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Скачать / Download: Speakout. Elementary. Student's Book. Workbook. Teacher's Book. Eales F., Oakes S. (, 2nd.) (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3). Speakout is the English language course that includes video content from the BBC to engage students and make teaching easier. These audio tracks accompany the Workbook. Starter, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels Student Book & Workbook reading texts audio. Speakout Elementary 2nd Edition Students' Book and DVD-ROM Pack by Frances Eales, , available at Book Depository with free delivery .

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Speakout Elementary Students Book

Speakout Elementary Students book and DVD/Active Book Multi Rom pack by Frances Eales, , available at Book Depository with free delivery . SPEAKOUT 2ND EDITION - ELEMENTARY (Full set). STUDENT'S BOOK AND AUDIOS: ruthenpress.info /Student%27s_Book_and_Audio_-_Sp. ruthenpress.info - Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online.

What's New. Online Resources. Author s: Frances Eales and Steve Oakes Status: Available Now Language: British English Edition: With its wide range of support material, it meets the diverse needs of learners in a variety of teaching situations and helps to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. Authentic DVD material from the BBC provides a springboard for meaningful speaking and writing tasks ActiveBook provides integrated audio and video in a complete digital version of the Students' Book Video Podcasts provide examples of English as it is really spoken and are also available to download from the Speakout website.

I usually say no, but sometimes I give him ten or twenty euros. The problem is he never pays me back. I don't want to ask him but I feel bad about the whole thing. Helpl Uon , Ontario B: That isn 't very early! That's late! W ell, my husband gets up at 4a. I get up at 7a. T hat's early.

Conversation 2 Beth w r ites: Tal k to him abo ut it. Tell him how you feel. You say he's your frie nd and real friend s listen to each other. But remember, mo ney and frie s don't mix. Good luck! I do ' think he's a real friend. It's e 'e ds ip - tell him to give you A: I know.

How about this one? How much is it? Hey, look at this one. It's in the sale. T hat isn' t expensive. You're right.

That 's a good price. Can ersation 3 - - How long does it take you? It usually takes about 45 minutes. C ri s church: Th at 's good. It usually take me about 55 minutes. Leve lte writes: Maybe it's a good idea to meet her just once at the weekend, You say you like her, well , give her a chance.

Miki writes: T hat's a pro blem. Tell Joanne the truth - you're a friendly person but you aren 't her fri end! Cynthia writes: T hat's really difficult. Change your t elephone number She needs to underst and that you don 't w ant to be friends. But in a race it takes 38 minutes! Conversation 4 A: W hat ti me does the film start? A t Rialto Cinema it starts at I I p.

O h, that's late! But at Westwood Cinema it starts at 10p. That's for a run. I always get up early to go B: W ell the early show at W estwood starts at 7p. It's 7p. B Underline two names from the forum for each sentence. They're friends. You never talk in class. Joanne Patsy 2 They aren't friends. Tell the truth. Beth Steve Steve B: You're a quiet person. T hat 's right. I'm not talkative. But your English isn't bad. Karl B: No, that's true. In fact you never talk. Jon 3 They say: Beth Conversation 5 Levente B: Not great, but not bad.

Cynthia B: B Look at the underlined letters. Is the pronunciation the same 5 or different D? My mother's [ather grandfather. Conversation I mother , Julia. Chris, this is my Chris: Nice to meet you, Mrs Garnet.

I George and his 2 Complete the sentences with fam ily words. And this is my Ellie. And these are my S My children's is my Nick: Conversation 2 Chris: Are these your children, Mariska? Oh, let me introduce you. And this is James, my Chris: Hello, everyone. Yes, I know. I'm a friend of Jane's. Conversation 3 Chris: Ellie, what's that little girl 's name? I forget. That's my Chris: And her 12 Ellie: We're a big family.

A lot of names to remember! II , Anya. I a new laptop My sister an MP3 player My brother an old computer families and draw lines to the correct information. There is one extra piece of information. I hasn't got a job. My parents a black car My family a four-room flat I I've got 3. S has got a good job. Use the e able. Are the sentences true T or false F?

I Tom is Meg's brother. S your flat four rooms? S Jenny is David's mother. S Jenny's got three sons. I haven't got a pen. Afe tOU oRe? Have you got one? No, I'm not, but I've got a pencil. Has it got black? No, it 's got red. Has it got a rubber? Yes, it is. Can I borrow it? Conversation 2 A Have you got your camera with you? But my mobile phone's got a camera.

