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Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you to think like the rich, and explains how money works – giving you the secrets about money that rich teach their children. - download Rich Dad Poor Dad(Bengali) book online at best prices in India on Read Rich Dad Poor Dad(Bengali) book reviews & author. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" is a great book written by T Kiyosaki. It is a All Time Success book for Future Success this book You can learn about How .

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Pdf In Bengali

Download Rich Dad Poor Dad Bengali Summary apk for Android. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" is a great book written by T Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you to think like the rich and explains how money works giving you the secrets about money that rich teach their children By reading. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy .

Reception[ edit ] Praise and support[ edit ] Rich Dad Poor Dad has sold over 32 million copies [2] in more than 51 languages across more than countries, been on the New York Times bestsellers list for over six years, [3] and received positive reviews from some critics. Another celebrity supporter is actor Will Smith , who said he is teaching his son about financial responsibility by reading the book. PBS also honoured Robert Kiyosaki with an excellence in education award in Reed , a critic of Robert Kiyosaki, says, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad contains much wrong advice, much bad advice, some dangerous advice, and virtually no good advice. It contains many factual errors and numerous extremely unlikely accounts of events that supposedly occurred. He also criticizes Kiyosaki's conclusions about Americans, American culture, and Kiyosaki's methods. It has since sold over 32 million copies and become a household name. He places his focus upon talk shows and radio show appearances, of which The Oprah Winfrey Show had the biggest influence on book sales. Kiyosaki asserts that an estimated 40 million copies of the book had been sold worldwide.

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People have been downloading more home then they can afford or refinancing like crazy. Foreclosures are already on the rise and they are going to sky-rocket in the next several years.

Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF – Which One Do you Want to be for Your Kid?

There is an opportunity to 1 help people out of trouble and 2 make some money. Service and integrity comes first though. I know what its like to be behind payments and face foreclosure. It must be win-win, or no deal. Want to participate? Kiyosaki explains that this education at home is the driver behind the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer and the middle class continues to struggle with constant debt.

He believes that the considerable debt that countries face is a result of politicians and government officials having very little education on money, yet being in a position of power.

But what is more powerful is financial education. Money comes and goes, but if you have the education about how money works, you gain power over it and can begin building wealth. Study so you can work for a good company vs. He explains that too many people let life push them around, they let their boss, their job or their families dictate their lives. These are the people who will be successful, they acknowledge the problem and understand that changing themselves, learning and becoming wiser is going to get them where they want to go.

The rich have money work for them.

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The driving force behind their money behaviour is, therefore, fear rather than passion. However, Kiyosaki explains that you need passion if you want to learn anything new or find real success. You cannot be living in fear. No matter what the fear is, the fear is whats driving people to stay put.

Kiyosaki explains that in many cases when someone is given more money, say in the form of a pay rise, they only land themselves in more debt than before.

They are stuck in the cycle.

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Most people become a slave to money… and then get angry at their boss. As we previously discussed, the fear of having no money drives us to work hard. But once we are paid, greed sets in and we plan how to spend all of our money on exciting things.

Offer them more money, and they continue the cycle by also increasing their spending. This is the Rat Race. Despite the fact that their job may bring them no joy, the continue working because they have a desire for money and the things that money can download. However, Kiyosaki explains that joy from money is only ever temporary, something new is only new for a very short period of time.

And suddenly you are left wanting for more, and to get more, you need more money. The assumption is that money solves all problems and brings joy, but Kiyosaki believes that the reality is that money does almost the opposite.

You are blinded by your paychecks. And often these opportunities are missed because everyone is too concerned about the security that a job and a paycheck can bring.

However, he explains that the only way to get rich is to become financially literate. The education is absolutely fundamental. Kiyosaki appreciates that accounting is boring, complicated and dull.

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However, despite its downfalls, accounting is the most important thing you can learn and understand if you want to make money in the long-term. Keep it simple and straightforward but make sure that they know the essentials. Bogle One of the most effective ways to build wealth is to invest. At least, if you do it correctly. Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group and creator of the world's first index fund, details the simplest and most efficient investment strategy: Investing in low-cost index funds.

Legendary investor Warren Buffett also says that every investor, large and small, should pick up a copy. Cunningham If a blurb by Buffett doesn't entice you, get directly inside the billionaire's head with this collection of letters and notes written by the "Oracle of Omaha. Best-selling author Tim Ferriss' latest book explores the daily routines and habits of celebrities, professional athletes, hedge fund managers and others. Ferriss went straight to the sources and interviewed more than world-class performers.