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Publication Data. Dashner, James. The death cure / James Dashner. — 1st ed. p. cm. Sequel to: The Scorch trials. Summary: As the third Trial draws to a close. The Death Cure James Dashner. The preceding books in the series are the maze runner followed by the scorch trials all published by Delacorte Press. Download The Death Cure [PDF] [ePub] or you can download the book from site. The Death Cure Book. Author: James Dashner. Publisher: Delacorte Press. Publish date: January 8, ISBN ISBN

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James Dashner Death Cure Pdf

The Death Cure by James Dashner - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read online for free. Enjoy this chapter sampler from THE DEATH CURE. Read The Death Cure PDF. Read the Also look for James Dashner's newest book The Eye of Minds, book one in the Mortality Doctrine series. The Maze Runner read online free by James Dashner | 2Novels Timesbestselling Maze Runner series: The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure.

Many of those present are immune to the Flare while some are not, and escaping would serve no purpose, as people in the outside world despise the Immunes. Janson reads out names of people who are not immune to the Flare. Thomas is devastated to hear that his friend Newt is not immune. The Gladers are offered the chance to remove the mind-control chips in their heads, thus restoring their memories, but with the devices removed, Thomas, Teresa, and Aris will no longer be able to communicate telepathically. Only Thomas, Minho, and Newt choose not to undergo the surgery, believing they cannot help to find the cure if they lose their telepathic connection or gain their prior memories. Thomas initially feels betrayed, but Brenda convinces him to forgive her. Soon after, the Gladers discover that everyone who had undergone the memory-restoration abandoned them. When they arrive at the airport a man in a black-suit directs them to an address where ex-Glader Gally is waiting for them.

No books, no movies, no games. Complete isolation. For over three weeks now, though he'd begun to doubt his tracking of time-which was based purely on instinct. He tried to best guess when night had fallen, made sure he only slept what felt like normal hours. The meals helped, though they didn't seem to come regularly. As if he was meant to feel disoriented. In a padded room devoid of color-the only exceptions a small, almost-hidden stainless-steel toilet in the corner and an old wooden desk that Thomas had no use for.

Alone in an unbearable silence, with unlimited time to think about the disease rooted inside him: the Flare, that silent, creeping virus that slowly took away everything that made a person human. None of this drove him crazy. But he stank, and for some reason that set his nerves on a sharp wire, cutting into the solid block of his sanity.

They didn't let him shower or bathe, hadn't provided him with a change of clothes since he'd arrived or anything to clean his body with.

A simple rag would've helped; he could dip it in the water they gave him to drink and clean his face at least. But he had nothing, only the dirty clothes he'd been wearing when they locked him away. Not even bedding-he slept all curled up, his butt wedged in the corner of the room, arms folded, trying to hug some warmth into himself, often shivering. He didn't know why the stench of his own body was the thing that scared him the most. Perhaps that in itself was a sign that he'd lost it.

But for some reason his deteriorating hygiene pushed against his mind, causing horrific thoughts. Like he was rotting, decomposing, his insides turning as rancid as his outside felt. That was what worried him, as irrational as it seemed.

He had plenty of food and just enough water to quench his thirst; he got plenty of rest, and he exercised as best he could in the small room, often running in place for hours. Logic told him that being filthy had nothing to do with the strength of your heart or the functioning of your lungs. All the same, his mind was beginning to believe that his unceasing stench represented death rushing in, about to swallow him whole. Those dark thoughts, in turn, were starting to make him wonder if Teresa hadn't been lying after all that last time they'd spoken, when she'd said it was too late for Thomas and insisted that he'd succumbed to the Flare rapidly, had become crazy and violent.

That he'd already lost his sanity before coming to this awful place. Even Brenda had warned him that things were about to get bad.

Maybe they'd both been right. And underneath all that was the worry for his friends. What had happened to them? Where were they? What was the Flare doing to their minds? After everything they'd been subjected to, was this how it was all going to end?

The rage crept in. Like a shivering rat looking for a spot of warmth, a crumb of food. And with every passing day came an increasing anger so intense that Thomas sometimes caught himself shaking uncontrollably before he reeled the fury back in and pocketed it. He didn't want it to go away for good; he only wanted to store it and let it build. Wait for the right time, the right place, to unleash it. WICKED had taken his life and those of his friends and were using them for whatever purposes they deemed necessary.

No matter the consequences. And for that, they would pay. Thomas swore this to himself a thousand times a day. All these things went through his mind as he sat, back against the wall, facing the door-and the ugly wooden desk in front of it-in what he guessed was the late morning of his twenty-second day as a captive in the white room.

He always did this-after eating breakfast, after exercising. Hoping against hope that the door would open-actually open, all the way-the whole door, not just the little slot on the bottom through which they slid his meals. He'd already tried countless times to get the door open himself.

The death cure by james dashner pdf

And the desk drawers were empty, nothing there but the smell of mildew and cedar. He looked every morning, just in case something might've magically appeared while he slept. And so he sat, staring at that door. White walls and silence.

The smell of his own body. Left to think about his friends-Minho, Newt, Frypan, the other few Gladers still alive.

The Death Cure by James Dashner

Brenda and Jorge, who'd vanished from sight after their rescue on the giant Berg. Harriet and Sonya, the other girls from Group B, Aris.

About Brenda and her warning to him after he'd woken up in the white room the first time. How had she spoken in his mind? Was she on his side or not? But most of all, he thought about Teresa. He couldn't get her out of his head, even though he hated her a little more with every passing moment. Her last words to him had been WICKED is good, and right or wrong, to Thomas she'd come to represent all the terrible things that had happened. Every time he thought of her, rage boiled inside him.

The Death Cure James Dashner

Maybe all that anger was the last string tethering him to sanity as he waited. Thirst for revenge. That was what he did for three more days. On the twenty-sixth day, the door opened. What he would do, what he would say. How he'd rush forward and tackle anyone who came in, make a run for it, flee, escape. But those thoughts were almost for amusement more than anything. No, he'd need to plan out every detail before he made his move.

When it did happen-when that door popped open with a slight puffing sound and began to swing wide-Thomas was surprised at his own reaction: he did nothing. Oct 11, Pages Young Adult. Aug 04, Minutes Young Adult. Oct 11, Minutes Young Adult.

This special movie tie-in edition features an eight-page full-color insert with photos from the film. The trials are complete, after one final test.

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Thomas beat the Maze. He survived the Scorch. But the truth might be what ends it all. The time for lies is over. Praise for James Dashner and the Maze Runner series: The… More about James Dashner. Paperback 2 —. download the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

Also in The Maze Runner Series. Also by James Dashner. Product Details.

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