It's very small and the pictures haven't got very good. B Match meanings a -d with in Exercise SA. Can you take a photo of me? C Write about a friend's family. Write words. OK, smile! You're a nice smi le. Include information about their jobs and personalities. W e've got a new baby! A lit e g,rl' B: What's her na e? I always go swimming before I go 0 0 B: That's gr. It 's very good or 3 A: My sister isn't here. She isn't very well. That's a sh. I hope she's 0 soon. We never go on holiday.

We haven 't got an mo e. That's aw. Why is it closed? This is my cousin, Monika. She's a chef. That's in. I love cooking! I've got a new girlfriend.

Speak Out Elementary SB

She's beautiful and intelligent. Where's she from? Hi, Stefan ie. Do you free tomorrow? Are you free tomorrow? Yes, I am. What you want to do? How about going a club? That a problem. I don 't like loud music. You like films? Yes, I like. How about see the new James Bond film] 7 B: What time do you want go? Seven good for me. That's te go to the cinema! Everyone need s a holida. Oh, no, the airport's closed and I've got a nigh.

OK, see us th ere! He and the other hostel workers 3 be volunteers they 4 not get money for their work. Every day Roy 5 get up at six and 6 have breakfast in the hostel. He 7 not coo he meals. Cynthia 8 be the chef and she 9 do a e sopping and cooking. Every morning, Roy 10 clean the rooms ad " help on the organic farm at the hostel, growing food for the g es s. A fter dinner, he and the hostel guests often 14 chat together. I 16 not want the summer to end.

B In each group find: C Answer the questions. C Match stress patterns a -d with 4 groups in Exercise lA. Circle the correct picture of the lost item. S I'm quite pidsut , but I write in many languages. What's the answer to question 8? I My name 's Amari. S My mother's sister 6 Jen Jen. I a boy or a girl? I really, really ha Recepti oni st: You ma.. Are a listens to b listen to 16 A: No, I think they're Franco 's.

Are you from Canada? Hi, Susan. Nice to meet you. What's the time? Where are Kris and Marta? He never smiles. Can you help us? She's my a are you 28 I 29 c sister b do you c you are go to the cinema - maybe once a year. Do you like films? Is Carlos married? I do nothing. What's that? He's four today. How often do you go to a concert? What do you do in the evenings?

I go to the cinema c They're b quiet 23 A: Is this your pen? Are you OK? Is our na e C ung? S There are two of us. Where's Antonia? B Write the words in the correct group. Places in a house Furniture living room B: I want to take a photo of everyone.

Where's your flat? Is there a cafe near here? Have you got oday's newspaper? That's my brothe r, Stefano. Where's the cat?

Eduardo, my name's Ken. I'm interested in the flat. Can I ask you some questions? We use it as a living room. And 4 a television? So at the moment how many people 6 in the flat? Karol's Polish and I'm from Argentina. It sounds great!

Underline the alternatives in sentences In a small home it's important to choose the right furniture. With the wrong furniture, your room can look crowded but with the right furniture it can loc spacious' and large. In a small room They put lots of furnitu f in the room - they often have two or three small armchairs and tables, or a table and a desk - and they put lots of small pictures on the walls.

A small room looks good with one or two big pieces of furniture, for examl a sofa or a table - for relaxing, eating and working. Have one or two pictur no more, and put up a mirror. A mirror in the right place gives more light ar makes the room look big. Windows are very important because they make i room look light and spaciou s. Use curtains but don't close them in the day. C Read Top tips for small rooms and check your Put wallpaper on one wall and paint the other walls a light colour, for examl answers.

I There are 2 3 a big sofa next to the window. SA S a big mirror above the sofa. C Listen again and underline the correct alternative. Complete the crossword with shops and places. Complete the conversations with the correct form of can and the subject] n brackets.

I Can I I change a hundred euros into rupiahs, please? For Indonesia. Yes, 2 at the moment. Friday morning? Friday's difficult - 5 How about Saturday? Yes, no problem. Welcome to Plainfield Sports Centre.

Across 3 You need some aspirin. You want to watch a film. Down B: My son wants extra swimming lessons. Have you got classes for beginners? We've got a class on Mondays. His favourite B: Oh , 10 TV programme is on Mondays. You want to watch a play.

I see. You need some food for the weekend. No, 12 other You want to see the mayor. II he come on Thursday? He always watches his A: That's right! B Underline the correct alternative. C Read sentences and check your answers. Italian, French, German and B Romansch. You visit it in Florence. Canj help me? Have you got these jeans black? I think so. Oh, they aren't big. Have you got in size 16? Ah, yes. Great, I take them. How much are? I help you? Yes, we need a Scotland football sh irt for Quncan.

