In , Eliphalet Remington needed a strong, reliable rifle. Remington to expand its ammunition production in Bridgeport, including the formation of several. Toggle Home Facebook Share Download New Products Shotguns Compact Rifles Custom Shop Handguns Ammunition Accessories Partners. page 1. page 2. Toggle Home Facebook Share Download New Products Rifles Custom Shop Shotguns Compact Handguns Ammunition Accessories Partners. page 1. page 2 .

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New product photography and production data generously supplied by Remington Arms Company, Inc. ( STANDARD CATALOG OF®. For more than years, Remington firearms have been forged from the untamed This is Remington Country. MEDIA-RICH DIGITAL CATALOG Dive In. Premier cartridge collecting site covering all types and forms of ammunition and their history, manufacture, markings and variations.

Call: CAMPUS CATALOGS The vision of Remington College is to operate at all times in accordance with the highest ethical standards while continually striving to improve the quality of education, services and value provided to our students, employers and the community, and to provide security to our employees and their families by ensuring the long-term viability of our Campuses. The mission of Remington College is to contribute to the public good by providing relevant, career-focused education designed and intended to help students acquire the knowledge and develop the skills and abilities necessary for successful entry into their chosen career fields. Remington College believes that a well-educated workforce contributes to the economic and social vibrancy of the diverse communities in which its students, faculty, and staff live. To accomplish its mission, Remington College is committed to providing a caring learning environment in which a technically rich, intellectually stimulating, quality education is delivered by a dedicated faculty and staff.

The standard for accuracy in bonded hunting bullets, this ammunition delivers the precision and retained energy of a tipped bullet, with the terminal performance of bonded construction. The toughest polymer-tipped bullet on the market, it also has the highest ballistic coefficient for flatter trajectories and maximum retained energy. Loaded with the most reliable dual-core bullet on the planet for surety on the biggest, toughest game.

With aesthetics true to the original, a specially engraved floorplate and a host of modern enhancements. Features a rugged, camo synthetic stock and matte black finish.

Made famous for its compact, short-action design and deer-dropping accuracy. Weve been side-by-side with Americas deer hunters since the very beginning, and we're proud to once again raise the performance standard in the woods. And as always, we offer advanced centerfires to maximize your success in every situation possible. Our ammunition lineup continues to lead the way. From the unrivaled track record of Core-Lokt, to the impeccable accuracy of AccuTip, to the softshooting effectiveness of Managed-Recoil, theres something to fill everyones freezer.

Premier AccutiP. Loaded with the most accurate polymer-tip big-game bullet available today, with devastating terminal performance built-in. The worlds most trusted big-game annumition. Half the recoil. Twice the confidence.

Perfect for recoil sensitive shooters.

Remington 1½ Pistol Primers

Cycles gauge loads from light 2 " to the heaviest 3 " mags with flawless consistency. Wrapped in polymer armor and ready to dominate the most extreme waterfowling conditions.

Because no one works harder to advance the game or provides more solutions for success. And were thrilled to bring you our most lethal lineup yet, including our new Versa Max shotgun thats completely revolutionized autoloader function and reliability. Want to drop more birds in fewer shots? Try HyperSonic Steel, the worlds fastest, hardest-hitting steel. For firearms, ammunition and accessories, only one name offers the ultimate advantage. Proud Partner hypersonic steel. Proprietary wad and propellant technology puts more birds on the ground with fewer shots.

The smooth sliding action is still second-to-none, while its American walnut woodwork offers a custom-quality finish. Features solid, satin-finished walnut woodwork with cut fleur-di-lis checkering. Sure as the promise of autumn, Remington firearms come prepared with flawless balance, smooth performance and natural pointing characteristics.

Standing front and center is the Model Wingmaster. Featuring classically sleek lines and a richly blued finish, its the most handsome member in our esteemed pumpaction family. And to ensure first-rate pattern and energy, our Nitro Pheasant loads are in a class by themselves. For those who long for crisp days and open ranges, count on us to be faithfully by your side. Our hardest-hitting bird load. It uses our own Copper-Lokt for deeper penetration, while retaining tight patterns and high speeds over long ranges.

Were proud to offer the industrys most complete selection of specialized turkey shotguns, plus the best in hard-hitting payloads, turkey chokes and accessories. Leading the charge this year, the unprecedented reliability and soft recoil of our Versa Max Realtree AP. For peak bird-leveling performance, we recommend our Premier Magnum turkey loads. Shotguns with our ShurShot pistol-grip stock continue to deliver the best in handling and shot control.

And the innovation keeps coming. May the birds follow suit. Premier high Velocity magNum turkey loads. Reach out and crush them with the devastatingly dense patterns of our magnum-grade Copper-Lokt shot.

