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The Bible's Built-In Dictionary. ACLOSE examination of the 1, most difficult words in the KJV reveals that God defines all of them: • in their context. • in their. Preface to PDF Version of the King James Holy Bible. Original Publish Date: March, , Revised: January The text of the King James Version (KJV) of . BIBLE. DICTIONARY. A Dictionary of Bible Terms by M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., from . Illustrated Bible Dictionary. Third Edition published by. Thomas Nelson,

I find it very curious that you censored my article's web address for your Catholic readers, while there is no similar censorship on my web site. What are you afraid of? Don't your Catholic readers have the right to read my ENTIRE article for themselves on my web page, and not just the small fraction of it you choose to cite? If my article had no merit, and could be easily refuted by you, it is likely that you would not have deleted the web address. That you have felt compelled to censor it has an obvious implication, which I think both Catholic and Protestant readers will easily discern. If the truth is clearly on your side, then you would simply have no need to censor or restrict access to an opposing point of view. There is no inconsistency on my part at all.

The original twelve tribes of Israel were the families of Jacob and yet from the Abiezrites to the Zorites there are many more families. There are over women named in the Bible and among them are Queens, Prophetesses, and Leaders. From the ten commandments on Mount Sinia to the Sermon on the Mount, mountains play a major role in Bible events.

The Jordan river flows through the heart of ancient Israel but this is just one of many rivers in the Bible. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

The use of weights and measurements was common in ancient times, just like it is today. Find the value of a Shekel and a Dram. Throughout the Old and New Testaments diamonds and pearls, sapphires and rubies all featured in the Bible.

The perfect tool for understanding Bible scripture. Use it for sermon, Bible study, and Sunday school preparation with accuracy and deeper understanding.

Open your Bible and type any word or verse reference while you read. You will soon find you get more from your studies and greater confidence in your understanding. Search any word in the Bible for a full explanation from the world's finest classic Bible Dictionaries. King James Bible Dictionary. Men in the Bible The Bible is an historic record of real people. Tribes and Families in the Bible The original twelve tribes of Israel were the families of Jacob and yet from the Abiezrites to the Zorites there are many more families.

Mountains in the Bible From the ten commandments on Mount Sinia to the Sermon on the Mount, mountains play a major role in Bible events. Rivers in the Bible The Jordan river flows through the heart of ancient Israel but this is just one of many rivers in the Bible.

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Calvin was not concerned about inerrancy, because he felt that God inspired scripture so that it would appeal to humans in their fallen, ignorant states.

The autographs were inerrant, but since then errors were produced in the sacred text. The objection to this view is that the autographs no longer exist therefore we have faith in nothing. Some have argued from inspiration that the scriptures are objectively the word of God, while others felt there was also a subjective element to inspiration, such that God would inspire the biblical authors to write and the audience so that they can understand and appreciate what they are reading.

Washington D. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, , 8 Geisler feels this is unreasonable because we have excellent copies and can reconstruct the originals with accuracy.

The debate over variation is only with regard to insignificant portions, and has no effect on any important doctrines. Furthermore, if we lost the Declaration of Independence we would be fine, as long as we had good copies, similarly the Bible. How do we know that is true? The scholars said so.

Suddenly our faith is not in God, but text criticism.

The fact that scholars think they know what Aristotle taught is irrelevant. The laws of man are mere formalities, but the Word of God concerns eternal life and absolute morality, requiring much more exactitude than any document of the world. Some argue that this is seduction and not rape,10 which is consistent with vv. But 10 Gerbrandt, Gerald Eddie. Believers Church Bible Commentary. Harrisonburg: Herald Press. If the father refuses the marriage, the man must still pay the bride price, protecting the father and the girl from the negative consequences of her impropriety, since it would be difficult to marry her off at that point.

These laws are about protecting women, but instead they are mistranslated as draconian and inhumane. The Father of Jesus Christ would not command a virgin to marry her rapist.

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He commands the execution of rapists, but even this must be understood within its cultural context and cannot be used as a justification for the death penalty today. Evans, eds. This mistranslation is absurd, imposed from on high even against internal biblical data, casting aspersions on God and concealing the gospel. Some go so far as to call KJVO proponents heretics.

