We use intent(android support library) in Android & open a PDF Viewer of Android. In this sample, we read a PDF from the assets directory. It looks difficult “How to create PDF file in android”, but actually it is very simple to create PDF in android app. Here in this tutorial, I am using PdfDocument – This class enables generating a PDF document from native Android content. You don’t need to use third party. In order to let users view PDF documents in an Android app, to view a PDF file stored in the raw resource folder (i.e. res/raw/ruthenpress.info).

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Pdf Android Example

Android PdfRendererBasic Sample. This sample demonstrates how to display PDF document on screen using the PdfRenderer introduced in Android Sample Application For Creation and Display of Pdf. 1. Create a new Android Application Project with Package name ruthenpress.infoo. We look at the different ways of creating a PDF on Android. apps allow you to export a PDF. For example, both Google Docs and Microsoft Word can do this.

A blank white screen displays with a toolbar at the top. To add images you want to convert, tap the plus sign icon on the toolbar. Folders on your device containing images are listed. Tap on the folder containing the images you want to include in your PDF file. To select the images, click the selection button at the top of the screen. All the images are selected. If you want to leave some images out, simply tap on them to deselect them. The files are added in order based on the file names.

To reorder them differently, tap the sort icon on the toolbar.

Say you want to reverse the order of the image files. You can also sort by File Time, beginning with the oldest File Time with the down arrow or the most recent File Time with the up arrow.

You can also manually reorder the image files by tapping and holding on the three-bar icon with the up and down arrows for an image file and dragging it up or down to move it to a different place in the list.

How to Combine Multiple Images into a PDF File on Android

You can either choose not to resize the images or you can set specific maximum sizes for the width and height of each image. We chose to leave the images as they are.

You can change default apps in Android 6. To view the PDF file using a different app, pull up on the popup with your finger to expand the menu and select an app from the list.

Before sharing the file, it might be useful to rename it with a descriptive name.

Select the PDF file you just created by tapping on the selection bubble to the right of the file name. Then, tap on the rename icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen.


The new name displays in the list. So, we used Bundle for storing the data.

How to Build an Android PDF Viewer Using Java

We will pass the id of frame layout of activity on which fragment is added. There are two buttons- previous and next that will open the previous and next page respective to current page. For changing the color of text on button, we created a drawable resource file we will see that next and set that as textColor in buttons.

Firstly you create a renderer and for every page you want to render, you open the page, render it, and close the page. When fragment is started, openPdfRenderer is called. There, we first initialize ParcelFileDescriptor by calling open method.

How to read PDF files in android

This will open a file with a specific name and return a file descriptor. Then, initialize the PdfRenderer by passing parcelFileDescriptor as argument.

Then displayPage method is called. Third argument which goes to this function is Bitmap.

Config that describes how pixels are stored. In this method, we first specify destination bitmap as first parameter and null for next two parameters.

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