This papercraft is a classic Sonic the Hedgehog, the title character and main protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, the paper model is. This papercraft is a classic Sonic the Hedgehog, the title character and main protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, the Format: PDO/ PDF. This Pin was discovered by Rossy Jeliazkova. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Sonic Papercraft Pdf

Modern Sonic the Hedgehog Free Papercraft Download. Because companies are fickle. They may tear down their items at any time--but SonicGear is here forever. These pdfs/patterns will NEVER be removed. Sonic Paper Craft. Print, cut, fold, and put together. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf Tornado & GreenHill Zone Papercraft.

If your wondering why Sonic is discolored. That's because to the printer I used. Add a Comment: Load All Images. Icyblocktower Featured By Owner Apr 14, I'd love to know how you did that. Could you give me a tutorial? I thinks there's instructions on the PDF file that has the paper craft pieces. Even though they're in Japanese. Shouldn't be to hard to understand. It has pictures! Icyblocktower Featured By Owner Apr 17, Where do you get them? There's a site I go to called Nintendo papercraft.

Comment posted by Anonymous on Friday, 26th February , pm GMT I thought the time section was just a general time for people playing the game normally, as opposed to speed runners or TASers. You might want to correct that in the item table. Comment posted by Sonicfan32 on Saturday, 21st August , pm BST U all should know some people hack to get good times on this zone, just making a point.

Comment posted by Philip on Monday, 14th February , am GMT I used to get bugged on those up and down moving platforms with spikes inbetween in act 2, but now, what a blast.

So easy to rush through and rack up a score! I went out of my way once in act three, and I'm sure I counted I must have missed one. I think I did 25 seconds on act 1. Close to the fastest time possible! The rings and ring monitors you mention add up to , you missed 4 rings somewhere!

Comment posted by Da RoMan!!!! I personally though don't find any zone particularly difficult.

Knuckles Papercraft Toy

But that's because I'm sad and I have nothing better to do in the weekend. Hide Notes The public's first introduction to the Sonic world is set in a brightly coloured tropical bay, surrounded by rocky cliffs and waterfalls. The name is slightly deceptive in that it's more of a blue sky and water zone, but that would make a rubbish name for a level so they stuck with Green Hill.

The background is made up of a large, clear lake, with rocky brown banks on the other side that are littered with areas of thick green bushes and trees, and an occasional waterfall. Beyond that are pointed canyons looking over the bay and a blue afternoon sky above, with small, fast-moving clouds floating across if you have the Japanese version of the game. They're stationary otherwise.

The surrounding ground carries an orange and brown square chequered pattern across it the first of many with various abstract extrusions and intrusions in the rock, and grass covering the broken-up surfaces above.

All over the place, you'll find tall palm trees with leaves that resemble folded card, and flowers and plants that rise up and down or have spinning, spiky petals.

Totem poles boasting simple facial expressions are typical staples of this zone, as are clear waterfalls that cascade down to the bottom of the level, below wooden rope bridges that react to Sonic's weight. View Notes 0 Go to..

No notes have been posted in response to this section. Hide Notes This level is designed specifically to be fast and fairly simple, to draw attention to the game's ground-breaking use of speed and non-stop action. That said, its multiple routes welcome the more adventurous player as well. The normal route along the ground is simplistic and open, with some long and fairly straight paths, with gentle slopes and a very basic rightward-only direction.

There are chunks of ground set at different heights to create steps, some with curved edges, or connected via dipping log bridges.

Rather than just being based on big chunks of ground that just sit in the air, everything is built on a foundation of the orange chequered ground, so there are some patches of it that reach up high into the level.

The long, open areas are also the birthplace of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog loop-de-loop, which you'll need to run towards at full speed, or you won't have enough momentum to get through it to the other side. At various points along the path, you have an option to instead take a higher route and hop along platforms to reach high up ledges.

A more difficult alternative is to venture below the surface, where you'll be surrounded by the orange chequered ground that reaches up to support the higher paths. It's generally more difficult down there, and falling into spike pits or off the edge of the screen to your instant death is not uncommon, but there are also healthy rewards around, for those who seek them. The level is a very short and mostly easy one, but pure classic all the way, with plenty of hidden areas to explore.

However, don't take it as lightly as certain other introductory stages, as it can have a fairly lethal underbelly, based on those dangerous spike pits. Hide Notes As always from this level on, jump on the yellow and red springs to catapult yourself higher, sometimes found on the tops of the trees or the purple blocks, and sets of big nasty spikes are plentiful in this level, and painful if you land on their points.

Read Point 3 below to see why they're probably the biggest danger in this otherwise simple zone. Thin horizontal platforms can sometimes fall when you stand on them, while others move back and forth over an area, or just stay motionless.

Hop from one to the other accordingly. There are purple-ish rocks that don't really do anything, other than get in the way, but they can also be used to jump up to a higher ledge if need be.

Sonic 2 Item Boxes PDF of Pieces by billybob on DeviantArt

Don't stand around on ledges that stick out from the ground though, as they have a tendency to crumble and fall, and time your jumps carefully on small platforms that swing from one side to another like a pendulum, on a long chain. Twisting tunnels will send Sonic spinning out the other end or up into the air with great speed, and you may even be able to break through some hidden fake walls using Sonic's roll, with enough speed behind it.

Look for edges of seemingly solid walls to the right that are slightly off-colour, and a bit yellow-ish, as shown in the screenshot below.

It has pictures! Icyblocktower Featured By Owner Apr 17, Where do you get them? There's a site I go to called Nintendo papercraft.

Sonic belongs to Sega not Nintendo. I think it's going to be hard to find a Sega character on a papercraft website dedicated to Nintendo.

Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Mission Sonic

There should be a link to Sonic on the description. Yeah, I just wondered if you went there. But you did an awesome job well done. This is awesome!

Sonic Paper Toy

Ohh yeah I didn't notice that but I wished it would have turned out like the black Sonic instead. Ohh well thank for tell me that.

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