Try this one. No, it's big. Have you it in small? Here you are. That's great. How much is? That's too. No, thank you. Sorry, Duncan. Can I help you? Go to shop I to download tra!!..! Do you want an Italian-English dic shop 9.

Are the underlined sounds the same 5 or different D? I milk chicken 2 meat bread 3 cuc! B Make the sentences above true for you. Make the nouns plural where necessary.

B Write the numbered letters from Exercise 1A to find the message. Pasta salad hasn't got any meat in it, but it 's got vegetables. Do you have a busy lifestyle? When you come home from work, are you too tired to cook in the evenings? Here are three easy-to-make dishes from TV chef James Conway. Mi x together three eggs, some tomato sauce, a small onion , and some salt and pepper. Put some oil in a frying pan and when it's hot, add the egg mixture. Stir it around and 'There you go! Are there Co la chicken?

Is there salt and pe pper in the Pasta salad? Mix together some cooked pasta - I like three-colour pasta - and two types of cooked vegetables e.

Add some oil and chilli sauce, stir it around You need a chicken, some cola, an onion and a green pepper. Cut up the chicken, the onion, and the green pepper and put them together in a pan.

Add some cola, some herbs and spices, and cover it with aluminium foil. Bake it at degrees for one hour. There's some fruit. Read the recipes again and add the missing ingredients to the lists.

Complete their conversation with eight of the words in the box. Make them plural if necessary. OK, Vic. Is everything here? Yes, I think so. Three I of baked beans? One 3 Vic: Five Vic: Bu Vic: A I ey"re sugar-free sweets. Make the nouns in column A plural if necessary. A 5 Vic: B cans Vic: Five 2 6 , is there in a hamburger?

Oh, no!! I How many children are there in the average American family? England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland h five i about 3. Read the blog and number the topics below in the correct order. The writer doesn't give inf orm ation about two topics. I you can eat a lot of junk food. We have four meals a day: My son doesn't eat breakfast at home because he doesn't want to get up early. I make breakfast for him and he takes it to school. My husband and I eat breakfast at home.

We like eating rolls with butter or cheese and ham or different kinds of salami. We don't usually have cereal with milk. I How many hot dogs can you eat in a w eek? C Listen again and answer questions Use the quantifiers in the box. I haven't got a There's a lot of pasta in the jar. We sometimes eat an afternoon snack maybe some bread and fruit. My son likes having crisps for a snack but they aren't good for him. We have dinner between 6p.

We eat something light or we have leftovers from lunch. We eat together and talk about our day. I like hearing my son talk about school. Our dinner is very relaxed. T here are some tomatoes in the fridge. There are no We have lunch when my son comes back from school - between 1p. Lunch is the main meal of the day for us. I cook all day and we always eat hot food. We often have vegetable soup, and then we have the main dish - for example, pasta, cheese or meat with potatoes, rice or noodles.

Speakout Elementary Workbook with Key - PDF Free Download

We like food from other countries too, especially Italian food. We often eat pizza or spaghetti with bolognese sauce. We sometimes go to an Italian restaurant and I learn new dishes. Write word s.


Yes, there are some here. N o, there are here. Customer I waiter Customer 2 Customer 3 hamburger I roll The American diner is a great place to eat but it's strange for foreigners. When you sit down, someone brings you a glass of ice water - you don't 1 order the water, it just comes. The 2 is not a simple list of food, but it's a long list with hundreds of 3.

A4 in a diner can cook anything and everything! Luckily, there are often pictures of some of the 5 in the 6 to help you a simple sandwich, the choose. When you 7 8 asks you lots of questions - what sort of bread, if you want cheese on it, etc. Use each letter only once. Are you ready to order? I Customer: They 3 I not at the theatre at the cinema. Paul Newman - actor? I Canadian? I English?. Which one don't you hear?

Some sentences have two correct answers. I 2 I was at university The food here fine last week. You a lot of people at the concert last night, not many here tonight. What's OK yesterday. Some film stars were friends when they were children. Hugh Grant says he doesn't like spend ing t ime with other actors. Work often brings famous people together. Sometimes friends in real life play lovers on screen, and that can be difficult. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are good friends, but they don't have a romantic relationship.

In th e film Titanic, for both of them the kissing scenes were strange. B How do the stars know each other? Tick the correct box. Sometimes two answers are possible. Then read the article again and check. C Are the sentences true T or false F? I Leonardo and Tobey were on the same TV show together. F 2 George and Brad are good fri end s. III 7 Hugh Grant doesn't want to be friend s stars. Use the past simple form of the verbs in the box.

