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It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice book. Read 59 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kiara is a dynamic, thirty-something girl who has reache. See details and download book: Free Download Online Books In Pdf It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 By Amisha Sethi Ibook. See details and download book: Ebook Magazine Free Download It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 x Chm By Amisha Sethi.

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See details and download book: Google Ebooks Free Download Pdf It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 x Pdf Chm Epub By Amisha Sethi. See details and download book: Free French E Books Downloads It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 x Pdf Epub Ibook. See details and download book: Best Free Pdf Ebooks Downloads It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 Mobi By Amisha Sethi.

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Performance Evaluation Students and employees alike benefit from performance evaluations. A great way to standardize your evaluations across the board is by using the same online form for each evaluee. I'd rate this somewhere bet Review A Lot of Pages What works in the favor of this book is that the lessons it shares, interesting ones at that, can be more related to our lives because of the story of its main character, Kiara.

I'd rate this somewhere between 3. Jun 20, Sendhilkumar Alalasundaram rated it really liked it. A collection of anecdotes from the life of protagonist Kiara, presented as lessons on peace, trust, love and a wholesome life! The mentions of vedas, upanishads and other texts of timeless wisdom makes for an interesting read! Looking forward to Amisha's upcoming books! Sep 14, Swathi Shenoy rated it really liked it Shelves: Sometimes when reading book after books, you come across a wonderful book which you wish wouldn't end soon and when it does, you want to go back and read it all over again!

There are a very few who can write about philosophy and make the readers fall in love with the book. Amisha has managed to that just fine. And when I saw that the author is just 30 something, I was shocked! With the amount of wisdom she ha 4. With the amount of wisdom she has poured in this book, I really wasn't expecting a young author. This book has around 10 chapters and each chapter deals with different aspects of life. Every chapter started with some profound thoughts, followed by some life incident of Kiara which helps the reader understand the importance or the necessity of following certain aspects of life.

These incidents are realistic, which happen to us or around us in day to day life. The author describes how Kiara dealt with these things differently and how she found happiness in doing so. These stories are again followed by some titbits of wisdom, which will leave you thinking and reflecting. Usually when I pick up a book of pages, I will finish it within an hour or two unless it is slow.

But this one took me 6 hours! Not because it was boring but because every chapter, every page and every paragraph had so much information that I couldn't just hurry through this.

I read it slowly, digesting and processing each bit of wisdom and when I did finally finish the book, I somehow felt happy with what I have learnt. Oct 28, Sandeep Sharma rated it really liked it.

For a debutant author to write about philosophy and learning of life at such a young age, seems to be awkward but you can only believe in the content of the book by giving it a try.

It generally speaks of life and their importance. Author has used various teaching of Gita and Vedas to emphasis her point and the overall flow of the book is pretty good and is having the tendency to leave you with thoughts of changing or living your life in a better way.

The negative about the book is that there was nothing new to learn out of it. You already know all the things that are written in the book and if you are not in reading philosophy, this book could be a kind of moral science study for you. Overall, the book was a speedy read for me and had vibes of positivity in it and hence I loved my experience with the book.

Mar 06, Disha rated it it was amazing. As I was coming home from the event, I opened the gift wrap and saw the title of the book. It seemed to be just another book from a young girl. But the moment I turned to read the blurb, it seemed someone had written answers to the burning questions I was facing. In a similar age group as Kiara, I too am seeking the purpose of life and have been reading through different religions to figure ou "It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice" was gifted to me by students of DCAC where I attended an event as a judge.

In a similar age group as Kiara, I too am seeking the purpose of life and have been reading through different religions to figure out my fitment into one of these. The beauty of the book lies in the simplicity of language. A topic of spirituality and self growth has been dealt beautifully without being too complex.

She is successful and yet restless. She has a picture perfect world and yet seeks something more from life. Her honesty seems to be her biggest strength. Her ability to bring out such complex instances in a light manner and through examples, give us solid foundations for life.

Hats off to Amisha. Loved the ending poem - 'As I promised God'. Looking forward to her next book already. Would love to meet Amisha some day: Mar 02, Nidhi Author rated it liked it. The author has even quoted beautiful lines from Bhagvat Geeta. Apart from this being a reader, not even once I felt that story was going off track. Amisha has very well managed and balanced the story along with the teachings and lessons.