Many so-called KJV-Onlyers bring such accusations on themselves, with puerile insults, poor scholarship, and conspiratorial accusations, although valid points are raised. The view that ancient Israel was a patriarchal society where women were subordinate to men is axiomatic in biblical studies,13 but some feminist biblical scholars have strongly resisted these ideas.

King James Bible

Studies in Bible and Feminist Criticism. Cloth, n. Klein, Craig L. Blomberg, and Robert L. Introduction to Biblical Interpretation: Revised and Updated. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, , , Pubns, They also undermine many income streams, as the market for critical editions, new translations, and new interpretations is massive.

The most recent and substantive scholarly treatment has been Edward F. Hills delivers a complete articulation of the failure of late-modern text criticism. Texts are to be weighed in terms of various factors: internal evidence such as style and grammar, external data such as provenance, etc.

King James Bible Dictionary

Christian Research Press, ; Ed. Grand Rapids: Grand Rapids International, They identified strongly with the most ancient texts, the source of most new versions, now known as the Alexandrian text type, including the codices Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, as well as older texts from the 2nd century. They argued against what we now call the Byzantine texts, the source of the KJV, for three reasons: 1 no pre-4th century evidence; 2 Patristic silence; and 3 readings conflated or influenced by older text types.

According to this strawman, Hills is engaging in circular logic. Hills begins with the assertion that the divine inspiration of the scriptures necessarily implies the providential preservation of the scriptures. In order to be consistent with the doctrine of inspiration, which entails the doctrine of providential preservation, a Christian must employ a method of text criticism that assumes this divine action. This is how he argues for the inclusion of textual variants that were not present in the Byzantine tradition, but were instead added in from other witnesses such as the Vulgate e.

Sturz meant to show that the Byzantine readings are independent and he did so. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, , ; Jacobus H. We can disagree, but it is not circular logic. For example, he criticizes Hills for using presuppositions to his text-critical method. But any text-critical method must have presuppositions. They cannot explain all of the data either, but this is not a problem because they do not claim there is a correct Bible. Their arguments are reduced to finding specific passages that are difficult to explain and then claiming victory.

Hills points out that Irenaeus and Cyprian quote the text, proving it predates the Latin, but Price replies that a few quotes do not give us a text type.

Both of these verses have fairly plausible theories attached to them in terms of defending the KJV,34 but this misses the point. The mere fact that the KJV proponent cannot explain every extraneous data does not disprove their case.

The real reason to believe the KJV is not text criticism, but logic. KJV proponents are often accused of circular logic, but late-modern textual criticism has set the standard.

There are no hard rules in text criticism, because it is not an objective science. It ultimately turns on probability and is as much an art as a science. To assume their model is true because it explains the data is a logical fallacy known as affirming the consequent.

Kevin J. The people are left dependent on hierophants for theology. This priest-class is itself dependent on state-largesse, whether it is modern churches that do not pay taxes, academia which is largely state-funded and regulated, Medieval to Reform era churches that were political institutions, or ancient Roman cults of the public religion.

But He is not the God of the dead, of dead languages and nonexistent autographs, therefore we do greatly err in tying His legacy to them Mark Hannibal Hamlin and Norman W.

Farnsley II, and Peter J. The NIV aggressively markets smaller devotional Bibles which also adds to its sales.

And why does the KJV remain so popular, when the vast majority of academics and large denominations do not use it?

Maybe because it resonates with the low rather than the high, the weak rather than the mighty, the foolish rather than the wise 1 Cor ff. Political elites on the right are capitalizing on this sentiment, from Trump, to Ford in Ontario, to Bosanaro in Brazil, to the rise of nationalism in Europe. When will the church smarten up and give the people the Bible they want?

If mainline denominations are wondering why their congregations are disappearing, using new Bibles that more than half the people reject is probably a big part of it, along with their other departures from orthodoxy.

What would Jesus do? Conclusion God speaks to the people in their language, so while the OT was in Hebrew for the chosen people, the Septuagint took it to Greek as the world changed. The God of the Bible is the God of history.

When He acts, all the world remembers forever.