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Revolution is one of the best selling noels written by Chetan Bhagat, who is one of the great authors. Download the eBook from below download link. Chetan's latest novel Revolution is a gripping and a fast-paced story of .. “ Revolution – Chetan Bhagat's New Book – PalzMasti.” Web. 5 January. Download Free PDF of Revolution - Chetan Bhagat. Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent wanted to.

One wanted to use his intelligence to make money. One wanted to use his intelligence to create a revolution. The problem was, they both loved the same girl. Welcome to Revolution A story about childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti who struggle to find success and love in Varanasi. However, it isnt easy to achieve this in an unfair society that rewards the corrupt. As Gopal gives in to the system, and Raghav fights it, who will win? Are you ready for the revolution?

What is the point if I dont enjoy it? In most parts of the world, speaking about your income is taboo. In India, you share the figures like your zodiac sign, especially if you have lots. He seemed to have put the question more to himself than me. His dark eyes continued to bore into me. His eyes demanded attention. The rest of him wheatish complexion, modest five-feet-seven-inch height, sideparted hair was reassuringly nondescript. Yeah, of course.

One should enjoy, I said as he cut me. Next year I will make five crores. I realised he would keep forecasting his salary until I demonstrated suitable awe. Five crores! I said, my voice loud and fake. Gopal grinned. Baby, eat this, for I have made it, is probably the T-shirt slogan he would choose.

Thats incredible, I murmured, wondering how I could switch the topic. I noticed stairs winding up. Whats upstairs? Bedrooms and a terrace. Come, I will show you. We climbed up the steps. We walked past a room with a luxurious king-sized bed.

From the terrace I took in the panoramic view. This was a wasteland, all of it. My grandfathers old agricultural land, Gopal said. Ten acres? I made a guess. We had fifteen acres more, Gopal said, but we sold it to fund the construction. He pointed to a small array of lights towards the eastern wall of the floodlit campus.

Right there, see. There is a mall coming up. Every Indian city is building malls now, I said. India shining, Chetan-ji, he said and clinked his glass with mine. Gopal drank more than four times my pace.

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I hadnt finished my first when he poured his fifth. You big-city types. Drinking for style, he teased when I refused a refill. I dont drink much.

Really, I said. I checked the time; When do you eat dinner? Up to you, I said, though I wished hed decide to eat right away. What is the big hurry?

Two men, one educated, one uneducated. Having a good time, Gopal said and raised his glass in the air. I nodded out of courtesy. My stomach rumbled for food. We came downstairs to sit down in the living room again. Did you really go to the professors daughters house? Gopal said. I smiled. Love makes us do stupid things.

Gopal laughed out loud.

He chugged his drink bottoms-up, then grabbed the half-empty bottle to make his sixth tipple. Forget stupid things. Love fucks you, Gopal said. Thats harsh, I said. Is that why there is no Mrs Director yet? Gopals hand trembled as he continued to pour his drink.

I wondered if I should stop him from drinking more. Mrs Director! Gopal smirked. He gripped the whiskey bottle tight. Easy, Gopal, you are drinking too fast. Its dangerous. Gopal plonked the bottle on the coffee table. Why dangerous? Who is going to fucking cry for me? If I live, I want to enjoy. If I die, who cares? Your parents? Gopal shook his head. Successful people dont have friends, Gopal demurred. Its true, no? His lavish house felt cold and isolated. I took the whiskey bottle and placed it back in the bar.

Pessimist, eh? Surprising, given you are doing so well. What well, Chetan-ji? Gopal said, now completely drunk and, presumably, completely honest. He pointed to the huge TV, stereo system and the silk carpet under our feet in quick succession. What does all this mean?

Ive lived with nothing 8. Our conversation had become serious. I patted his back to cheer him up. So you read about my girlfriend in the book. How about you? You ever had one? Gopal didnt respond, but looked distraught. He placed his glass on the coffee table. Touchy topic, I figured too late.

He retched. Are you okay?

He ran to the restroom. I heard him throw up. I browsed the display shelves to pass time. I saw framed news stories about GangaTech, trophies, pictures of Gopal with guests who had visited the college. I wondered if my picture would also be there soon. When he hadnt returned in twenty minutes I called for the maid. She took me to the bathroom.

I knocked at the door. No answer. I banged my fists on the door. Looks like we have to break the door, the maid said. I wondered how I, who had come as a chief guest for a college orientation programme, became involved with forcing open random toilets in Varanasi. Chetan Bhagat, Releasing On: Kanishk Mail Source: Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Revolution - Love, Corruption, Ambition Gnv Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests Beverages. Prabhat Singh. Neha Kumar. Shubham Gupta. Madhan Dhanasekaran.

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Abhrankash Nit Dgp. Shyam Sharma. Parul Babbar. Syril Thomas. More From Kainshk Gupta. Kainshk Gupta. Shimon Joseph. Popular in Belief. I was bargaining with him as if was downloading a T-shirt.

Of course, the thought of the amount involved numbed me. Twelve and a half. Finally Sinha gets twelve and a half lakhs for Ganga tech construction. It is a grand corruption. Many government officials like Sinha do these kinds of illegal activities to earn money for their sophisticated life.

These kinds of corruption are happening all over India, even though if people do not offer money, the government official will not put their sign and they will give irrelevance reason. Every private college should get university affiliation. Before starting an institution, people, who run in the institution, should get the approval from the district collector the building plan.