It would give you immense happiness and satisfaction. Read full review at: It really doesn't hurt to be nice.. I loved kiara's progress in professional life.. Life is all about experiences and book described it very well.. Its up-to you what you want to become..

Nov 01, Rajesh Hajare rated it really liked it Recommends it for: All Nice persons. Beautiful Illustrations with Spiritual Theme Rating: Rediscover Life with a Pinch of Salt and Humour is attractive. Use of different colors in title attract readers' attention.

It feels that a paper duck has just freed from hands of an unknown girl. Paper duck seems flying with a thread of love in a mouth. Two paper boats look there. Background scene on the back cover is also catchy. A girl's image while running backward holding her dress towards camels in the desert seems like a scene of any Bollywood movie.

Overall Pinaki De has designed a perfect cover for the book published by Srishti Publishers. She was awarded the "Young women rising star" at World Women Leadership Congress and has won numerous awards and recognition in her corporate life.

Along with holding top notch positions in leading companies in the past thirteen years, she has also done extensive research in ancient scriptures. In this book, she uses certain hilarious, dramatic and enthralling experiences of a young girl to understand the ultimate purpose of life — to be a better human with each passing day.

The picture of paper duck looks in the beginning of each chapter. Many chapters start with a spiritual quote or a thought. Pictures are also printed for the reference of few scenes from Hindu mythology.

The story of the book is set in past tense. Description of Jakarta Airport Indonesia and Universal Studios Singapore are scribbled in detail so the reader feels like a live experience. Swat Valley in Pakistan is described in brief, but wonderfully.

Language and Writing Style: Authoress uses the style of diary writing to denote particular period. She doesn't use complicated language so one can understand the story in an easy way. Spiritual words, sentences,thoughts and quotes are printed in italic fonts so one can find those easily.

She mentions so many mantras, phrases, proverbs, figures of speech and quotations for the reference. I found a unique feature in her writing style. She uses both Devnagri and Singlish Sanskrit and English fonts along with the meaning of Mantras from Hindu mythology. I liked this experiment by the authoress Amisha Sethi and wish this experiment would be followed in English literature by other authors too who refer regional language in their books.

Authoress Amisha Sethi sketches over 34 characters in the book. Kiara and Ram are main characters in the plot. I found 14 major characters and 16 minor characters among those 34, and other 2 characters are spiritual. Authoress introduces each character individually. She gives short but important information and meaning of Gayatri Mantra and it's origin.

She explains that how kids are taught to fear to the god by their family and appeals in her quote "Dothings not because of a fear of God or any kind of pressure, but to grow the fruits of love, trust and truth. Authoress' research on food and realistic figures of malnutrition are really horrible and make sensitive readers worried.

Forget the billions… Can you attempt to feed just one person every day or week or month or even a year selflessly? One who is truly in need? The biggest enemy of trust is deceit and diffidence. Authoress gives a glimpse of an arrange marriage fixing process. She writes about the problems in working women's life that how they have to face their duties for the family and obstacles in maintaining the balance between house and office.

She indirectly criticizes TV series. A bittersweet conversation between Ram and Kiara in their husband and wife relationship is really enjoyable to read. Authoress fabulously compares incidents in Kiara's life with a cricket match. Authoress describes the philosophy of death through the character of Yama "The ignorant run after sensory pleasures and fall into the cycle of numerous births and deaths; but the wise, knowing that the self, the soul is deathless, try to attain the lord of love within themselves and become one with him.

The supreme one is beyond name, fame and form. It has no beginnings and no ends. Beyond time and space, it's immortal. Those who achieve self are forever free from death. When the body dies, the self does not die. The genre of the book suddenly turns into a thriller when Nirvaanbecomes missing in chapter seven. The scene becomes more interesting after entry of a Muslim woman.

Author gracefully tries to change the negative image of Muslims into positive in readers' mind, and she became successful in what she wanted to convey by connecting Hindu and Muslim in one bond in an incident takes place abroad. She writes- "When God created this world, I am sure he never thought that his most intelligent life forms would divide it into segments based on caste, creed, colour, religion, names, nationalities, districts, designations and the like.

