Downloads—Download drivers, software, and updates for your WD product. drive online at or by using My Book Live Duo software ( see. View and Download Western Digital My Book Live Duo user manual online. personal cloud storage. My Book Live Duo Network Hardware pdf manual download. Configuration, , Enabling FTP to access My Book World (White Lights), WD ShareSpace, My Book Live, or My Book Live Duo.

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My Book Live Duo Setup

My Book. ®. Duo. Premium RAID Storage. User Manual. My Book Duo User Manual Installation—Get online installation help for your WD product or software. WD My Book Live Duo Personal Cloud Storage 6TB NAS Drive with RAID .. The WD My Book Live Duo is easy to set up and easy to find on your network. For customers who need larger drive capacities that we cannot custom-make, we' ve decided to offer this Western Digital My Book Duo. It has a pair of 6TB drives.

Weight - 4. It's has a sleek, minimalist rounded face with a small WD badge and pinhole-sized green status light. From a design perspective, the highlight is certainly the fact that the drives are user accessible - without being visually distracting - via a lid that opens with moderate pressure on the front edge. The top now has a springed plastic tab, which with a much softer press allows users to access both drives inside their My Book Live Duo. The Live Duo is passively cooled, allowing for near silent operation. All of the ports are on the back of the unit, including a USB expansion port for adding additional storage capacity that can be shared over the network. Besides the aforementioned port, the layout is rather sparse with the only other items being LAN, power, a lock slot, and a reset button. Disassembly Western Digital went from a design on the original My Book Live that was difficult to access the hard drive inside to a very user intuitive layout on the My Book Live Duo that lets users access the internal drives with very little effort. With a quick press on the top latch the cover opens, exposing the two Western Digital hard drives inside underneath a metal retention bracket.

After the WD SmartWare software categorizes the different types of files on the selected hard drive, clicking the Start Backup button backs all of them up. Or you can select specific files, folders, or categories of files to back up. If your computer has more than one internal hard drive, you must select and back up each one to protect all of the data files on your computer.

After performing a backup, the WD SmartWare software protects your files by backing up: New files that are created on or copied to your hard drive Existing files that are changed in any way. This protection is automaticthe WD SmartWare software does it for you without any action on your partjust make sure to leave your My Book Live Duo device connected to your network.

Note: Should you disconnect and reconnect the drive to the network, the WD SmartWare software rescans your computer for new or changed files and resumes automatic, continuous backup as before. Backing Up Files To back up some or all of your files: 1.

My Book Live and Duo Online User Guide and Solutions

On the Home screen: a. Select the My Book Live device folder to which youd like to back up your files. Click the Backup tab to display the Backup screen: 3. On the Backup screen: IF you want to back up.

Western Digital My Book

All of the categories of files Proceed to step 4 on page Selected categories of files Skip to step 5 on page All of the files and folders Skip to step 8 on page Selected files or folders Skip to step 9 on page Verify that the backup mode is category by ensuring that Ready to perform category backup appears at the upper-left corner of the Backup dialog.

If the backup mode is file and Ready to perform file backup appears at the top of the screen, then click the Switch to File Backup button in the lower left corner and OK at the Switching Backup Plan prompt. Click Advanced View in the middle of the screen to open the backup by categories box and verify that the check boxes for all six categories are selected.

As required, select any cleared check boxes and then click Apply Changes to create a custom backup plan and refresh the content gauge for your My Book Live Duo drive. Click Start Backup to begin backing up all categories of files and skip to step 10 on page To back up selected categories of files: a.

If the backup mode is file and Ready to perform file backup appears at the top of the screen, click the Switch to Category Backup button, then click OK on the Switching Backup Plan prompt.

Click Advanced View in the middle of the screen, to open the backup by categories selection box. In the backup by categories selection box: a. To allow mobile users to log in, you can setup activation codes on a per-user basis to work with the WD 2go Mobile Apps.

The beauty of this method is the My Book Live broadcasts itself past the local network onto the internet without needing to forward ports or change any settings on your router. It is still able to limit access though through use of the activation codes so only registered users can access the files served.

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One area added over the original My Book Live model is a drive configuration section inside the control panel area. This lets users change the drive mode between RAID1 mirrored and spanned configurations. In spanned mode you have double the capacity at 4TB, but have increased risk that half your data could go missing with a single drive failure.

The mobile apps provided by Western Digital provide a rich content experience, with easy access to files no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. When tested from an iPhone or iPad outside of the office, the devices were quick to connect to the My Book Live and were able to access files immediately.

The Duo was happily serving up files with an average read speed of Switching to RAID1, we measured speeds of While not as fast as some of the bigger NAS units, it offers plenty of speed for moving media files around and providing backup space for home computers.

For users opting for more data protection, you can convert to RAID1 on the fly, and in our initial testing still retain the WD-supplied data on the drives from spanned mode.

It is still highly recommended to make sure you have a backup of your data though before you go through this process. A spring-loaded door at the top of the unit opens up to expose another door that is held in place by a butterfly screw. Simply undo this to open the door and pull out a drive if you ever need to replace one. The two drives in the Duo are set up in a spanned mode by default, which means that you can use the entire 4TB capacity to store data.

You will have to re-configure the drive in RAID 1 mode if you want to make your data redundant — RAID 1 will mirror data on both disks and you'll only be able to use up to 2TB for data storage.

This means that if one of the two drives ever fails, you won't lose your data and you'll be able to re-build the array after installing a replacement drive of the same capacity. If you plan to use RAID 1, set it up before you start using the drive to store your data. It only took 3min to convert the drive to RAID 1, but then the array had to be rebuilt, which means it had to copy the contents of the first drive to the second even though the first drive was empty to mirror the drives.

This rebuilding can take many hours, but the unit is still usable during this time.

Old WD DUO Raid Drives inaccessible

Put the drive into RAID 1 mode if you want to make your data redundant and decrease the chances of losing it. You can use either the supplied backup software for this, or Windows' own built-in backup utility, or Apple TimeMachine.

Any USB drive you plug in to the Duo can also be shared across your network.

The My Book Live Duo is a Universal Plug and Play UPnP device, which means that it shows up as a storage device in Windows 7's networking section and you can simply right-click its icon and click 'View device webpage' to launch its Web interface.

It's one of the most simple and well laid out interfaces of modern times, but it is sometimes a little slow at implementing changes. You can change the aforementioned RAID array from the Settings-Storage section of the menu; you can enable media streaming from the Settings menu, too, and the device is DLNA compatible and also capable of acting as an iTunes server.

You'll need to go into the Settings-Remote Access section of the menu to enable the functions that allow the Duo to be accessible over the Web or through a mobile phone or tablet. To access the Duo over the Web, it's a matter of creating a WD 2go account.

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