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It will do inspection to ensure the institution have all the facilities for students such as Lab, Library, good infrastructure and enough teachers. If these facilities are not satisfying tothe AICTE inspection group, they never give approval to start the college. Colleges will be recognised only when the inspection committee members are genuine and honest. But in India most of the institution have not all facilities for students even though AICTE gives approval to open colleges.

There are many people doing that business in UGC and education ministry that how to get and give bribes? University lecturers from government colleges are appointed as Inspectors.

Of course, since it is such a lecturers have to Bribe to become one, Bedi said. Anyway, that is their business. We have to focus on ours[Rev- ]. Before two years central government cancelled 42 deemed universities, because these universities have not good facilities for the students.

If a university wants to be elevated as a deemed university, it should have all the facilities for government approval.

If it has not good facilities, the government will not give approval. The approval for 42 universities is cancelled for not having good facilities then how did they get approval for deemed university? The answer is bribe in all inspection. Even though this universities cancelled by central government, these are running now, because the government has cancelled these universities but not implement to close still.

Impact Factor JCC : 1. Nivas Chakkkaravarthy Gopal has run around for three months to obtain the two dozen approvals for his institution construction. Gopal works hard for Ganga tech construction. Meanwhile Gopal and Bedi have selected the Dean Prof. He asks one lakhs and seventy thousand per month as his salary. He suggests that give half of the salary through hidden way because it will be reduce his income tax.

Black money refers to money that is not fully legitimate property of the owner. Black money saves in India through two possible ways.

The first includes activities not permissible under the law, like drug trade, terrorism and corruption, all of which are illegal in India. The second, more likely source is that the wealth may have been generated through a lawful activity but accumulated by failing to declare income and pay taxes.

According to a The Hindu article, unofficial estimates indicate that Indians had over US in black money stored in Swiss bank. Shrinivastava comes in the second category, those who are not paid the tax for their regular salary. He says that he visits the institution weekly thrice and he will say to AICTE that he is coming regularly.

They decide to focus on the inspection and admissions and they never concentrate on the teaching arrangements. Shrivasta says that second year students will teach to the first year students. It is happening in many private colleges. They never bring qualified teachers, because they ask much salary that is why they selected the second year students as teachers. If a new college is ready to open, the college faculties give bribe to the school principals and tuition master for supporting their college.

They arrange some brokers for admission. Gopal does the same thing to fill his Gang tech. Gopal gives advertising in all newspwpers, participating in career fairs, approaching schools and coaching classes. Gopal goes to many schools and ask the principal to recommend his college.

He gives bribe to them. Gopal is ready to give ten percent to whoever brings admission. We give ten percent to anyone coaching classes, career fair organizers of whoever helps us fill up the college [Rev- ]. Many government officials do not get bribe in their work place but they will get bribe in private places like hotels, shopping malls and secret place. They may be captured by CBI when they are getting bribe in their work place. So they arranged hotels with party.

Once in india, the central bureau of Investigation has arrested three officials of all India council for Technical Education AICTE expert committee for alleged accepting bribe from two Chattisgarh private colleges to give favorable reports for accreditation. These officials along with representing of the colleges were arrested at a hotel in Drug, Chhattisgrarh. The alleged bribe included cash and gold coins. Chean Bhagat also emphasizes that how Government officials get bride? Already they have spent six cores for construction, equipment, faculty, and bribe to government officials.

Shukla- ji and Gopal has given more bribes to inspectors. When will we make money? Index Copernicus Value: 3.

I said. We will get the Approval in a week [Rev — ] Newspaper play vital role in corruption. So many newspapers, before independence, did not support high profile people and it always fought for freedom, even many rich people had started press for freedom struggle. But after independence, Newspaper position has changed lot; many newspapers have relationship with political parties, because political parties provide much advertisement about their party to newspapers.

Revolution 2020 By Chetan Bhagat

Without ads they cannot run newspaper. Many politicians are giving much advertisement to news agencies. It is not for advertisement; politicians are giving ads not for proud, they give only that newspaper does not publish their corruption. But newspapers praise politicians much, even they participate in tree plantation.

But some newspapers badly publish political corruptions. But some newspapers make a business contract with political parties. If political parties give more money, they will write well about parties even if it is wrong. The same things portrayed by Chetan Bhagat in his novel Revolution Gopal mishra and MLA Shukla —ji has started a new college, Ganga tech, which build in the scam Ganga water clean project.

A bold young man has published the scam about the Ganga action plan. Chief Minister is going to open this college but he cancelled after this news has published. But Education Minister has opened the Ganga tech college.

After that Gopal, director of Ganga tech, go to meet one newspaper and sales manager of the newspaper to make an alliance between Gopal and newspaper agency. If Gopal gives much money they will be ready to publish positive articles about Ganga Tech College. We got news, you get an image. Gopal takes a step to the famous newspaper Dainik which has published about the Ganga Tech.

Gopal has argued with Ashok Kumar, the editor — in — chief. Sailesh, a sales manager, said to Ashok Kumar that Gopal has given big amount for his ads and every year he has been giving ads to Daninik. Ashok Kumar has apologiesed for this act and Ashok asked to Gopal that keep in touch with their newspaper. Ashok sir will speak to the MLA directly. We will sort it out. In India many newspaper are publishing news in favor of politicians and it hides their misbehavior and secondary acts.

Even some upright newspapers publish stories about the corruption of politician, but politicians simply give statements that this news is printed by the voice of opposite party. It is not the reporter. For this reason the reporter has been charged by political parties. Raghav, a star reporter of Dainik, has been dismissed for this news. Politicians give more money through ads to newspapers, so news agencies do not turn against to politicians.