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Setting: Modern New Orleans. Hail Glorious Reader: Rome ruled the world and my family ruled Rome. I was born the noble son of a legendary. Read Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter #6) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Seize the Night is a Romance novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Seize the Night book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dark-Hunter: an immortal warrior who has traded his soul to Arte.

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Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, Book 7) [Sherrilyn Kenyon] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Valerius isn't a popular Dark-Hunter-he's a. Free SEIZE THE NIGHT by Sherrilyn Kenyon Deals and Resources (No You will receive a link to download a PDF, HTML or Mobi version of. Valerius isn't a popular Dark-Hunter-he's a Roman, which means that the largely Greek Hunters have a major grudge against him and his civilization for superc.

I belong here and no one is going to make me leave. No one! Selena had hidden the key in her bra and Tabitha had no desire to search there for it. No doubt that would get them both arrested. Not that Tabitha cared.

Now they, like the vampires she sought, kept to the shadows where they were forgotten. Sighing, Tabitha headed down Royal. But at least she could see to it that some of the hungry were fed.

With no real destination in mind, she wandered down the lonely streets and browsed in the jewelry shop windows. She looked ahead to see Richard Crenshaw coming toward her. He had a bad habit of coming in whenever he got off work and hitting on the strippers who ordered custom-made costumes from her. As usual, he was laughing at her. That was fine. Most people did.

In fact, most people thought she was insane. Even her own family had laughed at her for years…until her twin sister had ended up married to a Dark-Hunter and had faced a vampire who had almost killed her. She kept walking down the street, feeling extremely lonely tonight.

How she wished she could live her life blindly, never knowing what was out here. She knew and with that knowledge came the choice of either helping people or turning her back on them. Never in her life had Tabitha been the kind of person who turned her back on someone in need.

Her powers as an empath were too much for her sometimes. She felt the pain of others just as much as she felt her own. It was what had drawn Ash to her in the beginning. At times it was all completely overwhelming.

She was so bombarded by intense emotions, that it set off hers and sometimes caused her to lash out verbally just from the stress of it. So here she was, another lonely night spent walking the streets by herself as she risked her life for people who mocked her. But it was useless. Tears filled her eyes as she touched the jagged scar on her face that Desiderius had given her.

The worst sort of psycho, Desiderius had been the Daimon out to kill her twin sister and brother-in-law. Luckily, Amanda and Kyrian had survived. It was why she fought alone now.

She would never again ask anyone to risk their life to do what she did. Turning around, she knelt down and pretended to tie the laces on her boot. Meanwhile she was well aware of the six shadows that were closing in on her…. Valerius pulled at the edge of his right leather Coach glove to straighten it as he walked down the virtually abandoned street. As always, he was impeccably dressed in a long black cashmere coat, a black turtleneck and black slacks.

He was the epitome of sophistication. His family had been descended from one of the oldest and most respected noble families of Rome. But that was the past and Valerius refused to remember it.

Agrippina was the only exception to that rule. She was the only thing he ever remembered from his human life. Valerius winced and focused his thoughts on other, much less painful things. There was a crispness in the air that announced winter would be here soon. Still, the longer he was here the more his blood was thinning and the cool night air was a bit chilly to him. Valerius paused as his Dark-Hunter senses detected the presence of a Daimon.

Tilting his head, he listened with his heightened hearing. But she who laughs last, laughs longest and I intend to belly roll tonight.

Seize the Night | Sherrilyn Kenyon | Macmillan

Valerius was mesmerized by the macabre beauty of the battle. She flipped him over her shoulder and twirled in one graceful motion to stab him in the chest with a long, black dagger.

She twirled as she rose up to face another one. She tossed the dagger from one hand to the other and held it like a woman well used to defending herself from the undead. Two Daimons rushed her. She actually did a cartwheel away from them, but the other Daimon had anticipated her action. He grabbed her. Without panicking, the woman surrendered her weight by picking both of her legs up to her chest. It brought the Daimon to his knees. The woman sprang to her feet and whirled to stab the Daimon from his back.

Normally the remaining Daimons would flee. Not even the sites had ever produced a better fighter than the woman who confronted the Daimons. Suddenly a light appeared behind the woman. It flashed bright and swirling. A chill, cold wind swept through the courtyard before six more Daimons stepped out. Tabitha turned slowly to see the group of new Daimons.

Holy shit. He moved his hand and deflected the dagger before it reached him. Then he slung his arm toward her. Something invisible and painful slashed through her chest as she went flying head over heels. Horrible memories ripped through her of the night when her friends had died. The way the Spathi Daimons had torn through them…. The tallest Daimon who stood even in height to Valerius laughed.

Valerius pulled his two retractable swords from his coat and extended the blades. One of the Daimons smiled. My father always told me that all Romans die squealing like pigs. Valerius sidestepped and brought his sword down. The Daimon pulled a sword out of nothing and parried his attack with a skill that bespoke a man with years or training.

Valerius dropped his swords and swung out with his arms, releasing the grappling hooks and cords that were attached to his wrist. The hooks went straight into the chest of the tallest Daimon and the one he was fighting. They stared at him with hollow eyes before they burst into a golden dust. But while he was distracted by them, another Daimon retrieved his sword and cut him across his back.

