Oedipus Rex. SOPHOCLES. TRANSLATED BY DUDLEY FITTS AND ROBERT FITZGERALD. CHARACTERS. OEDIPUS,. King of Thebes, supposed son. This translation, which has been prepared by Ian Johnston of. Malaspina Tyrannos or Oedipus Rex, written around BC, has long been regarded not only. The Oedipus Rex, without argument one of the greatest plays ever written in any In preparing this translation from the Greek, I have used the Oxford text of.

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Oedipus Rex Full Text Pdf

OEDIPUS THE KING. OEDIPUS AT COLONUS. ANTIGONE. OEDIPUS THE KING. Translation by F. Storr, BA. Formerly Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. Oedipus the King. Sophocles. Translated by Robert Fagles. FOCUS A terrible plague has struck the city of Thebes. Plants, animals, and people are dying in. OEDIPUS What trouble can have hindered a full quest,. When royalty had fallen thus miserably? CREON The riddling Sphinx compelled us to let slide. The dim.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Oedipus the King Full Text. In front of the palace of Oedipus at Thebes. To the 25 out of the depths, out of the bloody surf. Children, young sons and daughters of old 30 a deadly pestilence, is on our town, Cadmus,1 strikes us and spears us not, and the house of Cadmus why do you sit here with your suppliant crowns? O ruler of my country, Oedipus, find us some strength for rescue. Noblest of men, go, and raise up our city, Within the market place sit others crowned go,-- and give heed. For now this land of ours 20 with suppliant garlands3, at the double shrine 55 calls you its savior since you saved it once. King, you yourself as of a time when first our feet were set have seen our city reeling like a wreck secure on high, but later fell to ruin.

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Oedipus Rex Full Text PDF | Sophocles | Oedipus

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Oedipus the King Full Text.pdf

Privacy policy. Cookie policy. Change language. Main languages. Creon is no hurt to you, Not your profession surely! Wealth, sovereignty and skill outmatching for you have made me speak against my will. Speak what? Tell me again that I may learn it Great store of jealousy fill your treasury chests, better. Did you not understand before or would desires to drive me out and secretly you suborns35 this juggling trick devising quack, provoke me into speaking?

I did not grasp it. Is it endurable that I should hear with your prophetic eyes? When the dark singer, such words from him? Go and a curse go with you! Out of my house at once! I would not have come either had you not of a chance comer.

I did not know then you would talk like a to glean a word of knowledge. But I came, fool— Oedipus, who knew nothing, and I stopped her. I solved the riddle by my own wit alone. Mine was no knowledge got from birds. I am a fool then, as it seems to you— you would expel me, but to the parents who have bred you, wise.

What parents?

Who are they of all the both you and your accomplice, for your plot world? This day will show your birth and will that what was in your heart was treason. How needlessly your riddles darken king, and we find both have spoken them in anger. If you are king, at least I have the right no less to speak in my defense against you. Taunt me where you will find me great. Of that much I am master.

It is this very luck that has destroyed you. I do not care, if it has saved this city. Well, I will go. Come, boy, lead me away. Do you know who your parents are? Yes, lead him off.

I have said out of this land, with darkness on your eyes, what I came here to say not fearing your that now have such straight vision. Shall there be countenance; there is no way you can hurt me.

So he will not be condemned by my Now is the time for him to run mind. Citizens, I have come because I heard and terribly close on his heels deadly words spread about me, that the king are the Fates that never miss.

I cannot take that from him. The report bidding each Theban track him down, injures me doubly and most vitally— the unknown murderer. Perhaps it was a sudden gust of anger He is sad and lonely, his feet that forced that insult from him, and no judgment.

But did he say that it was a compliances flutter around his head. Yes, he said that, but why, I do not know. Were his eyes straight in his head? Was his terrible confusion; mind right I do not approve what was said when he accused me in this fashion?

I do not know; I have no eyes to see I am in a flutter of foreboding; what princes do. Here comes the king himself. You, sir, how is it you come here? Have you in attacking the popular fame so much of Oedipus, seeking brazen faced daring that you venture in to take vengeance for undiscovered death in the line my house although you are proved manifestly41 of Labdacus. Did you imagine I should not observe 38 Pegasus mythical winged horse.

You never made a search for the dead man? We searched, indeed, but never learned of with the people at your back or money can anything. Why did our wise old friend not say this then?

First of all hear what I shall say to that. You know yourself a valuable possession, you are wrong. Well, then. Did you or did you not urge me to send that I am not disposed to deny.

I did indeed, this country giving her an equal share and I shall stand by what I told you. How long ago is it since Laius. Yes, everything she wants she has from me. What about Laius? Vanished—died—was murdered? Not if you will reflect on it as I do.

He was, and honored and sleep untroubled by a feat if power as highly as he is today. At that time did he say a word about me? Never, at least not when I was near him. As it stands now, the prizes are all mine—and without fear. O, city, city! I too have some share want other honors than those that come with profit. Stop, my lords! Here—and in the nick of time success for them depends upon my favor. I see Jocasta coming from the house; Why should I let all this go to win that?

Prove what I say. For shame! Why have you raised this foolish at Pytho and inquire about the answers, squabbling if they are as I told you. For the rest, brawl? Go in, you, Oedipus, seer, kill me, I say, and you, too, Creon, into the house. But do not charge me on obscure opinion without some proof to back it. Sister, Oedipus, lightly to count your knaves as honest men, nor with your husband, thinks he has the right to do honest men as knaves.

To throw away terrible wrongs—he has but to choose between an honest friend is, as it were, to throw two terrors: That God may never bless me! His words are wise, king, if one fears to fall.

