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sagrada biblia reina-valera, edición - sdhs - la santa biblia antiguo y nuevo concordancia pdf - santa biblia reina valera con concordancia santa biblia. otras revisiones: , y reina valera pdf gratis versión reina valera santa biblia - reina valera contemporánea - resumen sociedades. Descargar Biblia Reina Valera para PC gratis - Versión portable de la Biblia de Reina Valera de

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Get Free Read & Download Files Santa Biblia Revisi N Reina Valera PDF. SANTA BIBLIA REVISI N REINA VALERA Download: Santa Biblia Revisi. santa biblia the bible through hispanic eyes The Holy Bible: Spanish Reina Valera by Santa Biblia — Reina Valera PDF - World English Bible. About The Holy Bible: Spanish Reina Valera. The Holy Bible: pies, porque el lugar en que tú estás, tierra santa es. 6. Y dijo: Yo soy el Dios.

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However, overall, this app is my go to in everything everyday. I use it way more than any other bible related app or any apo for that matter.

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I am hoping they would bring back those image creation freedom back, then it'll be perfect. Today i found out they brought back those text boxes for images. Im so glad. Great bible app! It has the ability to highlight and compare verses to other translations to try and understand the scriptures more fully.

Also I love the function of creating verse images. And I love that they have updated it so I can format it to fit my wallpaper of my phone The only suggestions I would like to see updated is if they could allow the ability to share links in the comments or at the very least the ability to copy the link from the comment. I would love to share links to sermons that is pertaining to the verses my friends are highlighting or studying All in All a great App!!!

I love it and use it mostly everyday.

I really like how you can take notes and highlight what you read and it also keeps a log. I love the fact that I can select different versions of the Bible instantly. For some reason when your phone falls asleep and you open the Bible app again sometimes the app has to reload and loses your place.

I hope they address this in the future. Rather than moving directly from source to target, localization employs an intermediate stage known as internationalization. In the case of an American computer prod- uct, an internationalized version would be one in which American cultural elements are removed. Essentially, an internationalized product seeks to be as univer- sal as possible. In some industries, this universal product may even be distributed along with its more culturally detailed localized ver- sions.

Indeed, the ilm industry regularly combines localized and internationalized products. At the same time, translators employ language local- ized for LDS Spanish speakers in several ways: As Elder D. See Eugene A. Regarding the second example, the Spanish translation of Daniel 3: Regarding the third example, the KJV translation of John 7: Santa Biblia V 53 Transliterating a word can be advantageous when it is a technical term that has no exact equivalent in the target language and a translation would mask the foreign nature or speciic nuance of the word.

In contrast, the Santa Biblia changes all but one of these references to the transliterated word Seol. English Spanish Old Testament 4 6, Book of Mormon 2 3 Doctrine and Covenants 6 8 Pearl of Great Price 2 2 Total 14 6, Considering all the reasons why the Reina-Valera may have been modiied in particular cases—outdated spelling, vocabulary, or grammar; doctrinal concerns; linguistic disharmony with other LDS scripture; and transliteration—how extensive are the revisions?

For a review of how Latter-day Saints have used these terms over their history, see Ryan C. While the editors rarely made changes that substantially alter the basic meaning of the Reina-Valera, the changes are bounteous, and the result is a Bible that is considerably more readable.

Because multiple manuscript copies of the scriptures exist and most do not read exactly the same way in every instance, Bible trans- lators and editors must employ textual criticism, the process of comparing variant readings and deciding, based on all the evidence, which reading is to be preferred.

Both the King James and Reina-Valera Old Testaments are based on a medieval manuscript family called the Masoretic Text, and thus their tex- tual base is very similar.

I should stress that the language is not completely modernized. Reina himself included some variant readings from other sources such as the Latin Vulgate.


During the nine- teenth century, scholars began publishing new editions of the Greek New Testament that incorporated evidence from Greek manuscripts that are much older than those used for the TR.

Where does the Santa Biblia it into this picture? For a brief introduction to what the scrolls con- tribute to our understanding of the text of the Bible, see Donald W. Jackson and Frank F. Judd Jr. Provo, Utah: Griin and Frank F. Santa Biblia V 57 the Reina-Valera that preceded it to see which reading they follow in each case. With the advancement of textual criticism in the nineteenth century, the editors of the Reina-Valera modiied the text to follow additional critical text readings.

Next, the Santa Biblia appears.

One example of a textual emendation is found in Matthew 5: Other examples of passages in which the Santa Biblia New Testament follows a diferent textual reading than the KJV include the following: For example: Santa Biblia V 59 other important doctrinal ideas that may be relected in one variant reading but not another.

To those unfamiliar with Bible translating, it may seem strangely eclec- tic to pick and choose readings from disparate textual witnesses.

All translator-editors, be they tied to a uni- versity or a church, come to their work with certain goals and viewpoints. An interesting example is how translations treat Mark In , a group of evangelical Christians published the English Standard Version, an update of the Revised Standard Version that modiies what they considered to be its more liberal edito- rial choices.

Both groups of edi- tors had access to the same information, but their goals and viewpoints meant they approached this textual decision diferently. Its value is based not on which human being wrote it, but on its inspired testimony of truth. For Latter-day Saints, it is only natural that textual decisions be made in light of the doctrinal and textual insights available through the restored gospel.

