well, it just melted my heart I wanted her to speak up so many times, but Great supporting characters as usually. Shane is one of my new much loved "book boyfriends. Now those wild and wacky sisters Lia was, well for lack of a better word Nearly getting date raped and then to go right out again and party like it never happened Rachel, well, I can see she's going to be tough to tame also!

Can't wait to see how they fare in the next one either!

The kindle version of this book is pages long and I know that may appear like a long book, it really wasn't. It was fast paced and moved right along.

I never once felt like skimming or putting it down, ONCE! It was almost graceful to read and never did feel like the writing was clunky or choppy. It flowed, well, except for that ending You know you don't have to give us cliffhangers to make us come back I'm coming back no matter what, because your writing is that freakin' excellent!!

I'm going to sit back and read, read, read until September when Seduced comes out! I think you'd better start a new Facebook page for this one I'll be on it like white on rice sista!! He is struggling with himself. He realizes that he is falling for Ari, but doesn't want to continue the relationship fear that his heart will break again.

It's too late for Ari tho, she has already realize that she has fallen. As soon as he released Ari from their agreement, he realize his regret. In the epilogue, it was sweet to see that he kept update with her life even after 6 months. Adore this series. Can't wait for the next book. I'm glad Ari walked away from him. He has to do a lot of groveling to win her back. One more quote.

His dad said it best. I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy it. I like the story with ari and rafe but there wasn't enough in the book. Compared to all the drama in book one this one had hardly anything. Too much with Shane and lia for me. They should have a separate book as it took the story away from main two. Didn't like ending either, 6 months was too long and too much could have happened. I can't wait for the 3rd book but hope its more based on them and doesn't keep jumping too far in the future.

You have to read this book in order to understand this series since the stories continue throughout the book. So, yes, there are cliffhangers. Not a bad second book, but still it is a bit annoying that the book has a cliffhanger.

Wow this book was even better then the first the Depth of emotions and the hints into the characters vulnerability made me feel for them.

Surrender Series

I loved seeing Rafe start to find himself again and Ari being brave enough to let her true feelings be out in the open has given me a new respect for her character. The addition of Shane and Lias relationship is a huge bonus and I'm routing for both couples to find their happily every after. The story has a great flow and Melody Anne's descriptions of places a Wow this book was even better then the first the Depth of emotions and the hints into the characters vulnerability made me feel for them.

The story has a great flow and Melody Anne's descriptions of places and emotions is so real that you can't help but feel involved in the journey these characters take. I also love how she manages to write this story while never taking it further from her comfort zone in the romance genre, she manages to write sex scenes that anyone would be comfortable reading and yet are still very hot. I'm looking forward to book three and hope it gives answers to the many questions invading my mind.

I usually don't mind secondary characters and their stories. For me, I think it would have worked better as a short story, Submit 2. What the hell Rafe?! The reason for his distaste and disregard for women was becoming ridiculous. What happened to him was terrible, but to hold on to that hate even when he started having true feelings for Ari was just pathetic. I was so proud of Ari in this book.

It was fun reading the parts with her and Rafe's sisters. She actually got to act her age. View 2 comments. Ari and Rafe are at it again in this second installment by the talented Melody Anne.

From steamy love scenes to heart-wrenching confrontations, these star-crossed lovers will take you on a journey you won't soon forget. I laughed and I cried as I followed along and at times I even wanted to scream!

Can Rafe finally let go of past heartaches and open his heart again? Will Ari accept his proposition or will she walk away for good? In this book we get to know Rafe's sisters more along with best fri Ari and Rafe are at it again in this second installment by the talented Melody Anne.

In this book we get to know Rafe's sisters more along with best friend Shane.

The chemistry between these characters will pull you in and make you wish you could be one of them. My only complaint is that I have to wait till September for the next book! Oh my goodness, seriously?! Sooo frustrating! And even more so that I have to wait for the 3rd book! I'm not sure if I liked Shane and Lia's added story, I'm way to intrigued about Ari and Rage's "relationship" to read about another.

I'm really hoping I get my happily ever after soon! Oct 10, Daphne rated it it was amazing. This is such a great story. Everything about this book from the plot to the amazing characters is worth reading! Sizzling bedtime stories Wink wink. Nov 16, Megan rated it it was ok Shelves: Wasn't impressed by this.

The Surrender Series | Awards | LibraryThing

Found it boring and completely not for me. Giving it 2 stars as I think I may have been the problem not necessarily the book. Loved it! The relationship changes and grows between Ari and Rafe. It is exciting and tense at the same time. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. Sans moi merci! Loved this book!!! It starts back off where book 1 stopped and allows us to grow closer to each character. Rafe and Ari each come to an agreement but neither expected to fall for the other. The grow to care for one another and expect to have the other's presence around.