Valerius hissed in pain before he turned and elbowed the Daimon across the face. The woman was back on her feet. She killed two more Daimons while he killed the one who had wounded him.

Valerius hissed and staggered back as pain ripped through his heart. He clutched at his chest, unable to think past the agony of it. Tabitha rolled him over onto his back and checked his breathing. He held his jaw clamped firmly shut as he groaned deep in his throat. Her heart hammering, she pulled up his turtleneck to see the nasty looking stab wound in the center of his chest.

So she started dialing her sister, Amanda until her common sense returned. There were only four Dark-Hunters in this city. Ash who led them. Janice whom she had met earlier. The former pirate captain, Jean-Luc and…. And he was the mortal enemy of her brother-in-law. She hit the cancel button on her phone. Kyrian would kill this man in a heartbeat and bring down the wrath of Artemis fully on his head.

The goddess would kill Kyrian for it and that was the last thing Tabitha wanted to see happen. Her sister would die if anything happened to her husband. Come to think of it, if half of what Kyrian said about this man and his family was true, she should just leave him here and let him die.

But then Ash would never forgive her if she did that to one of his men. Like it or not, he had saved her life and she was honor bound to return the favor. Wincing, she realized she was going to have to get him to safety. And he was just a little too large for her to handle on her own.

She dialed her phone again and waited for an answer that came in a slick, Cajun drawl. Any chance you want to be my knight in shining armor tonight and lend a hand to a damsel in distress. A New Orleans native like herself, Nick had been an acquaintance of hers for years since the two of them frequented many of the same restaurants and clubs.

He had dark brown hair that tended to stay in a pair of eyes that were so blue and seductive they really should be illegal. Rumors on the street had always abounded on what Nick did for a living. Every native who haunted the Quarter knew the man had a ton of cash and no real job that anyone could discern. But since that night, she and Nick had forged an odd alliance of drinking buddies and partners-in-crime who lived to rankle the Dark-Hunters.

It was really nice to have someone she could talk to who knew that the vampires were real and who understood the dangers she faced every night.

Tabitha sat down on the cobbled walk to wait on Nick. According to her brother-in-law, Valerius and his Roman family had been the worst sort of bastards. They had killed and raped any and everything that came into their paths as they led bloody campaigns across the ancient world. Actually, he was all dead.

But still breathing. I got the free copy from site, which is a good thing because the Mobipocket link in their e-mail delivers a "not found" error message instead of the book. I haven't found an address to contact them or I'd let them know. Hope they don't conclude that there was no interest in the Mobipocket format based on the number of downloads. Yea the mobi is file not found. I email them at KenyonMarketing stmartins. With a little bit of trial and error I was able to find out the correct link for the Mobi file.

I'm not sure if I ever want to read the book though Originally Posted by dwallace Drib Track Posts by Dr. Drib via RSS. Bummer- I got all excited about the freebie but then I saw the date. There is still a place on Kenyon's website to send for the email with the link to the story. I recommend looking into it. I love this series, though it isn't for everyone. Her website is HUGE. I've been trying to locate any reference to a free ebook copy of Seize the Night, but can't find anything.

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Camulus cursed Talon, decreeing death for everyone he loved. Yeah, right. The only part of that Code of Honor I got was eternity and solitude.


Insanity: A condition many say I suffer from after being alone for so long. The only thing I trust in is my ability to do the wrong thing in any situation and to put a hurt on anyone who gets in my way.

Truth: I endured a lifetime as a Roman slave, and years as an exiled Dark-Hunter. I want the truth about what happened the night I was exiled-I.. That would be my life. It started out simple enough. One night I went to save a woman in trouble. Led by the son of Apollo, they are out to end the curse that has banished them all to darkness.

The only problem with that is they have to kill Cassandra Peters to do it and if she dies, so dies the sun, the earth and all who dwell here.

Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Dark Hunter 07 - Seize the Night

But though she prides herself on being independent, deep down she still yearns for a knight in shining armor. Most women lament that their boyfriends are dogs. A Were-Hunter wolf. But the Fates have marked Bride as his. Now he has three weeks to either convince Bride that the supernatural is real or he will spend the rest of his life neutered—something no self-respecting wolf can I was born the noble son of a legendary Roman Senator.

I walked through the ancient world as a general, a god, and through an act of brutal betrayal, I bound myself to a goddess so that I could protect mankind from the evil scourge that haunts it. Now I find myself dating said scourge. One minute I was in my element, killing vampires and the next thing I knew a self-styled vampire slayer had stabbed me. Tabitha Devereaux is unlike any woman I have ever known. A human, she has trained herself to fight vampires every bit as capably as any immortal.

Idiosyncratic and off-beat, shes is the total antithesis to everything I find desirable Drink no blood. Never fall in love. But every now and again a Dark-Hunter thinks himself above the Code.

He mistakenly believes that he has the power of life and death over humans. Who am I? Nothing can touch me. Nothing can sway me.

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