This manual comprises the following parts of JSP , the Defence The publication of Issue 2 of JSP represents the first step towards. Joint Services Publication ("JSP ") is the name of a British Ministry of Defence Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. A list of published Joint Service Publication (JSP) documents produced by the Ministry of Defence. A list of MOD Joint Service Publication (JSPs) available on JSP has been replaced by the fuel and gas safety and environmental regulations.

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Uk-mod-jsppdf (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). File history. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at. The document, known in the services as the "JSP " ("Joint Services Bourbaki FOI Public interest Test Extension JSP , Part 5, Section 1, Chapter 7 FOI Peter Lane Request for JSP Chapter PIT Extension

A smaller 3. Example excerpts bolding by WikiLeaks, "D Def Sy" means Directorate of Defence Security, see also UK military targets domestic opinion leaders : "Non-traditional threats The main threats of this type are posed by investigative journalists, pressure groups, investigation agencies, criminal elements, disaffected staff, dishonest staff and computer hackers. The types of threat from these sources can be categorized in six broad groups: a. Compromise of politically sensitive information. This threat is presented by: 1 Pressure groups and investigative journalists attempting to obtain sensitive information. Such disclosure may have been made either orally, whether deliberately or carelessly, or following the unauthorised sight or passage of a document. Information that is formally reported as lost to a security authority, and subsequently appears in the public media, should not be treated as a leak but judged to be a compromise of lost information and treated as a loss. First news of a leak may come direct from a journalist attempting either to verify the information obtained or wishing the Department or agency to know what access to official information has been gained. In the rare cases where this occurs prior to publication, it may be possible to seek an injunction to prevent publication. Leaks of official information are to be reported to the appropriate PSyA or Command security staff in the first instance. Where the leak is judged to be serious, the PSyA or Command security staff are to bring it to the attention of D Def Sy as soon as practicable, and within 24 hours if possible.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Mar 1, Jsp the defence manual of security.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! In general there is likely to be advantage in pursuing a leak investigation in those cases where In this wider definition of Threat, the "enemy" is unwelcome publicity of any kind, and through any medium.

The most effective safeguard is to reinforce those aspects of security that minimise the risk of leakage of sensitive intelligence operations or product into the public domain - whether by accidental exposure or deliberate intent.

This will include personnel who may be from or influenced by Foreign Intelligence Services FIS , authorized users who, for whatever motive, may seek to gain access to official information they have no 'need to know', subversive or terrorist organizations, and investigative journalists.

The Media. Investigative journalists are increasingly interested in State IT systems, particularly those operated by the police and the Security and Intelligence agencies. There has been evidence of premeditated attempts to acquire protectively marked information from IT systems. Members of the Public. The fact that inform ation held electronically may be open to novel forms of surreptitious attack provides a special attraction to certain individuals, commonly known as 'hackers'.

Whilst the efforts of hackers are unlikely to be directed specifically against protectively marked information, there is added kudos in breaking into Defence systems, so much information might be discovered fortuitously. The threat from subversive and terrorist organizations, criminal activity, investigative journalists, and members of the public cannot be discounted Malicious software can originate from many sources such as disaffected staff, foreign intelligence services, investigative journalists or terrorists The main elements of the Audio security threat are: a.

The threat from deliberate attempts to overhear conversations posed by FIS especially at locations overseas , sophisticated terrorist and subversive organisations and in particular from criminals, investigative journalists, private investigators and some members of the public Identify possible threats to your site, such as from: Foreign Intelligence Services.

JSP 440, Part 5, Section 1, Chapter 7

Terrorist groups. Disaffected staff. Investigative journalists. These codewords may be passed by telephone provided that they are not qualified in any way.


Notices displaying the current Alert States are to be sited so as to minimize the likelihood of the general public seeing them. These codewords and their meanings are understood by the civil police.

The codewords and their definitions are not to be communicated to the media or any other unauthorized person. Chinese intelligence activity is widespread and has a voracious appetite for all kinds of information; political, military,commercial, scientific and technical. It is on this area that the Chinese place their highest priority and where we assess that the greatest risk lies.

Through intelligence activity they now attempt to acquire an in-depth understanding of production te chniques and methodologies.

There is an obvious economic risk to the UK. Our hard earned processes at very little cost and then reproduce them with cheap labour. It is also, potentially, more serious than the above.

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In certain key military areas China is at least a generation behind the West. The Chinese may be able to acquire illegally the technology that will enable them to catch up.

The real danger is that they will then produce advanced weapons systems which they will sell to unstable regimes. They have a track record of doing so.

The consequences for the world's trouble spots and any UK involvement there could be disastrous. Characteristics of Chinese Intelligence Activity 6. Their appetite for information, particularly in the scientific and technical field, is vast and indiscriminate. Cultivation 7. The Chinese are adept at exploiting a visitor's interest in, and appreciation of, Chinese history and culture.

Under cover of consultation or lecturing, a visitor may be given favours, advantageous economic conditions or commercial opportunities. In return they will be expected to give information or access to material. For humanitarian reasons, Toshiba Group's policy prohibits the use of raw materials such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries, which are helping to violate human rights.

Our efforts are not intended at altogether banning procurement of minerals from the DRC and adjoining countries but to assure sourcing from responsible sources in the region.

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We require our suppliers to cooperate with us in our efforts to assure procurement of non-conflict minerals in accordance with the Toshiba Group Conflict Mineral Policy. Prior to the survey, we held a briefing session for suppliers to explain the procedures of Toshiba Group conflict minerals survey. Toshiba explained about the current situation surrounding the conflict minerals issue, and requested them to cooperate in the survey to identify smelters.

In FY, Toshiba surveyed some 10, Toshiba Group suppliers to clarify to what extent they understood the issue of conflict minerals and what approaches they took toward this issue. In FY, Toshiba conducted a pilot survey of some Toshiba Group suppliers of our semiconductor department, etc.

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