Oxford Reading Circle Book 2 [Nicholas Horsburgh] on ruthenpress.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It is a graded series of nine Literature Readers. The Teaching Guides of Oxford Reading Circle provide some guidelines for the help of suggested answers and hints to the exercises in the book. • additional. Oxford Reading Circle is a graded series of nine literature readers designed The Primer and Books 1 and 2 contain drills that aid pronunciation and spelling.

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Oxford Ing Circle Book 2

Get Free Read & Download Files Oxford Ing Circle Bk 3 2nd Edition PDF. OXFORD as a solution manual you download in a book store or download off the web. American English File 2 Student Book (Second Edition) Online Practice Christina Latham-Koenig Clive Oxenden Paul Seligson OXFORD,. .. make or do? y and d3- shopping c and ch adjectives ending -ed and -ing Ci, on·, . Practice saying the letters in each circle, e Ask and answer with a panller. o ' Teaching notes The Oxford Primary Skills series is designed to be used alongside to do this. Basketball is much easier than football Comprehension 2 Write Tom or Emma. 1 18 Vocabulary 5 Read the definitions and circle. 1 A container you can grow plants in '_/ 'ri'i'ing How to grow a bulb in a

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Oxford Reading Circle is a graded series of nine literature readers designed for students of Kindergarten to Class 8. This well-established series contains a wide range of literary texts and aims to inculcate a deep appreciation of literature in English. Based on classroom feedback, this new edition offers a host of new selections in each book with improved assessments and comprehensive teaching guides.

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There is special emphasis on the following features: The books contain classic and contemporary selections from a wide range of literature. The Primer and Books 1 and 2 contain drills that aid pronunciation and spelling.

A variety of exercises, along with reference to context and extract-based activities have been included to develop and enhance factual recall capacity, inferential understanding, evaluative responses, and creative thinking. Phonics and Spelling: The Primer and Books 1 and 2 contain drills that aid pronunciation and spelling.

A variety of exercises have been included to test factual recall and inferential understanding. A fun approach has been adopted to deal with words and what can be done with them.

Tasks have been designed for extended classroom discussion and debate as also for project work. While word lists accompany the Primer and Books 1 and 2, the rest of the Readers contain extensive glossaries.

Books carry notes on poets along with explanations and drills of poetry structures. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Great care has been taken to present themes that are value-based and environment-friendly as well as those that have elements of adventure, heroism and romance that can stimulate the child's imagination. Exercises have been designed to enhance the pupil's language skills and word power.

Read more Read less. Read more. Product details Paperback Publisher: Oxford University Press Karachi Language: English ISBN Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I think football is more exciting than basketball.

There are goalposts at the end of the pitch. Youjust kick the ball and you try to score a goal. Wow, Emma! Maybe i that was a bit too far Emma: Oh no! V, Unit 3 My favourite sport Comprehension 2 Write Tom or Emma.

All the players can throw the ball. There are four goalposts. You must be good at throwing. There are two hoops. You can kick the ball. A In football. Does Tom think football is exciting? Does Emma like basketball?

Does Tom throw the ball? Does Emma throw the ball? Unit 3 My favourite sport 13 They are on the football The is going through 6 The is kicking the ball. Complete with the words in the box. It is usually grass. There are eleven players in the 2. One of the players is the 3 and he or she stands in front of the goalposts.

They can touch the ball with their 5 and their " but not with their hands. A game of football lasts 7 minutes. It is usually made players in the team. They bounce the ball Basketball is played on a 3- of wood. Players have to try to get the ball through a Unit 3 My favourite sport More words on page 45 Writing My favourite sport My favourite sport is volleyball.

You play volleyball on a court. You need a ball and a net. There are two teams and there are six players on each team. They take turns to serve. The players move very fast. They usually hit the ball with their hands or arms. They hit it very hard. They hit the ball over the net. The teams score points when the ball hits the ground on the other team's side of the net.

Use adverbs to describe verbs: The fans cheered lOl. I think football is very The children laughed happily when they saw their friends.

John can run very fast. Do you like my new football kit? Please play your music quietly. These trainers are very expensive. At the museum you will be able to see models of the machines, cars and robots of the future. The museum will be very big. There will be modern escalators and beautiful glass lifts. Visitors will move through the museum on moving walkways. They will listen to audio guides to find out about the things in the museum.

Some of the robots will talk to you. They will be able to talk in a lot of different languages. There will be cinemas, laboratories. At the gift shop there will be fantastic things to download for your friends and family. There will also be a Young Inventor Laboratory for children, with displays of new inventions. Children will make their own future inventions in the laboratory.

