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Koran Kontan 15 APR Jawa Pos 15 APR Top Skor 15 APR Rakyat Merdeka 15 APR Koran Sindo 15 APR Bisnis Indonesia 23 JUN Koran Republika 15 APR Media Indonesia 15 APR The result of study showed that there were significant differences of calcium levels in blood stored Packed Red Cells PRC because of the effect of storage on the 7 th and the 21 st days, the 7 th and the 35 th days and also on the 21 st and the 35 th days.

The reduction of calcium level occured because of lyses in erythrocytes. Blood products such as RBC stored with additive solutions in different temperatures contribute significantly storage lesions.


The most probable sites of damage will be cytoskeletal proteins in RBC membrane. These membrane changes will lead RBC to became fragile and increased osmotic fragility and changes in electrolyte imbalance.

Great efforts have been done to provide a suitable and a safe supply of blood with more benefits than side effects. Currently, the storage procedures of blood bags in blood banks require some conditions to ensure the maximum storage time for a healthy and safe blood supply.

Nowadays, blood bags can be stored up to 42 days at 2 6 C, as long as the mean hemolysis does not exceed 0. However, pathological consequences can affect the stored blood: they are termed as storage lesions. Storage lesions are hypotesized to decrease the efficiency of stored blood and decrease their ability to act their required role after transfusion, but Department of Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia 6 these hypotheses have no clear evidences yet.

However, some other damage is irreversible and includes increased osmotic fragility, small echinocytic rigid red blood cells with reduced function, microvesiculation and hemolysis. The calcium levels in the intracellular of erythrocytes in the human circulation, are not only for controlling biophysical membrane composition, the volume but also physiologic parameters such as metabolic activity and cell clearance. The low basal permeability of erythrocyte membranes to calcium and the power calcium pump maintain free calcium levels intracellular between 30 and 60 nm while average the blood plasma calcium 1.

Thus, activation of taking calcium had a strong influence on many processes in cells that make calcium as a regulator in erythrocytes. The solution most commonly used as an anticoagulant is CPDA-1 Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine-1 , that purposed to maintain the viability of erythrocytes, optimizing ph during storage and can store blood up to 35 days at temperatures C.

During storage the erythrocytes undergo similar changes occurring in the body in vivo. This study found that citrate binds with calcium, causing hipocalcemia.

Around SAP Consultant: March

It indicated that the lysis of erythrocytes had already occurred. Research was conducted at the Blood Bank Unit Dr. The samples were stored PRC taken from blood bag tubing which was divided into 3 parts and then stored in the blood bank refrigerator 2 8 C and levels of calcium was examined by using ABX Pentra Test results were analyzed using SPSS version The statistic method used was a numerical comparative test pairing more than two measurements.

Repeated Anova Test to know the difference in calcium levels between the storage time 7 th day, 21 st day and 35 th day and are presented in tables and figures. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital Makassar in July- August with results of the calcium levels in 26 samples each measured on 7 th day, 21 st day and 35 th day, then obtained the following results: Based on normality test to determine the distribution of the data, obtained normally distributed data, therefore to distinguish the level of calcium 7 th day, 21 st day and 35 th day carried Repeated Anova Test was carried on as in table and graph below.

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