That was InQuest (and Wizard Magazine's) shtick. Difference Is there a way to get this as a PDF without having to save each site manually?. InQuest recently put up PDF files for this game as a free download. http://www. Inquest #0 Inquest #1 Inquest #2 Inquest #3 Inquest #4 Inquest #5 Inquest #6 Inquest #7 Inquest #8 Inquest #9 Inquest #10 Inquest #11 Inquest #12 Inquest #

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Inquest Magazine Pdf

Issue 0. Issue 1. Issue 2. Issue 3 · Issue 4 · Issue 5 · Issue 6 · Issue 7 · card creation contest. Issue 8. Issue 9 · Weenie Awards Issue Issue Issue Anyone know of a site that scans old CCG magazines? InQuest and SCRYE and such, circa ? PM - 29 Oct 2 Likes; yoko · p3nnyw1s3. Im interested in uploading some Inquest Gamer scans. I dont see an option for it in the galleries, and Im unsure of how to do this?.

It's like the world government being a horrible corrupt evil greedy shit sandwich is being revealed to everyone at a rapid rate, while the distraction, fear and mind control machine is on overdrive trying to hide itself, and in my country people are just going 'okay' and becoming kinda depressed and submissive like peasants in the middle ages, knowing deep down they really aren't free, they've been brainwashed and systematicallly lied to about a great many things and that they have cruel masters you cannot win against so better hide, try to convince yourself you're free and settle for small hidden freedoms. In countries like Ukraine however it's almost a proper revolution. It's like our time is a prelude to some pretty fucking hairy future time period when the submissive phase will end more globally. Can you imagine what lengths the masters of the most powerful countries will go to to keep their power? They will propably cut down the internet! Bah gawd can you imagine the horror! Six centuries from now? A decade?

I looked up Shadis Dualist and Inquest Gamer on Wikipedia and the traits they all share are following card games in the early to mid nighties then expanding to include board games and some types of Role Playing Games.

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They are certainly not what you usually find on Retromags but it still has a certain type of nerdyness which is not so out of place. I say put the covers up once permission is granted, see what we have as far as how many magazines are scanned and then have a vote. Honestly, all this talk has made me curious about it.

Now, if somebody approached me with some type of computer hardware magazines, I would be completely in favour of preserving them here. Videogames and computers in my opinion go together like toast and jam.

Inquest and later issues of the Duelist actually had a lot of PC game coverage.

Inquest Magazines

Inquest did a lot of articles on MMOs, while Duelist and Topdeck it's successor magazine reviewed Playstation and Dreamcast games fairly regularly. Since no one at Retromags has scanned or plans to scan any of these mags at least, not currently , the best thing the OP can do is upload what they have at archive. That's the best place for them anyway, and once they're available and people can give them a look-see, who knows?

One of our members might become interested enough to scan some issues for our site, as well. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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InQuest Magazines

Upload or insert images from URL. Magazine Talk Search In. Inquest Gamer scans? Reply to this topic Start new topic.

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Posted August 28, Posted September 8, Posted September 11, Posted September 12, Hi Ho. It's off to work at my job of being a professional stick-in-the-mud I go. Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea of opening RM up to magazines of other kinds, but if that's where we're heading we should amend the frontpage masthead that says Quote. Posted September 13, Posted September 14, Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

Tournament players back then: what was the rule before this? Both players got to draw?

We would just cut our decks to a random card and whoever got the highest casting cost would go first. I never see anyone do this anymore, but it was everywhere back in the day. Anyone else remember this practice? If you do remember that, this image will probably disturb you more than the young whippersnappers who read this site: Seriously, the card needs to be transparent to work.

Did you see it? It boggles the mind.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Oh well, they got it worked out eventually anyone know when, exactly? Most of these cases are terrible, right? How many of them do you think are Commander staples today?