Available in standard and high velocity loads.

Remington 2012 Catalog

The Predator model is covered in full Mossy-Oak Brush camo, so youll seamlessly blend into the open-range, leaving plenty of coyotes in your wake. Model r Vtr Predator The best choice for long shots.


It comes decked in Advantage MAX-1 HD camo for max concealment, and is meticulously crafted for controlled stability, reduced recoil and peak accuracy. Model r Vtr Predator Carbine CollaPsible stoCk With an 18" barrel and lightweight 6 design, it travels at lightning speeds for trailing fast-paced prey. Also available, a collapsible stock option with an adjustable length of pull for added comfort. Whatever the species or terrain, only Remington brings you the industrys most advanced tools for accuracy, speed and concealment.

Leading the pack is the Model Seven Predator, a camo-clad workhorse that combines lightweight mobility with long-range precision. And for an instant kill delivered with laser-flat trajectory, the Accu-Tip V is the most effective varmint bullet youll ever shoot.

Whether youre calling coyotes, or flattening prairie dogs, were proudly bringing our leading innovations to the predator and varmint hunting tradition.

The gold standard for devastating on-game results. Shot after shot, AccuTips gold polymer tip delivers match-grade accuracy and explosive expansion. The deer hunters favorite buckshot works equally well for dropping predators and varmints at close range.

This proven competitor is a favorite among sporting clays enthusiasts and is offered in four gauges. Trap, skeet and sporting clays are in our DNA, and so is outperforming the competition at every venue.

Our Model Sportsman Field is the versatile clay buster youve been looking for, combining soft recoil, dependable function and classic good looks. Whatever your game, we offer a shotgun proven to smoke em. And our full line of target loads delivers industry-leading performance for every application. To improve your scores, trust a name thats reigned supreme in American shooting sports for decades.

The leading choice n autoloaders n ammunition n pump n accessories umC hAndgun. High performance and value meet, leaving plenty of targets in their wake. Load up for the day with our round Value Packs, or round Mega Packs for select calibers. Suited for everything from plinking to personal defense, choose from the broadest range of handgun ammo available. Each round is assembled with meticulous precision and the highest quality components. Round after round, nobody does more to maximize your time at the range than Remington.

This year, unleash the lightning speed and tack-driving accuracy of the Model HB, a rock-solid addition to the industrys most advanced semi-auto rimfire family. And with offerings for todays most popular pistols and revolvers, our UMC Handgun cartridges are todays finest blend of quality, reliability and value. Take your abilities to the next level with the most trusted name in shooting.

Rem squeeg-e. Easily cleans lands and grooves with one pull, eliminating the need for mops and patches. Whether youre at the top of your game or training to get there, our multi-purpose rimfire line offers the peak reliability and consistency youre after. The safest choice for indoor shooters, featuring a Flat Nose Enclosed Base bullet that all but eliminates lead vaporization.

At only 23 years old, Eliphalet Remington builds his first rifle barrel. And so it begins. Proudly, this site is part of the property where we produce our firearms to this day.

JUST RELEASED: 2019 Remington And AAC Product Catalogs

One of the most popular buffalo rifles of the era, the state-of-the-art Rolling Block Rifle, is introduced. The partnership of E. Remington and Sons is incorporated and begins selling shares to the public.

The Model 11 is released, becoming the first successful autoloading shotgun made in the USA. Originally called the Autoloading Repeating Rifle, the Model 8 is introduced as the worlds first lock-breech autoloading rifle. Remington downloads the rights to produce the Parker shotgun from the Charles Parker Company. The Model 32 is released. While discontinued in , today its considered by many wingshooters as the finest over and under shotgun ever made in America.

The Model Wingmaster a legend is born. The revolutionary Model is introduced to the market. The most popular and most accurate bolt-action rifle in history, its been faithfully serving hunters and shooters ever since.

It has since become the best selling shotgun of all time. Changing The game. After 3 years of development, semi-auTo advanCemenT. Manufactured at the new Mayfield, KY plant, the Model family establishes itself as the industrys most advanced semi-auto rimfire line. Remington forever alters the landscape of autoloading shotguns with the Model Remington produces the 10 millionth Model shotgun.

Remington unleashes the Versa Max autoloading shotgun. The legends golden anniversary. For nearly two centuries, we have advanced the art and science oF Firearm technology. From the legendary model to the breakthrough versa max, our tradition of innovation is present in every firearm that bears our name. Its our generations-old promise to progress the sport we hold most dear.

