Today we're releasing issue 27 of Linux Voice under the Creative Click the image below to download the complete magazine PDF. Discover Microsoft's new “love” for Linux; explore the BBC's Microbit gadget; learn about new .. wget${i}/Linux-Voice- Issue-0${i}.pdf; Issue 32 was the last issue of Linux Voice as a standalone magazine. of freely available issues of Linux Voice ( and MagPi ( - jabbalaci/Linux-Voice-issues. magpi epub linux magazine Linux Voice issues, PDF · Linux Voice issues, epub.

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This month in Linux Voice. download this article as PDF. Express-Checkout as PDF. Price $ (incl. VAT). download Linux Magazine. SINGLE ISSUES. Print Issues. Linux Voice Magazine Made Available to Download for Free! MP3 (recorded by Paul Houghton); Coding: Build dynamic web pages: PDF. Linux Voice - Archive DVD – Issues , Special Products, SC17 Specials. This powerful DVD includes every issue in ePUB and PDF format. and Mike Saunders believe that "passionate communities deserve passionate magazines.

One example of such a product is the gimp magazine. Issue 6 is out since a few days and all Issues are free to download on the gimpmagazine homepage as well as free-as-in-freedom, cc-by-sa licensed. Gimp itself is a free alternative to popular non-free graphic programs such as Photoshop. There exist not yet an epub version of the Gimp Magazine, but it is possible to download it as pdf or view it online in the browser thanks to the website Issue. Despite being free, the gimp magazine is professionaly made and sells ads like any high quality paper magazine. While i'm personally not much of an graphic artist i enjoy browsing throug the gimp magazine a lot. Linux vioce The nice british guys of the Linux voice podcast decided nearly a year ago to fund a magazine via kickstarter: The linux voice magazine. Since then, 10 Issues were published, full with storys, tutorials and news articles about free software. Subscription online, paper or both is not cost-free but money well spent. However, the linux-voice makers promised to release their content after 9-months under a free cc-by-sa license. As promised, the first issue of Linux voice magazine is free licensed and free to download for everyone: Linux voice issue one I like the Linux Voice magazine a lot and am a proud paying subscriber. To my great joy, the online version of the Linux voice is not only aviable in pdf format but -since the last issues- also in DRM-free epub format. This makes reading my favorite computer magazine on my ebook reader possible. The epub format is experimental and have some minor problems, like destroying the layout of python source code inside tutorial articles. I wish more magazines would offer their content in DRM-free epub format, as it makes for a very pleasant reading experience.

No Comments Feb 9, About The Author Mike Saunders Mike stores his data by printing out hex dumps and laminating the sheets. Dhan December 17, Mike Saunders December 19, Mosquitobite January 7, Finbarr Saunders February 2, Mike Saunders February 4, Now, either of these things is a bit of a lottery.

It's possible that the bug in the open source program is in some byzantine code that I can't understand let alone fix, and it's possible to get a quick fix from customer service agents.

However, my small amount of anecdotal evidence is starting to convince me that neither of these are very often the case. I've frequently been able to fix little issues with FOSS software, and battled endlessly with customer service people.

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For me, advocacy always starts with understanding why something's important to you, and using that passion to explain your point of view to someone else. It's not all about other people this month.

You can find out what Andrew discovered when he ventured out of Yorkshire to a little estate called Bletchley Park, discover the latest software with Graham's FOSSPicks, write your own graphical programs with Mike's guide to Python, and much more.

Spring is here, so turn the page and dive into a pool of Linux learning. It's no secret that has brought a lot of change to the world.

The political destinies of both Europe and America have shifted in ways that seemed almost inconceivable just a few years ago, and that's without mentioning the scores of beloved celebrities that are no longer with us. Here in the UK there's been yet another political shift this month, though one we've long seen coming. Monitor Your Network with Zabbix.

Linux Voice – A new Linux magazine that gives back | Hacker News

Top Linux magazines Apart from magazines, you can also stay informed with Linux podcasts. Podcasts are completely free and share news and reviews more frequently.

Before we see the list of Linux magazines, I just want to clarify, this list is not in any specific order. Number 3 does not imply that it is better than number 5.


This magazine is published monthly actually 13 issues a year and is sold around the world. Linux Format highlights the latest developments in the world of open source, explores new software and Linux related book releases.

It also covers hands-on tutorials. Interviews with key Linux players is also covered frequently.

Intended audience ranges from beginners to advanced Linux users. It is available only in English.

The magazine is available in both print and digital format. Print format of the magazine also includes a 4Gb DVD.

Linux Format Archives

You can check the pricing at this page. Cover disc is also available to download. You can get more information on Linux Format website.

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Linux Format 2. It is published monthly and includes a free DVD with each edition. This DVD mostly contains a Linux distribution. Linux Magazine caters to the readership of experienced Linux users.

The articles are written on advanced technical topics in details. Topics include but not limited to interoperability, rootkits, virtualization, and cryptography. Thorough reviews of new products. Practical advice on tools and strategies for system administrators and tips on programming in the Linux environment. Linux Magazine is available in both print and digital format.