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ABNT NBR () and. EUROCODE 5 (). Abstract. The study of connections for timber structures has been the subject of intense research in Brazil. de acuerdo con las normas técnicas ABNT NBR y ASTM D according to the recommendations of ABNT NBR and ASTM. View __Estruturas+de+madeira+-+ruthenpress.info from MATH at TERM Spring '15; PROFESSOR Vitor Borges; TAGS NBR, madeira, Coeficiente, Paralelo, Parafuso, Pressão pages NBR - Madeira .pdf.

Study of pedestrian-induced vibrations on timber fotbridges P. Segundinho Abstract In Brazil, studies about pedestrian-induced vibrations on footbridges have been carried out since the early s, for concrete and steel footbridges. However, there is no record of such studies and the Brazilian Standard NBR for the design of timber structures only presents design requirements for static loads, in the case of timber footbridges. Therefore, this paper aims to general theoretical analysis, numerical and experimental simply-supported beams timber footbridges, with a view to proposing recommendations for projects related to human comfort in these structures. This study was developed from the study of standard guidelines and criteria suggested by several authors, the theoretical analysis of footbridges design according to the criteria of the NBR , numerical models using finite element and experimental tests on reduced models. Among the conclusions reached, it is emphasized that the formulation of Euler-Bernoulli is suitable for calculating the first natural frequency in vertical and lateral directions simply-supported beams timber footbridges; however, special attention should be given to the evaluation of lateral bending stiffness. Finally, we have suggested a proposal serviceability limit state verification due to pedestrian-induced vibrations on simply-supported beams timber footbridges, concerning the calculation of frequencies and accelerations to be included in a future review of the Brazilian Standard for the design of timber structures.

Krieger Publishing Company, , p. Dimensionamento de Elementos Estruturais de madeira. Barueri: Manole, Curitiba: UFPR, Experimental Shear Strength of Glued-laminated Beams.

Madison, U. Department of Agriculture, Forest product Laboratory, Improved Arcan Shear Test for Wood.

New Orleans: Gopu, Revista Cerne, 9 1 : , Kolin, S. Introduction Since the early days, wood has been used as a base material for house building.

But only after the beginning of the twentieth century, with the advent of new technologies, it was possible using wood as a material for building structures, economically viable and with low environment degradation. For this reason and considering the interest of defining alternative species for structural purposes, so many studies in this matter been carried out currently [] The use of wood in building construction must systematically support by researches that ensure economy, based on rational design and procedures to improve natural durability or do not favor their degradation.

Timber structures design is performed with the premise that the structural members are pre-treated with chemicals for this purpose, thus avoiding attack by xylophagous organisms and also the high moisture content [5, 6].

In addition to concerns about wood integrity, the prior knowledge of its physical property density and mechanical property is very important.


The aim of this research to determine the main mechanical properties, related to timber structures design, of the Brazilian tropical wood specie: All rights reserved. No part of contents of this paper may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of TTP, www. The lot was composed by twelve pieces, nominal dimensions 6x12xcm.

From each pieces, one specimen for obtained for each properties considered: Number of specimens, for each properties, is equal Table 1 Physical and mechanical properties of Dipteryx odorata Aublet Willd. Dipteryx odorata Aublet Willd presentes properties in compression parallel to the grain load superior relative to others Brazilian native wood species, for example, Schizolobium siteicum Herb.

Moreover, also were superior relative to Pinus and Eucalyptus genus wood [].

References [1] F. Icimoto, F.

NBR 7190 DESBLOQ. Projetos De Estrutura De Madeira

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Influence of specimen orientation on determination of elesticity in static bending

Macedo, D. Almeida, F. Icimoto and F. Silva, F. Lahr, O. Faria and E. OSB wood panel of Schizolobium siteicum with polyurethane resin based-castor oil: Ferro, L.

Other books: ABNT NBR 6027 PDF

Varanda, A. Souza, D. Almeida, R. Scaliante, R.

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