Authoress informs about biophoton emission with reference. It seems that she would have referred so many scriptures from not only Hinduism but from Buddhism too. So the book conveys a message to respect every religion. Don't waste food, water and fire… fire and water exist to serve the self.

Grow more food; the earth can deliver food in abundance. Earth and space exist to serve the self. Refuse not food to the hungry, for when you feed the hungry, you serve the Lord. Just live life with the purpose of fearing nothing and loving everything that nature has to offer.

After all, there is a bit of you in everything you see around you. Our own bodies are made up of approximately seventy percent water.

Free Download Online Books In Pdf It Doesnt Hurt To Be Nice Volume 1 By Amisha Sethi Ibook

Ancient Indian sages believed that from water came plants, and from plants came all living creatures and the basic germ of humanity. These molecules are held together by intermolecular forces. Imagine what would happen if all of these molecules start to fight with each other? I wonder if our body would hold out even for a day. Similarly, we human beings are held together by a spiritual force: How can we survive together if we don't appreciate the very being next to us?

I am in every form both material and living, only a still mind with peace at heart can attain me, Those whose minds are fixed in me in total faith, He who hates none, he who has no envy or ego, He who is kind, full of love, graceful, compassionate, Stays the same in happiness and sadness, He who is forbearing, masters his thoughts, Unattached to fear and anxiety is dear to me, Those who are dear to, reach me.

There is nothing that you truly own in this world. What is yours today will belong to somebody else tomorrow, and the day after to somebody else. There is simply nothing that you are going to take with you. The pure self which is inside you, is absolutely complete, and the one who realizes the self, realizes the love of the Lord. Fear not what is not real, never was and never will be. What is real, always was, and cannot be destroyed. There is neither in this world nor in the world beyond, happiness for the one who fears.

Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills. But if they are not, relax because it's going God's way. Fear is like fog, that can impede your vision without prior notice.

Today, most human beings fear almost everything in their lives. We are scared of losing our jobs, status, power, love, money, house, property, girlfriends, youth… the list is endless. You are here in the present moment but your mind is in the future scaring the daylights out of you.

This is one of the reasons for all the anxieties, restlessness and corrosion in our relationship. If you fear nothing, you can achieve almost everything. And that can only happen when you are not inhibited by mindless insecurities. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. Weak proofreading: No use of italic fonts to highlight Hindi words and improper use of italic fonts. Use of short forms like c'mon for come on and ASAP for as soon as possible.

Using short forms is against ethics of literature in any language. The book Price Rs. The book It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice is a perfect entertainer with an interesting plot which doesn't let you put down the book. I would recommend this book to every human being living on this planet who think that he or she is nice or want to be nice. So… are you NICE? Or would you like to be NICE?

Then just go for it. I will give 4. Hajare RDH Notes: Aug 31, Ndirangu rated it it was ok. This is not my typical fare hence the lukewarm rating. Self help books I'll dump this into that category are only worth reading the first time round.

If it changes you, then good, all the rest will say the exact same thing as the one you've read just in a different way. If it doesn't, the rest won't help you either. The good 1. I don't know much about the hindu spiritual teachings. My knowledge is based solely on the mahabharat and ramayan series of my childhood. I liked the dips into hindu scr This is not my typical fare hence the lukewarm rating.

I liked the dips into hindu scripture and it was refreshing to see that like all other religions, cardinal virtues, love and respect of fellow man are prominent. Seems like all religions preach the same thing. If we could only learn to listen.

There's an upbeat and positive outlook to all situations and characters. At times it's saccharine and feels artificial. If I was a real life person who was this positive, all the time. I'd strangle them in a day. The messaging the author is communicating resonates. The bad. The writing and the prose are poor.

This is very distracting. Grammatical errors in the book. Who edited this? This is the longest review I've written for a book I did not quite enjoy. Go figure. Oct 04, Vandana Choudhary rated it it was amazing. This book beautifully rediscovers spirituality. It is a story of a young woman Kiara, who shares her life experiences including personal and professional and then she tries to learn the ultimate purpose of life-which is to be a better human being with each passing day.

