What you're seeing when you open a PDF in Dropbox (in the app on your phone or on the web) is just a preview of the file. Open the PDF in. Hi Cynthiag,. We apologize for the delay in response. Could you confirm the pdf file that you have been opening, does it contains the web links. Open the email that contains your PDF attachment. Open the message so that you can see the attachment link.

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You can add PDFs to your Apple Books Library on your iPhone, iPad, You can also save an email or webpage as a PDF, import PDFs . Save time by starting your support request online and we'll connect you to an expert. With iBooks for iOS, you can view, sync, save, share, and print PDFs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. We created PDF Expert to make working with PDFs fun and pleasant on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. If you have PDF Expert on multiple devices, you can easily sync.

Yet, there are third-party alternatives that are so exceptionally good that you need them whenever you're working with PDFs. If you add third-party apps, though, you can make iOS be the best way to edit, change and redact them too. First, though, it's still the case that getting a PDF onto your device in order to do any editing is sometimes clunky. There are ways to make that easier, however, and once you've got the PDF on your iPad, turning it around and sending it out to someone else is straightforward. Getting PDFs into your editor If you are sent a PDF over email or you download it from a website, the way to get that into your editing app is exactly the same as for simply reading it. You just tap on the Share icon in Safari. In both cases you get Apple's share sheet and can pick which app to send it too. There really isn't a perfect way to put a bundle of PDFs to work on but the major PDF editing apps offer some options. They both let you connect to Dropbox to do the same thing, too. Point the iOS device at that code and you link the two machines.

Thanks, I think that is the only solution but unfortunately I can't guarantee that people will have the pdf reader or download an app. That would be lovely if I had control over the page but I don't unfortunately.

Pdf links don't work on iPad/iPhone

I can do that for my client's own website but the pdf's have been requested by another site. It's a site about racing, my client is just one of the drivers featured on there, I can't dictate anything.

I can't, it needs to be a pdf, my client wants a pdf that he can email to people. Hmm just realised they don't work on Android either, this is worse than I thought! It can't be a Word doc or a html doc or any other kind of doc, it needs to be a pdf.

How to Open PDF on iPhone Free

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So there you have it. Now you can save anything, from photos to Word documents to webpages, as small, neat PDFs. The resulting PDF looks exactly the same, but you miss out on more-advanced features like excluding pages.

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Still, if all you want to do is save a bunch of quick PDFs, it can be a lot faster. Today in Apple history: Macintosh Ke further enhances the Mac. Early iPad rumor gets Apple fans buzzing.

Apple and Foxconn, a history [Cook book outtakes]. How to mod your AirPods to fit tight in your ears.

How to Download PDF Files to iPhone or iPad

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