Write the past simple form of the regular verbs below in the correct place in the table. Ip leave open x2 die meet travel come have go work get married study sell want It! Her parents 2 from Italy and she 3 three brothers and sisters. Idl worked B 6. After college, she 7 all around Gordon Roddick the world. Anita and Gordon 10 a restaurant and then a hotel.

C Write the past simple of the irregular verbs below. The shop 13 only fifteen items with only natural ingredients. It now sells over items to 77 million customers and in was the twenty-eighth top name in the world of business.

Anita Roddick 14 in She left behind a husband and two daughters. Use the negative form of e verb. Anita lived in Italy. Anita didn't live in Italy. She w ent to Bath University. Write them in the correct place in the table. Where did her barents come from? Her parents came from Italy.

She got married in She opened the first Body Shop in Brighton. She died in Then tick the correct box fo r sentences I was born in sei]-ins on Mai: J ffl, 1qq7 Mi: J ,eal parents ale d. J ale m!: J mLLrnmi: J and. S bov-Yl iYl Be.. Yl po. YlJ 1 live.. She fe lt too tired. She went out for a walk. B 3 It was a warm evening. T here were a lot of people in the street. They know each other. T hey weren 't very friendly. C Listen agai n and underlin e t he correct answer.

I Philip and Denise adopted Zsilan in I 0 They found out they were sisters when they were eightlten. Then listen and check. She was, er, 2 at first a lot about much I two years o ld, but there was a problem Yes, she was a 3 intell igent little girl, but at first she was also 4 quiet. She ate 5. They were happy to be together agai n. He wasn 't thirsty. It didn't work. She isn't very happy now.

Kasia didn't study last night because she felt too tired. She needed some fresh air They went to a cafe. He gave her his phone number. Then write a paragraph. What did you do on Saturday? I had lunch with my grandparents. Did you have a good day yesterday? No, we went for a walk and it rained! That sounds interesting. I9 at home an d cooked, and ate. Did you have a good weekend? I wasn 't very well so I stayed in bed. How was you r weekend?

Fantastic , thanks! That sounds fantastic. Did you do anything special at the weekend?

N o, we just stayed at home and relaxed. Put the word s in the correct order. How was your weekend? W rite the correct letter. Hi, Jamala. OK, thanks.

Did you go to Gerhardt's jazz concert? Yes, I did. W ell, no, there weren't That sounds bad! That's good. That's quite early. N o, I didn 't. He was happy.

B Match answers a -j with questions 1- 10 above. The bands were fantastic! Well, on Saturday we w ent to the cinema. No, I feel fin e. After midnight. We not poor In the living room there 4 armchairs, a sofa and a black and UJhite television. We 5 our first colour TV in Terry G fresh milk, bread and eggs to After school , my friends and I 8 to the corner shop next to the post office. For ten pence UJe got five big bars of chocolate and 9 it a ll! Start with the underlined letters. Of course, UJe 12 home computers We alUJays 13 things together.

We UJere a big family UJith three of us boys and five girls. Sometimes UJe UJent to the theatre in g bedra: B Complete the questions. Were Doris and her family poor? Find t w elve f ood words in the puzzle. C Write answers for questions in Exercise lB. Use t he past simple form.

Q I I Kilo of apple. I tin of be.

Hi , Jo. Where are you? I'm at the supermarket. I left the shopping list at work. Can I check some th ings? Let me look.

Maybe two packets? He 2st B Who is the famous man?

Student Book with DVD/ActiveBook CD-ROM (Elementary)

Can you download three cartons? That's all , thanks. See you soon! Tick four true sentences. Correct th e false sentences. Put the words in the correct order.

New Releases. Description Lessons cover all four skill areas as well as grammar and vocabulary. Each unit ends with a DVD lesson based around an extract from a BBC programme which provides a springboard for meaningful speaking and writing tasks. Models of authentic English are also provided through 'on the street' interviews filmed by the BBC. ActiveBook is the Students' book in digital format with integrated audio and video from the course and includes: Easy navigation of the Students' Book pages with zoom facility Video and audio available at the touch of a button BBC programme clips that can be played in a DVD player or computer Video Podcasts with accompanying worksheets show more.

Illustrations note w. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Review Text Speakout is a comprehensive English course that helps adult learners gain confidence in all skill areas using authentic materials from the BBC.

Speakout Elementary Students book and DVD/Active Book Multi Rom pack

With its wide range of support material, it meets the diverse needs of learners in a variety of teaching situat show more. She has worked as a teacher trainer at International House, London and has written for the Cutting Edge series Pearson. Steve Oakes is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer who has worked in numerous countries around the world including the UK, the US, Japan and South Africa, as well as various parts of Central Europe. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

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