First,author focusses on the importance of giving unconditionally to receive unconditionally. She believe in the spiritual teachings of the ancient Upanishads. Our biggest motto in life should be to achieve the self, the Lord of L This book beautifully rediscovers spirituality. Our biggest motto in life should be to achieve the self, the Lord of Love, the Supreme, the Brahman. And, the path to achieving the higher consciousness and peace through unconditional giving. We must trust our inner self and people around us.

Trust in self and others is the foundation of pure mind and heart. Even I have experienced the same in my life. When I had no trust in me and people around me, I was not confident about myself,my decisions and my happiness.

From the moment I started trusting myself,I felt good about me ad everything in my life. A tell tale on the road of spiritual belief with real time experiences.. Amisha Sethi shares her journey towards the learning of life and its values that are bound by the philosophical ties entailed with. She tries to bring out the story of new learning and a better living with simple examples quoted from her own experiences. A story narrated to cater to the philosophical journey!

Apr 08, Deepak Imandi rated it liked it. The book is a collection of episodes from the author's life. Her attempt at mixing the events of her life is commendable, yet it doesn't flow as a good analogy.

Simple and just okay kind of read. Don't dive in with a lot of expectations. Dec 29, Ashwini rated it really liked it. Yes, this book by Amisha Sethi is about moments where most of us will murmur: I guess this book fits rather well, the definition of hybrid literature that its proponents are always talking about.

As I read on, I realised that there are concepts that even I have believed in for ages… and they are ideas that have given me a lot of happiness.

For instance, the idea of giving unconditionally has given me more happiness than even when I have won prizes that matter. Now this is precisely what I have always believed in and giving includes not just things that money can download, but even intangibles like happiness. She writes: Can you imagine how amazing you would feel if someone out there is secretly wishing you bliss and hoping that all your desires are getting fulfilled by the universe in abundance. Kiara, the protagonist, has enough examples from her personal as well as professional life to emphasise a point.

What a lesser writer would have converted into a text that preaches becomes a set of tales woven expertly into a series of learnings that are not completely unknown anyway.

I guess I will be almost correct to say that the book is a set of stories that wrap around thoughts worth following. One such story is where Kiara talks about Henna who is bent upon allowing a relationship to hurt her… and she drives to her place in the dead of night after getting a rather cryptic SMS that reads: Take care.

God bless. I had not seen her for the last three months. Her beautiful face looked like that of the actress in The Exorcist. For a minute I was scared. And one ore message on any freaking messaging platform on the planet, I am going to turn you into CH3CH2OH and put it in my martini with a dash of lemon. Nov 20, Dhivya Balaji rated it really liked it. The title and the cover give you an idea of what the book is going to be about — and you know what to expect!

First Impression: The cover is one of the first attractions of this book. The brown tone and the paper boats combined with the colourful font of the title attracted me enough to pick the book up and read the summary. The printing and the font are clear, the paper is slightly browned and smooth to turn and hold. The caricatures need special mention and they are printed in such a way that they do not hamper the typeset of the book.

Now the Review: I have read many self help books recently, and that includes two Christian books that talk about encounters with the metaphysical being. These encounters usually are not direct, but are projection of thoughts and feelings. While I frowned internally when I read through these, I realised that the book summary did give me subtle hints about the same. It was up to me to read or refuse to read the particular book. It is not pretentious; it does not try to tell you something else.

The writing is simple, clear and the language is not difficult to understand. What to expect from this book: They are given in their native Sanskrit, and the pronunciation is then done in English.

But this means there is not much of a plot and rather a set of events put together as a story. Overall, a casual observer cannot but feel that this is the Hindu version of the Christian spiritual tale.

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But I read it when I was a bit low and loved the positive, overly cheery mood of the book. In an angle, the book is way different from what I expected from it. Go for this one if you like philosophical stories told with a tone that speaks as if to youngsters. Nov 03, Aradhna Tiwari rated it liked it. I must say Ameesha Sethi did a good job with this philosophical work even though her background is one of management, but as you must know, knowledge comes from experiences and not just education and this is one hell of an example.