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“The Collector” By John Fowles 2. 1. When she was home from her boarding- school I used to see her almost every day sometimes, because their house was. John Fowles's The Collector incites the readers from the first contact they have Fowles highlights the fact that his male protagonist (Frederick Clegg) in The. The Collector was John Fowles first published novel, but it reads like the work of someone far more experienced. The title character is Frederick.

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John Fowles The Collector Pdf

By John Fowles. From Library Journal. Fowles introduced his profession with The Collector, which was once welcomed with nice severe enthusiasm, together. The book The Collector, a mixture of thriller and an analysis of class conflict, was features of the creativity of John Fowles as self-reflectiveness, intertextuality. The role of the collector motif in The Collector is superfiaally obvious. Its emergence simultaneously casts some light on one of Fowles' concerns in his novels.

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Any subject. Any type of essay. What attracted me to this book was the unusual topic of obsession and intriguing title. The book is set around the two main characters of Frederick and the girl he is obsessed with Miranda and is mainly set in Sussex around the middle of the 20th century. His obsession with Miranda begins in his hometown where he merely watches her from afar but she then moves away to London to go to college so his obsession dies away. After winning the pools, however, his obsession takes a new turn. Once in London he starts to develop a fantasy to capture Miranda but never really intends to act upon it until he come across a house that fits perfectly into his fantasy.

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I planned what had to be done and ignored my natural feelings. This relationship changes a number of times throughout the book.

There was real hatred in her looks. After the first escape attempt Frederick is still convinced that he can make Miranda love and want him.

He treats her as if he is a servant in a hotel and she is the guest; he thinks this is the way that she also feels but in fact he is in fact hiding the truth from himself that she in fact feels like a prisoner in a jail and he is the warden. This does not stop him from trying to make her love him. He offers her his money and all else that is his. In return he wants her to act like the perfect wife that is in his fantasies.

Frederick is ready for the escape attempt and quickly controls her and gets her to her room. Once in the room Frederick is excited by the situation that is in front of him. While she is lying there knocked out due to the chloroform he takes pictures of her. Although Miranda has refused to marry him Frederick is still sure that he can make Mirada love him.

However when Miranda tries to have sex with him in an attempt to escape, this pushes them further apart. I never respected her again.

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Miranda becomes sick and Frederick then feels sorry for her and believes again that he can make her love him. However this obsession of wanting to make her love him stops him from helping her. This becomes a fatal mistake. Throughout the book he makes many references to this comparing her beauty and her situation to them.

Fowles John. The Collector

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Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Why do you think John Fowles decided to alternate between two narrators in The Collector? How might the novel have been different if told from just one point of view?

Who do you think is a more reliable narrator, Frederick or Miranda?

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In reference to the kidnapping, Frederick says that a lot of people would do the same thing, given the money and the opportunity page Do you think this is true? Do you think that money can change the way a person behaves within society? Or is Frederick delusional? What do you think happened to Frederick to makehim the way he is? Do you think he was born a sociopath? Is Frederick evil, or just misguided?

Clegg finds it easier to fantasize about Miranda when she is asleep or not in front of him, and finds it especially difficult when she is talking to him. What does this mean?