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Framework for analyzing the international business environment. • Summary form of multinational business operations, international business has become. COMPONENTS OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT; CONCLUSION The international environment is going through a historic transformation. Request PDF on ResearchGate | International Business Environment | International Business Environment Unit 1: Globalization and International Business Unit.

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International Business Environment Pdf

R. JAYARAJ, M.A., Ph.D.,. Analyzing the international business environment and identifying key factors for international business operations. Int. J. Business Environment, Vol. 7, No. 2, The international business environment: a proposed analytical framework Abdulghany Mohamed Carleton. International Business Environment: An Analysis of Intercultural Communication and Etiquette Ephraim A. Okoro, Howard University Mellvin C. Washington.

These are usually under the control of business. For example, objectives, policies, organisation structure, management, production method, etc. The micro factors may affect different firms in a particular industry in different ways. The desires, preferences, attitudes and expectations of customers keep on changing and it impose a constant challenge to business. Multiple source of supply helps to reduce the risk of unavailability or uncertainty of supply of raw material. The trade unions pressurise the management for the fulfillment of their demands like higher wages, better working conditions and bonus etc. Business has to adjust its business activities according to the behaviour of the competitors. There are certain departments like income tax department, quality control department and other revenue departments and professional bodies like ICAI which prescribes certain standards and practices for the business in their respective areas. II The Macro Environment of Business The macro environment of business includes activities which are uncontrollable and need proper attention on the part of a business enterprise. It refers to the general and overall environment within which an environment entity operates.

Japan with its high level of tech. Innovations is the useful adaption of science or knowledge including inventions of new products or processes. Inflationary and deflationary pressures alter the downloading power of money. This has a direct impact on consumer spending, business investment, employment rates, government programs and tax policies. Interest rates determine the cost of borrowing and the flow of money towards businesses. This impacts the price of imports, the profits made by exporters and investors and employment levels also through the impact on the tourism industry.

This helps in attaining full employment, price stability and economic growth. It differs with each country. Political system. That tribe need not be the majority tribe in the country. Political stability. A census is a collection of the demographic factors associated with every member of a population. Four common social classes in their descending order are: International Business Environment Uploaded by Kartik. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Environment of International Business and Its Significance 1. Jump to Page. Demographic Factors Demographic factors are an uncontrollable factor in the business environment and extremely important to managers.

Demographics help companies define the markets for their products and also determine the size and composition of the workforce. Demographics are at the heart of many business decisions.

Businesses today must deal with the unique shopping preferences of different generations, which each require marketing approaches and goods and services targeted to their needs. For example, the more than 75 million members of the millennial generation were born between and The marketing impact of millennials continues to be immense. These are technologically savvy and prosperous young people, with hundreds of billions of dollars to spend.

Other age groups, such as Generation X—people born between and —and the baby boomers—born between and —have their own spending patterns. Many boomers nearing retirement have money and are willing to spend it on their health, their comforts, leisure pursuits, and cars.

As the population ages, businesses are offering more products that appeal to middle-aged and senior markets. In addition, minorities represent more than 38 percent of the total population, with immigration bringing millions of new residents to the country over the past several decades.

The International Environment

By the U. Census Bureau projects the minority population to increase to 56 percent of the total U. Companies recognize the value of hiring a diverse workforce that reflects our society. Social Factors Social factors—our attitudes, values, ethics, and lifestyles—influence what, how, where, and when people download products or services. They are difficult to predict, define, and measure because they can be very subjective.

International Business Environment

They also change as people move through different life stages. People of all ages have a broader range of interests, defying traditional consumer profiles. Changing roles have brought more women into the workforce. Analyzing more than 10 million company reviews by employees, Indeed researchers identified the top 20 firms with the best work-life balance.

Wolfe says companies that demonstrate empathy and work diligently to provide personal time for all employees tend to take the top spots on the work-life balance list. Surprisingly, none of the tech companies known for their generous work perks made the top 20 list in Technology The application of technology can stimulate growth under capitalism or any other economic system.

Technology is the application of science and engineering skills and knowledge to solve production and organizational problems.

Productivity is the amount of goods and services one worker can produce.

Our ability as a nation to maintain and build wealth depends in large part on the speed and effectiveness with which we use technology—to invent and adapt more efficient equipment to improve manufacturing productivity, to develop new products, and to process information and make it instantly available across the organization and to suppliers and customers.

Many U. Regulation related to products Product Standards Many countries may have its own products standards or specifications. For example, ISO accreditation is necessary for certain products for selling in markets such as European Union. It is mandatory to make certain disclosure about the product such as ingredients, shelf life, possible adverse effects etc. Product liability If a person suffers any damage because of a product, he has to prove that the producer was at fault in respect of the defect in the product causing the damage.

Packing and labelling regulations Many countries have their own regulations regarding packing and labelling.

Natural Environment At the core of social system is the natural environment and the available technology. The natural environment the source and support of everything used by businesses, raw material, energy source, every lifesustaining factor determines what can be done in a society and how institutions can function.

In short, geographical and ecological factors, such as weather and climate conditions, locational aspects in the global context, port facilities, are all relevant to business. Technological Environment Technology systematic knowledge to manufacture a product, application of process, rendering a service that are necessary to carry on or to improve existing production and distribution of goods and services and also entrepreneurial expertise and technical know-how.

The type of technology in use, level of technological developments, the speed with which new technologies are adopted, technology policy etc. Appropriate Technology and Technology Adaptation Appropriate Technology and its Adaptation When different technologies are available, it needs to be ensured that the technology chosen is the appropriate for the business.

Technological appropriateness can vary between environments. Situations may require adaptations or modifications to technology.

Environment of International Business and Its Significance (1)

Modifications may help companies to do better than users of technology in its original form. Transfer of Technology Technology transfer is the process by which commercial technology is passed on to developing countries. While technology is transferred, some of the issues might crop up. They are cost, appropriateness, dependence and obsolescence are some of the issues comes with transfer of technology. Process technology provision of machinery and equipment to suppliers, technical support on production planning, quality management, inspection and testing, visits to supplier facilities to advise on layout, operations and quality.

Organizational and managerial know how assistance with inventory management and use of just-in-time and other systems, assistance in implementing quality assurance systems, introduction to new practices such as financial, download and marketing techniques.

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