When it debuted in , the Model was the first major advancement in bolt actions since the s and was touted the finest rifle Remington has ever made. That statement would prove even more powerful than its very first chambering, our own 7mm Remington Magnum. When we designed a stronger action to handle the higher pressures of this new cartridge, we created a superior platform for every cartridge on Earth.

In a half century, the Model established itself as the most accurate, most popular production rifle in firearms history. It was ahead of its time in And, proudly, is even more so in The riflemans rifle for a half-century and counting. Theres no more fitting way to honor 50 years of bolt-action supremacy than with a Model BDL crafted in the spirit of the very first one we released in , in its first chambering: the 7mm Remington Magnum.

This rifles timeless looks and laser-engraved commemorative floorplate make a coveted piece for collectors, but a few shots from the bench will assure you its built to hunt. Like all our Model rifles, this edition is graced with the world-leading out-of-the-box accuracy and reliability that have earned it a place in history as the greatest bolt guns of all time.

The handsome B grade walnut stock is adorned with Fleur-Di-Lis checking and white line spacers at the recoil pad, grip cap and fore-end. Rich satin bluing on the receiver and 24" barrel adds the finishing touch. Modern advancements like our X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger further support our belief that this is one commemorative rifle you wont be able to keep on a shelf.

The Model is undoubtedly the strongest action ever conceived. The cylindrical receiver is dramatically more rigid than the traditional flat-bottom types it replaced. Additionally, our famous 3-Rings-of-Steel make it an unshakable vault of strength. Its unmatched solidarity, in conjunction with its superior locktime and precision hammer-forged barrel have made it an accuracy legend of its own time. Recessed bolt face completely encloses cartridge head for maximum protection against case rupture 2.

Barrel surrounds bolt shroud for additional strength 3.

Barrel threaded into receiver machined from hardened steel Hammer-forged barrels. Of all methods, Locktime. Its ultra-fast locktime of 2. Model barrels have exacting bore and rifling dimensions and a carefully tuned exterior contour. The traits that make the Model action the choice of more military and law-enforcement sniper units and custom gunmakers worldwide are the same that make it the most popular hunting rifle in America.

It blazes new trails in innovation at an even greater rate than our customers expand their range and, today, is the most complete and highly adapted rifle line in the world. There are stainless, blued and matte finishes to choose from, with the widest variety of stock options and an unrivaled selection of calibers, from the 17 Remington Fireball to the devastating Win Mag.

Remington Digital Catalog

Our nail-tough TriNyte Corrosion Control system is the ultimate weapon against extreme conditions. And the revolutionary X-Mark Pro trigger is externally adjustable for a clean break at the preferred weight of most shooters.

Its stainless steel barrel and receiver are coated with black TriNyte for a more classic look with less glare for superior stealth.

And its every bit as impervious to abuse as our original finish, with the accelerated saltwater testing to prove it. Our Model XCr ii rocky mountain elk foundation edition is chambered for the venerable Rem and has a rugged synthetic stock in Realtree AP camo.

For positive handling in adverse weather, both stock options are equipped with Hogue rubber overmolding at key grip areas. Choose from a wide range of hard-hitting big-game cartridges, enhanced by the tack-driving accuracy only a Model action can provide.

Patent pending. Consisting of Stainless Steel, electroless nickel and proprietary PVD, this armor-tough, multilayer coating is the worlds most effective barrier against rust and abrasion for firearms, yet it is only a fraction of a human hair in thickness.

It breaks like glass, has virtually zero creep and offers a level of shot control unmatched by any factory trigger today. The X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger system delivers true, customgrade performance in a production trigger and is user-adjustable with readily available tools. Not that youll feel the need. It comes with a lighter average pull weight 3 lbs. While others use gadgets and add-ons to hide inconsistencies, Remington eliminates them with state-ofthe-art manufacturing techniques and the tightest possible production tolerances.

A mirror-like finish on its components enhances corrosion resistance and adds to its breaks-likeglass feel. The X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger system is now standard equipment on all cataloged Model and Model Seven rifles. In fact, its the most effective on the planet. Order No.

Celebrating milestones. The Remington Model is a rifle with no equal, a superior performer in every way. Its accuracy and dependability are the standard by which all other centerfire rifles are measured and continually fall short proudly represented in this diverse family of guns. You picked your champion, now enter to take it home along with a case of ammo. Thanks to all who voted during Remington Madness. Blend in where you fit in. High class, high brass. Update your browser to view this website correctly.

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Model R1 Enhanced. Model R1 Carry. Ammunition Back Shotshell. Centerfire Rifle. Other Products. TAC Marine Magnum. TAC DM. TAC Arm Brace.

TAC Hardwood. Rifle Parts.

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