The My Book™ Duo drive comes with RAID-optimized WD Red™ drives inside to deliver high-speed, quality storage to rely on. RAID-optimized firmware is. We have all three of the new products in house for testing. The My Book Duo is the next "My" product to go under our microscope. It sports up to. With a capacity of 20TB, the WD My Book Duo is the mother of all external drives.

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My Book Duo S

The My Book Duo drive is desktop RAID storage with massive capacity ideal for storing photos, videos, documents and music. RAID-0 mode provides super-fast. WD is a household name when in the external storage market largely due to the highly reliable and successful My Book line, which the. Western Digital My Book Duo 12TB is the perfect solution for photographers and videographers with plenty of storage and dual drives for added.

Regular Price. Promo Price. Two USB 3. Free up valuable space on all your computers. Store and back up your photo, video and music collections, and important documents in one reliable place. Ready to perform at maximum speed and capacity in default mode, RAID The My Book Duo drive has massive storage for your massive media collection. With super-fast transfer rates, you can store or archive all your large files from DSLRs, action cameras, drones and other devices. Compatible with USB 3. Set a personalized password to activate hardware encryption and data protection. Requires reformatting for other operating systems. External Storage My Book Duo. Regular Price Promo Price. Add to Cart.

Western Digital My Book Duo (8TB) Review & Rating |

This means if a drive fails, then a new one can be popped in and the contents of the remaining drive will copy across to the new drive. This offers good security for storing your files in a domestic situation. The drive also offers the latest in connection technology with a USB-C port that enables ultra-fast transfer speeds. The downloadable WD apps gives you direct access to a host of handy applications, although these are external to the My Book Duo.

They also give you access to further applications that can be used in conjunction with the drive, including Acronis True Image; a complete backup solution, Adobe Creative Cloud, Norton Security and more. External hard drives have come along way in a short time, and while the drives themselves have changed little, the technology and software around them have advanced at speed. The My Book Duo is far more than just a simple external drive. It has a wealth of additional features that will appeal to photographers and videographers.

The top half is a sleek flat glossy black while the bottom contrasts with a textured black surface. Across the front of the box, between the top and bottom section, is the status light.

This stretches the full width and pulses backwards and forwards in a style reminiscent of Kit. Other than that detailing, there is little else on the front, top or sides of the box.

Spin the box round and on the back, you have the socket for the power cable, two USB 3. If you look carefully, above the two USB 3.

This is used when you need to swap out drives.

WD My Book Duo 20TB Review

The USB 3. It also acts as a rather nifty doc for older devices that still utilise the USB 3. The USB-C port is used to plug directly into your computer. If you need to get to the two drives, then the top of the box can be removed. Inside are the two drive trays.

These are also push-fit and can be released quickly by pushing in the release and pulling up. Once removed, a failed drive can be unbolted from the caddy and replaced with ease. There is also the option which is set-up through the software to enable encryption.

This is bit AES hardware encryption. The My Book Duo can be used with either Mac or PC systems but it needs to be formatted in the correct file system for that system before use.

Build Quality and Handling The latest WD Duo is a complete redesign from the previous generation which had existed for a few years. The updated look is definitely more stylish and overall it has a higher quality feel. WD notes that this is a USB 3.

This provides two additional USB 3. Striping is the default configuration.

My Book Duo

But anyway, the option is there. A small plastic tool is included for you to pop the top of the unit off and access the drives inside for replacement. The drives are mounted on tool-less trays that slide out easily.

Being so accessible, the temptation is to consider downloading a 4TB model and then source larger drives for installation. Just remove the drives from the unit.

Western Digital Launches New My Book Duo Storage Systems: 360 MB/s, USB-C, 20 TB

However, Western Digital has cooked up a suite of tools that enhance the experience for those who can be bothered to install them. The backup tool is basic though serviceable, allowing you to secure specific local folders hourly, daily or monthly.

You can set up multiple schedules, allowing different frequencies of backup for each folder structure specified. The My Book Duo is the next "My" product to go under our microscope. Western Digital's strategy is more than just a skin-deep makeover. The capacities have increased, but prices have, for the most part, decreased. Meanwhile, WD's value-add software package went up to class-leading levels.

It's a potent combination that's currently unmatched in the two-bay direct attached storage DAS market. Over the last several years the two-bay DAS market has shrunk. We think the rise of 4K video, which requires higher transfer speeds for real-time editing than most two-bay HDD-based systems can deliver, is one of the biggest reasons. The potent combination should give you enough of a performance increase to enable light 4K video editing in real time.

Like the other new products in the "My" portfolio, Western Digital doesn't list many, or in some cases any, performance specifications.

There aren't any sequential write or random performance specifications. Connectivity comes from a single USB 3. The interface is good for 5Gbps throughput to the host, but it shares bandwidth with the two USB 3. Western Digital's My Book Duo spans a wide capacity range. That results in increased pricing distance between models.

The "My" products ship with the software package conveniently on the drive or array. The software is also available for download on Western Digital's website should you lose it or need a MAC-compatible version. You get a menu to control the digital accessories once you install the base software and you also gain access to more options. WD includes several utilities:. This application also gives you control of the idle sleep timers and even has a data erase feature to wipe the drives so you can start over with a fresh array.

The system uses a Type-C connector for transmission to the host PC.

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