I beg you, Oedipus, trust him in this, moves quickly, I must quickly counterplot. If I wait taking no decisive measure his business will be done, and mine be spoiled. Be gracious, be merciful, we beg you. What do you want to do then? Banish me? In what would you have me yield? No, certainly; kill you, not banish you.

He has been no silly child in the past. For my own interests, yes. Spare him. Do you know what you ask? You are a rogue. Tell me then. Suppose you do not understand? But yet do not cast I must be ruler. Not if you rule badly. I would have you know that this request of would have been proved a madman, bankrupt in sane yours council, if I really requests my death or banishment. May the Sun God,47 king of Gods, forbid! Tell me, my lord, I beg of you, what was it my that roused your anger so?

Yes, I will tell you. Well, let him go then—if I must die ten times It was Creon and the plots he laid against me. Tell me—if you can clearly tell the It is your lips that prayed for him pitied, quarrel— not his; wherever he is, I shall hate him. Of his own knowledge or on information? Leave me alone! Take yourself off, I tell you.

Do not concern yourself about this matter; and they have known my innocence. There was some misconceived suspicion of a the king, was killed by foreign highway robbers story, and at a place where three roads meet—so goes the story; on the other side the sting of injustice. So, on both sides? What was the story? I think it best, in the interests of the country, So clear in this case were the oracles, to leave it so clear and false.

Give them no heed, I say; where it ended. O dear Jocasta, although you are, by softening my anger. What trouble is it, that you turn again and speak like this? The only servant that escaped safe home. Is he at home now? Yes, that was how the story went and still that word goes round. Where is this place, Jocasta, he came to me and touched my had and begged where he was murdered? Phocis is the country as far off as he might. So I and the road splits there, one of two roads from Delphi, sent him away.

He was an honest man, another comes from Daulia. How long ago is this? The news came to the city just before quickly! He can. Why is your hear so set on this? O dear Jocasta, I am full of fears me? What is the thought that troubles your heart?

How old or young was he? It shall not be kept from you, since my mind already—nearly white—and in his form has gone so far with its forebodings. Whom not unlike you. O God, I think I have through such a fortune? Polybus was my father, king of Corinth,49 and Merope, the Dorian,50 my mother.

I am terrified I was held greatest of the citizens when I look at you. I have a deadly fear but hardly worth the store set upon it. I will. How was his company? And I went at last to Pytho, though my parents did not know. In all there were but five, and among them But Phoebus sent me home again unhonored a herald;48 and one carriage for the king.

Yes, I have just this much hope—to wait until other and desperate horrors to befall me, the herdsman comes. And when he comes, what do you want with which men would not endure, and I was doomed him? Why what so particularly did you learn from And as I journeyed I came to the place my story?

Jocasta, I will tell you the whole truth. You said that he spoke of highway robbers When I was near the branching of the crossroads, who killed Laius. Now if he uses the same num- going on foot, I was encountered by ber, it was not I who killed him. One man cannot a herald and a carriage with a man in it, be the same as many. But if he speaks of a man just as you tell me.

He that led the way travelling alone, then clearly the burden of the and the old man himself wanted to thrust me guilt inclines toward me. I became angry and struck the coachman who was pushing me. Be sure, at least, that this was how he When the old man saw this he watched his moment, told the story. He cannot unsay it now, for every and as I passed he struck me from his carriage, one in the city heard it—not I alone.

But, Oedi- full on the head with his two pointed goad.

Oedipus Rex Full Text PDF

And then I killed them declared that the king should be killed by his own all. If it happened there was any tie son.

And that poor creature did not kill him of kinship twixt this man and Laius, surely, —for he died himself first. So as far as who is then now more miserable than I, prophecy goes, henceforward I shall not look to what man on earth so hated by the Gods, the right hand or the left.

But yet, send some one for the peasant but drive me out of doors? And it is I, to bring I and no other have so cursed myself. Was I not born evil? I will send quickly. Now let me go indoors. I Am I not utterly unclean? I had to fly will do and in my banishment not even see nothing except what pleases you. Would not one rightly judge and say that on me Strophe these things were sent by some malignant God?

May destiny ever find me O no, no , no—O holy majesty pious in word and deed of God on high, may I not see that day! Sir, we too fear these things. But until you see for God is great in them and grows not old. Antistrophe Insolence55 breeds the tyrant, insolence 53 infamies n. Might I learn from you, sirs, where is the For I shall never cease to hold the God as our protector.

Or best of all, if you know, where is the king himself? This is his house and he is within doors. This of hand or word and gives no heed lady is his wife and mother to Justice and the shrines of Gods of his children. God bless you, lady, and God bless your household!

God bless you, sir, for your kind greeting! For neither tower nor ship is anything. I pity you, children. By Sophocles.

Quite a few comments have been posted about Oedipus the King. A 68k text-only version is available for download. Of Pluto is full fed with groans and tears. Therefore, O King, here at thy hearth we sit. Yet, when Oedipus Rex was first obtencion de muestras sanguineas pdf performed as part of a trilogy - a series of three plays.

In front of King Oedipus palace, in Thebes. It is known by a variety of titles obras completas amorrortu freud pdf the most common being Oedipus Rex, including.

Feb 1, Filmed by the famed British actordirector Sir Tyrone Guthrie, this elegant version of Sophocles important play adds a brilliant stroke-the actors. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. History and Development of Drama in English Literature. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests Sophocles Oedipus Books. Saleem Raza.

Rene Argel Amadore Jr. Hassan Khan. Shakeel Ahmed Khan.

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