Download: epub mobi (Kindle) pdf more Online Reader Tags: hm ward alpha men kristen proby js cooper roxy sloane the seduction. Surrender · Roxy, epub, Roxy Sloane Books, , English, Invitation 2, [ Download]. 2. The Scene Book Two · Roxy, epub, Roxy Sloane Books, Contains FULL BONUS SERIES, The Invitation, by USA Today bestselling author Roxy Sloane. A woman's mouth will tell you anything, but her.

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Roxy Sloane Epub

From USA Today bestselling author Roxy Sloane comes a filthy, seductive new duet. Spare panties and extra batteries definitely required!. Roxy Sloane has 11 entries in their OverDrive catalogue. The Invitation · Roxy, epub, , English, Invitation 1, [Download]. 9. The Scene Book Two · Roxy, epub, Roxy Sloane Books, , English, The Scene 2.

Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Come find me on Facebook. Let's tweet! A woman's mouth will tell you anything, but her body never lies. Maybe you don't even realize it. You can't admit it, not even to yourself. But I see it. I see everything.

His new job is Keely. We don't know who wants to put her in bad light and why, just that Vaughn is to seduce her and provide compromising proofs. And that's the mystery here. Since he's oh so fabulous, piece of cake, right?

Well, not right. Because Keely rejects him, and then rejects him A-fucking-gain. But though she turns him down, in the back of her mind she lusts after him and his dirty mouth turns her on.

So the game begins, Vaughn seduces, and oh boy he does it good, and you know, he's the shit and all, it doesn't take long when Keely gives in. We have a little bit of this and a little bit of that and finally this. And then, you know the drill, cliffhanger and waiting for next part. Size doesn't matter. It's what you do with it that counts. Say that again with a straight face once I've stretched you so wide, you're begging me to stop and screaming for more, all in the same goddamn breath.

Go on, I dare you. So yeah, all women lie. I don't hold it against you, because men do it, too. We've all got our secrets, but it just happens to be my job to figure yours out. Like this girl. I met her at the bar ten minutes ago, licking martini olives like she wanted me imagining her wet mouth wrapped around my cock. Mission accomplished.

Now she's braced against the wall in the alley outside with her skirt shoved up around her waist and my cock pounding into her hard from behind. Oh God, please don't stop!

I pound relentlessly, sending her body crashing into the wall with the impact of my thrusts. But she just moans and begs for more. I knew from the minute I laid eyes on her she needed it rough and dirty.

It's why I took that seat beside her, over every other hot, willing woman in the bar. Sure, I could have had any one of them on their knees in a heartbeat, sucking me off like their life depended on it. Or maybe two of them back at my place, for a little three-way action. Double the pussy, double the fun.

But one look at this girl, and I knew all her deepest, darkest secrets. She wants to feel it, every last thrust.

Roxy Sloane

And lucky for her, I'm in the mood to fuck. All she can do is whimper, but she doesn't need to say a word. Her clenching cunt is all the answer I need.

Besides, that sweet mouth has done nothing but lie since the moment we met. She said she was a student at the college nearby, just having a fun night out with friends.

She thinks I didn't notice the pale band of skin on her wedding finger, or that happy couple background pic on her phone. She's wrong. I notice everything.

I see right through you.

Explicit: A Standalone Romance PDF/EPUB - Roxy Sloane - naresereni

It's what I do. Like how she spread her legs for me right here where anyone could see, because she wouldn't dare take me home. How her body is grinding, desperate, because whatever flaccid little prick he's been prodding her with for God knows how long doesn't do it right.

Not even close. And this- yeah, this, fuck -the way she's convulsing around my cock like she's having some kind of seizure? This tells me she'll never have it this good again. Every other climax, every other cock for the rest of her life, she'll be picturing me right now, and how I tore her goddamn pussy apart. I slam into her faster, my balls tight and ready, so fucking ready.

I'm gripping her hips so hard, she'll need to explain those bruises in the morning, but that isn't my problem. Nothing is, except the friction of her tight pussy and the slide of her wetness and fuck, yeah, that clenching, vice-like grip of her climax, milking me out.

I'm close now, right on the fucking edge- One more thrust and then I suddenly pull away. I spin her around and push her to her knees, burying all eight throbbing inches into that wet, open mouth. Fuck yeah. She chokes around me in surprise, but now she's got the message.

Sucking me hard.

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Taking me deep. That tight friction of her throat is all I need: I come like a fucking tsunami, unleashing a torrent of hot cum gushing right down her throat.

I growl with the release, feeling it crash over me.

The Seduction

And bless her lying, cheating heart, but this girl swallows down every last drop, her eyes glazed with shock and lust and oh yeah, the best goddamn orgasm she'll ever know. That's how you do it, darlin'. That's what you'll never get from him. And that's why one of these days, he's going to be walking through the doors of my PI agency, hiring me to figure out why his sweet young wife is sneaking around on him. I can't hold it against her. All women lie.

They just lie better on their backs. Even if you think a little white lie isn't going to hurt anyone, think again. Before you know it, that tiny fib has spiraled out of control, and you're in way deeper than if you'd just been up front to begin with. I like things simple and clear-cut-which is why I never expected to wind up working in real estate.

I mean, realtors? We're one step above used-car salesmen when it comes to bending the truth. At least, that's the way my boss likes to play it. You can't think about these things too soon!

We're in a warehouse district with nothing but old buildings and storage units around. I pause, reluctant.

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