Passmedicine for MRCP - PACES - MRCP Medbook4u. See more of MRCP UK Notes & Questions on Facebook. ‎Zian Anwar‎ to MRCP UK Notes & Questions. Passmedicine for Mrcp part 1 pdf file can anyone give me the download link for this one??. Passmedicine for Mrcp part 1 pdf file can anyone give me the download link for this one?? Thanks in advance.

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Online revision for the MRCP Part 1, MRCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), GP ST Stage 2 - Specialty Recruitment Assessment, Medical student finals, MRCP. Apr 3, Download Passmedicine notes pdf | Medical Books PDF. To prepare well for MRCP Part 1 PassMedicine will provide the best material for Lecture Notes of Internal Medicine (Cardiology) by Dr. Osama Mahmoud [Pdf.

Over 2, questions for the Clinical Problem Solving paper and Professional Dilemma questions of both types. Take a demo Sign up Medical student years Our new Years resource is aimed at students in the early years of medical school. Based around our powerful Knowledge tutor technology it drills into you key facts relating to the clinical sciences. Many of the questions include images, ECGs and x-rays. Please use the buttons below to find out more Take a look More Am I on track to pass? How do I compare to others? PassMedicine constructs a histogram based on other candidates scores which is updated on a daily basis. This not only allows you to see where you are in the pecking order but also helps predict whether you're ready to take the exam. All the features you'd expect. And more. Revision mode, timed tests, extensive performance analysis and powerful question review functions. Not only are PassMedicine questions accompanied by answers there are also revision notes under each question. Flag questions, add your own revision notes and much more Introducing the knowledge tutor.

If 90 percent of your mark comes from coursework and you do that poorly all year, you can't expect to save yourself at the last minute with a sudden good exam performance. Similarly, even if you've done brilliant coursework, if it counts for only 10 percent of your total mark, you still need a good performance in the exam.

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If you understand where your marks will come from, you can allocate your efforts accordingly. Plan your revision More than 20 years after I last sat an exam of any kind, I still get a recurring nightmare about not having started my revision in time!

Chore though it is, you can never really spend too long revising. Teachers will tell you that it's generally easier to spend a small amount of time each day revising over a long period than to try to cram in all your revision the night before your exam.

But different strategies work for different people.

Passmedicine for MRCP 2018

Some people find concentrated revision suits them best. Some prefer to revise one subject entirely before proceeding with another topic; others prefer to alternate revision between different subjects. As you become proficient at exams, you should find a pattern that works for you. One good tip is to make revision a habit: treat it like a job and make yourself revise between certain set times of the day whether you feel like it or not.

No-one ever feels like revising, but if you get into a routine where you always begin and end at the same time, you'll find it a whole lot easier. Another good tip is to intersperse your revision with relaxing activities to stop your brain overloading. Go for walks, listen to music, hang out with friends, play sports—whatever you like— as long as you understand the distinction between break and distractions.

Probably give reading books a miss until your revision is done, however. Prioritize weak subjects Aim to revise everything but devote more time to things you don't understand or know less well.

Exam Pass Rates

It sounds obvious, but it's surprisingly hard to do. Because we like doing easy things—so our tendency, when we revise, is to concentrate on the things we already know. If you're not sure what your weaker subjects are, ask your teacher or look at the marks you've received on coursework through the year.

Prioritizing weak subjects also goes back to understanding the marking scheme. Let's suppose your examination involves you writing three essays.

Most likely they will carry equal marks.

Even if you know two subjects off by heart and get perfect marks, if you can't write a third essay you risk losing up to a third of the marks.

So weak subjects will have a disproportionate effect on your total mark, dragging your overall grade down much more. That's why you should give weak subjects most focus.

Be honest with yourself What are you good at and what are you bad at? Maybe you think you're good at everything, but you'll still have weak points you need to focus on. And if you think you're bad at everything, that's probably not true either.

Ask your teachers to spend a little time with you helping you to understand where you need to focus your efforts. Most often they'll be happy to oblige. Practice makes perfect Photo: Set yourself "mock" questions under real time constraints. Also includes the innovative Knowledge Tutor which tests you on thousands of high-yield facts Take a demo Sign up.

Also includes the Knowledge tutor for revision of high-yield facts Take a demo Sign up. Take a demo Sign up. Medical student years Our new Years resource is aimed at students in the early years of medical school.

Please use the buttons below to find out more Take a look More. Am I on track to pass? How do I compare to others? All the features you'd expect. And more. When THC is administered, it quickly moves out of the blood into fatty tissue. This explains the low correlation between the blood levels of cannabis and the degree of biological effect. Figure 1 - THC and lignocaine; the non-polar structure of THC left explains its low solubility in the bloodstream; lignocaine right is a weak base and is protonated in low pH On occasion, medicinal chemists may need to prevent a drug from crossing into the brain to reduce unwanted side effects.

One example of this is seen with antihistamine drugs.

Older antihistamines cause drowsiness because they are able to cross into the brain. When newer versions were developed, functional groups — like carboxylic acids — were introduced to make the drug more hydrophilic and prevent it crossing into the brain.

The Online Medicals: Download free passmedicine full files and all notes for MRCP

So the ethanol concentration in exhaled air reflects its concentration in the blood, and this in turn reflects its concentration at the site of action in the brain. In your class Download a question and answer worksheet featuring examples where chemistry is needed to solve a medical problem as MS Word or pdf. Download a printable version of this article as a pdf to hand out in your class.

Acids and bases Many drugs are either weak acids or weak bases, so the extent to which they are charged depends on the pH. When given in tablet form most drugs are absorbed in the small intestine, which has a pH between 6 and 7.

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