The Baby-Sitter (The Baby-Sitter, #1; Point Horror, #5) Stine (Goodreads Author) (shelved 34 times as point-horror) by Richie Tankersley Cusick (shelved 33 times as point-horror). Book of Horrors by Diane Hoh · The Boy Next Door by Point Horror Collection 2 : My Secret Admirer, The Accident, Funhouse by Carol Ellis · Point Horror. Point Horror is series of young adult horror fiction books which include authors such as They are "Point Horror Unleashed", "Nightmare Hall" and "Mutant.

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{READ} BOOK Asylum - 13 Tales of Terror ONLINE FULL PDF · {READ} BOOK {READ} BOOK Thirteen Tales of Horror (Point Horror 13's) ONLINE FULL PDF. eBooks - Category: Horror - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover new authors and their books in our eBook community. Let's not forget that he contributed 19 books to the “Point Horror” series. ISBN , ISBN ,, tutorials, pdf, ebook, torrent.

Browsing through a box of old books recently I came across a dozen gaudy paperbacks that virtually defined a whole year of my childhood reading. The various covers featured blood-splattered shoes, plates and windows, lurking shadows and desperately clawing hands, each one topped by an ominous title in jagged gaudy letters, such as The Babysitter, The Lifeguard and Homecoming Queen. They were of course Point Horror books. I was overcome with a wave of nostalgia. What happened to these once ubiquitous books, I wondered. As far as I can tell they simply died out. Scholastic , the publisher behind Point Horror, cut back more and more on the titles since their heyday in the mid-nineties, and doesn't seem to have published any new ones since Strange perhaps, since not so long ago I remember an editor telling me the demise of Point Horror had left a big gap in the market for young adult horror fiction. Flipping through those titles however, it wasn't long before my nostalgia gave way to a faint sense of embarrassment at having ever liked the books. The plots generally revolve around an American teenager trying to sort out her problems i. There is the odd flash of invention, such as the beach house that travels through time or the perfume that raises evil twins from the dead, and occasionally the books hint at something a little deeper, such as Caroline B Cooney's trilogy about a vampire who offers dumpy girls the chance to be beautiful and popular, but only at the expense of those already so. By and large the Point Horrors are pretty hard to distinguish between. Even Harry Potter is more topical.

The Hitchhiker Paperback by R. Beach Party Point Horror, 8 by R. Freeze Tag Paperback by Caroline B. The Invitation Paperback by Diane Hoh. The Snowman Paperback by R. Call Waiting Point Horror by R. Camp Fear by Carol Ellis. Halloween Night Halloween Night, 1 by R. The Perfume Paperback by Caroline B. Mother's Helper Point Horror, 14 by A.

The Fever Paperback by Diane Hoh. Dream Date Paperback by Sinclair Smith.

Popular Point Horror Books

The Window Paperback by Carol Ellis. Twins Paperback by Caroline B. The Yearbook Paperback by Peter Lerangis. Pines Editor. Twisted Point Horror, 2 by R.

Krazy 4 U Paperback by A. Prom Date Paperback by Diane Hoh. The Stranger Paperback by Caroline B. The Love Interest Ugh goody two shoes Jerry….

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PlotTwist Too soon? Jerry got on my nerves just a little.

I mean he cheats on his girlfriend Renee and effectively kills her as Todd, but he was just too ugh for me and omg that kiss with Karen sounded excruciatingly painful that I was cringing! Tom Cruise lookalike or not…. I think I will pass.

How convenient! The ending of this book was a complete blur following this revelation that we seemed to only have what felt like one paragraph to explain and digest everything. She was the total opposite to Karen in everyway…. She loved him that much…. Poor Renee. I was actually starting to like her a little too.

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Bad boy Vince got Karen all hot under the collar with his bad boy looks and yes I knew exactly where she was coming from with this! Tall and lanky, dimples in his cheeks, eight ball tattoo on his wrist, short blond spiked hair, a leather and denim combi and diamond stud earrings and to top all of this off ….

Bad ass or what?! And he gets the girl! What more can we ask for?! Oh a proper ending…. With his straight brown hair, big broad shoulders, muscular arms, wide neck, round brown eyes and square forehead he seemed okay and I loved the fact him and Ann-Marie have a secret thing which of course Karen finds hilarious she was the only one.

He looked like Jim Belushi according to Karen….. Wow Karen has very different tastes in men!

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Little mention goes to Marty who I would have liked to have seen more of as he seemed funny. With his curly brown hair, round puffs of cheeks, black eyes, round face, horse scratchy voice and skateboard …..

I spotted blue sleeveless t-shirts, lots of spandex bicycle shorts, tie dyed jean cut-offs and lots of Day-Glo! Not so much dialogue disasters as in lines that made me chuckle a little….