Formatting, Chapter Headings, and Appendices he basic page layout in the Santa Biblia looks very familiar to those who have used other LDS scriptures ig. Headings run along the top of the page, and each chapter begins with a summarizing Religion — Salt Lake City: Genesis chapter 1 in the Santa Biblia.

Santa Biblia V 61 Figure 4. Jonah 1: A few cosmetic details, which are standard in other foreign-language scripture editions, diferentiate it from the English Bible, such as a horizontal line separating the text from the header space.

In sev- eral instances the headings difer from the original headings and more closely resemble those found in the English edition, following changes that had been incorporated into the online English scriptures years before they appeared in print. And yet even in comparison with the edition, the Spanish chapter headings sometimes feature their own unique wording that improves the description. Consider a few examples: All versiication systems were created long ater the bibli- cal books were written.

Santa Biblia V 63 In addition to the footnotes and chapter headings, other Santa Bib- lia study aids appear in an appendix with three sections: It consists of lists of chapter-and-verse references under the headings of the Godhead, Gospel Topics, People, Places, and Events.

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It serves as a very basic concordance to substitute for the much more detailed Guide to the Scriptures, which was not included under the covers of the Santa Biblia because most readers would already have it in their copies of the Triple Combination.

At the time the Santa Biblia was published, the edition of the Spanish Triple Com- bination already contained a similar section in its own appendix. In most cases these adjustments read smoothly, but in some cases the diferences prove diicult to reconcile. For example, KJV Exodus JST revisions oten respond to issues that are not inher- ent in the Bible but are rather tied to the unique phrasing of the KJV. Italicizing unique JST phrasing was an innovation of the English edition, but unfortunately the explanation for the italicized words found on the Abbreviations page of the edition disappeared when that page was redesigned for the edition.

Second, to mark words added for the beneit of Spanish syntax Ex. Fourth, to provide an alternate word for the preceding word Ps. Many Latter-day Saints assume that the Joseph Smith Translation rep- resents a restoration of original biblical text, and while parts of it certainly can be, much of the JST seems to represent other kinds of changes. See Kent P.

Santa Biblia (Nueva Reina- Valera 2000) (Leather)

Because of this, the JST sometimes solves diiculties that are nonexistent in other translations of the Bible, including the Reina-Valera in Spanish. In cases where a JST revision contributes little or nothing to the Spanish text, the editors of the Santa Biblia sometimes let out the JST reference and sometimes included it anyway.

See also Robert J. A History and Commentary Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University Press, , For an example of the latter, in KJV Acts In cases like this, the Span- ish JST does represent what Joseph Smith said, but it is unclear how the Spanish reader beneits from the alternate reading.

Similarly, even though the English edition quotes many more JST verses than the Spanish edition compared to , all but a handful of the additional verses would not be relevant in Spanish anyway. It is a fact that the explanatory footnotes41 number made by Joseph Smith. Faulring, Kent P. Jackson, and Robert J. Matthews, eds. Original Manuscripts Provo, Utah: A more reader-friendly edition of the complete JST may be found in homas Wayment, ed.

Deseret Book, Some examples where the Santa Biblia adds more detail to or corrects English notes include Isaiah My own anecdotal experience suggests that this is not an uncommon reaction. In con- trast, my igures ignore cross-references and Topical Guide entries. While there are indeed helpful English notes that did not make it into the Santa Biblia, oten an English note did not need to be included in the Spanish edition because the Spanish trans- lation already read clearly without it.

Whether or not a footnote is language- speciic or more universally applicable is distinguished according to the key below: Moving past the raw totals, distinguishing between notes that are edition-speciic or that would be helpful in both editions leads to two important observations. First, the data provided in these charts show that although thousands of explanatory notes from the English Bible do not appear in the Santa Biblia, the vast majority—2, out of 2, missing notes—did not carry over simply because they are not needed in Spanish.

Consider, for example, how helpful it might be for the English notes to elaborate on terms like covenant, Sela, Levi- athan, or the technical terms that appear at the beginning of many Psalms—all of which the English notes routinely ignore and the Spanish notes routinely comment on.

In other words, it turns out that between the two versions, it is the English edition that is missing out on most of the information that is found in one edition but not the other. Church materials have been published in more than lan- guages, and Church members who do not speak English outnumber those who do.

At the same time, the Santa Biblia relects more than changes in Mor- mon demographics. In contrast, although the Reina-Valera provided the Church with a base text saving it the dif- icult task of starting a translation from scratch , the decision to revise the biblical text itself required interacting with the Bible to an extent and level of detail perhaps unmatched since Joseph Smith completed his own revision in In addition to hundreds of new footnotes, this interaction is relected in how the translators and editors approached the respected yet archaic language of the Reina-Valera.

While the Spanish edition is formatted to look like its English predecessor and its study aids follow the English version as much as possible, its editors did not see the English edition as completely sacrosanct. In appropriate situ- ations, the English chapter headings were modiied and the footnotes were deleted, reined, or supplemented.

Even though the King James translation was consulted and some passages in the Santa Biblia were modiied to read like the KJV, there was no overriding concern that every verse sound the same or even mean the same thing.