Oxford Reading Circle Second Edition

There will be very small computers that you can I wear like a watch. There will be tiny phones you will wear in your ears. Why not send it to us? We will send you a Future Inventor T—shirt. We will send the best ideas to the museum and they will put them on the walls of the Young Inventor Laboratory for everyone to see. Unit 14 Future inventions There will be models of machines in the museum. The museum will be small. There will be a shop in the museum. Children will learn about animals in the Young Inventor Laboratory.

There will be computers you wear in your ears. Write a sentence from the text for each picture. Will there be robots in the museum? Will the museum be small? How will visitors move through the museum?

Where will children make their own inventions? How will you wear computers in the future? Unit 14 Future inventions 17 Complete the text with the words in the box. It was great. They were cooking and they Unit to Future inventions More words on page 45 Writing My future invention I think we will have special shoes like these in the future. They will look like trainers and they will be very comfortable. Everyone will be able to wear them, even children and old people.

They will also lift us off the ground when we want to jump over things or fly to a different place. These shoes are a great idea because we won't need bikes or cars to travel around the town. They will be good for the environment. It a spaceship. I 8 Write about a future invention in your notebook. Use the notes below or imagine your own invention.

The ship has got sixteen decks. Each deck has got different areas or zones for passengers to visit. The lucky passengers The enormous shopping zone is called The Royal Promenade.

There are lots of different shops and places to eat here. There are lots of different types of food to choose from — British, Italian, Chinese, Indian and others.

It is the first ever. It's amazing! There are lots of ways to keep fit on board. You can swim in four pools and ten whirlpools in the Pool Zone.

In the Sports Zone, you can play basketball, climb rock walls or play mini-golf. Passengers can visit a gym and 4 have some exercise classes, too. They can also have dance lessons or skate on an ice rink on the ship. The Youth Zone is a great place for young children and teenagers. They can learn about science or art, or they can just relax and have lots of fun. The Entertainment Place is the zone where passengers can go in the evening. The bars and restaurants have got live music most nights.

Comprehension 2 Answer the questions. There are sixteen decks. Children can relax. You can find whirlpools. There are lots of trees and plants. Children can learn about art. You can swim. You can play mini-golf. Yes, there are.

Are there two ice rinks on the ship? Are there'any cafes in the Royal Promenade? Are there any cars on the ship? Are there any trees on the ship? Unit 5 Happy holidays 21 My family and I went to New York last month. We travelled on a huge plarie.

It was a great holiday. You can download delicious ice cream and cakes there. It's got play areas for children and quiet areas for adults.

Oxford Reading Circle Teaching Guide 2

My dream hotel is a great place to relax. I hope I will go there one day! Their fantastic film is called March of the Penguins. They go on a very long and difficult journey every year. Hundreds of penguins get together and walk more than one hundred kilometres across the ice. They walk until they find a safe place for the mothers to lay eggs.

Oxford Reading Circle Second Edition - English Readers - English - School Textbooks

After they lay their eggs, the mothers give them to the fathers to look after. Then they walk back to the sea to find food for their new chicks. The fathers stay with the eggs. They balance the eggs carefully on their feet, because it is too cold on the ice. The fathers wait for six. They stand close together to keep warm in the snow and icy wind.

The mothers come back with food after two months. They feed the chicks while the fathers walk to the sea and back to find food for themselves. After that, the parents leave the chicks to look after themselves and return to the sea.

March of the Penguins is a very famous film. Lots of people all over the world went to watch it at the cinema. Unit 6 Watching wildlife Comprehension 2 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. The penguins more than kilometres to find a safe place. The fathers - sixty-four days for the eggs to hatch.

Match the questions and the answers. Xx Sixty-four days. Four months. Unit 6 Watching wildlife 25 Last night, I watched a 2 about ostriches.

They live in hot countries. The father ostriches make a hole in the sand. Ostrich eggs are the biggest eggs in the world. The mothers sit on the eggs in the day and the 6 sit on the eggs at 7. It was very interesting. I learned thatfemale elephants live in families, but male elephants leave the family. The males are unfriendly, they live on their own. When a family gets very big, some of the young females make a new group.

Elephants are very unusual animals because they can use their noses to listen. They put their noses, or trunks, on the ground to hear sounds from a long way away. I saw this in the documentary too. They also use their trunks to make noises to communicate with other elephants. Use these facts about gorillas or write about your favourite animal. You should be well prepared when you go to the jungle. Remember these important tips in case you get lost.

They can help you and others in your group survive. Always look in your shoes before you put them on. Some insects like to hide in shoes and they will bite or sting you.

Have you run out of water? Think about how you will feel when you are safe with your family again. Try not to worry too much. Remember these tips and your trip to the ju gle will be a lot safer! When you've found a hill, look to see if there is a river.

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