In the Gravest Extreme - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. In the Gravest Extreme by Massad F. Ayoob, June , Police Bookshelf edition, Paperback in English. The book that American Handgunner calls "must reading for anyone who owns a firearm for self defense." This best seller is widely acclaimed by cops, lawyers.

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massad ayoob in the gravest extreme If searching for a book by Massad Ayoob, Bruce N. Eimer Armed: The. Essential Guide to Concealed Carry in pdf form. This item: in the gravest extreme: the role of the firearm in personal Massad Ayoob In The Gravest Extreme PDF ePub Mobi - Download Massad Ayoob In The. massad ayoob in the pdf. Massad F. Ayoob (born July 20, ) is an American firearms and self-defense instructor. He has taught police techniques.

The reactions to his speech were again extreme. The Indian. The gravest drawbacks in a first-past-the-post election system in parliamentary John Paul II. Page 1. Downloaded from the Catholic Document Archive.

Between nations by insisting that extreme poverty can be eradicated by reasonable domestic policies: the main Starting from the Pamir in the extreme northwest of India, the mighty. Himalayan range extends.

Even under the gravest provocation he did not show the least 3 of latitude for the gravest baroclinic mode there is a rapid transition from one. But it is hard to imagine how this extreme state could arise in a configuration so much.

In the gravest extreme ebook, PDF djvu or pdfs for D. Post by pohlnny Mon Jun 20, 04 am. Image Panoramic Photography: That the two extreme groups, respectively manifesting deeply ingrained and almost.

One of the gravest objections to the possibilities of overcoming greed and War against China, and should be used only in extreme cases such as to save a force threatened. This was perhaps the moment of gravest risk of the kind When the gravest of threats are eliminated, the freedom-loving peoples of. Extreme choice than America did during the Cold War: there would be no room for a Feb 3, Of pagan abominations led many of the orthodox to practice with extreme.

They may be arraigned on the gravest charges, have no fear Sep 30, One of the gravest problems posed by China is its.

Extreme case: the most inappropriate terrain for the application of concepts that have Deficits are the gravest threat to our nations prosperity and that the United States faces. Climate change is perhaps the most extreme ver-sion of the threat of Jul 2, In October Available for downloading from www Who.

Exposure to other extreme or changing air pressure. If two or more categories are judged to be equally appropriate, select the gravest situation operating at. Posted in Uncategorized. For one thing. What will perhaps be remembered as the definitive guideline of street practicality in this area.

The very fact that you did not "shoot to kill" can indicate that you did not consider the crisis a killing situation. It has reached the point where the degree of preventative force that is justifiable now encompasses the right to kill. Cops take a from ordinary people and punks alike. His only learning models are the policemen he sees on the screen.

When one them shouts a warning Or command to a brother officer. It didn't register that the cop couldn't have positively identified fie suspect from the quick glimpse he'd had of the sniper on the. The episode begins when the gunsel tries to kill the detecwith a sniper rifle from a rooftop.

Neither will the cop involved. Even if the command comes from a sworn officer. The situation is understandable. More important will be the response of the Press: By the time he catches U with the gunman.

In the Gravest Extreme (June edition) | Open Library

Doyle puts a bullet through his spine. It is a widespread and dangerous misconception that all criminals are fair game for the bullets of good guys. The other cops know that. Where does this leave the citizen who shot the running suspect he thought was supposed to be shot? It leaves him on his fighting what may be a sea of angry public opinion and the resentmerit of a police department that has been made to look bad by an amateur who. A police officer who did the same would probably be roasted by the press and community.

When the pursuer lets his own sense cod. The theater-goers cheered anyway. The private citizen assisting a policeman does. The audience cheered. He escapes through the subway. The police department involved will not find it in its own interest to endorse the act. If a fleeing suspect has outpaced him but is within reach of his partner.

The policeman who makes an error in judgment has. A basic prinice 28 ciple of American justice holds that a bad man has the same rights a s a good man. The citizen in question has committed an act beyond his 0legal power.

Even if the statutes give the assisting civilian the same "shoot-tostopv power. Cops aren'tused to working with untrained civilians.

They didn't seem to realize that the cop couldn't have known what the fugitive had done on the subway train. When detective Popeye Doyle confronts the now-unarmed criminal. If you intervene in a street assault. He'll sneeze the whole time he's raping you.

And so they can. Let us examine. Police coverage being as sparse a s it is everywhere. Even in this instance. And never shoot a running man unless he has committed a cop-killing. The articles are all a rehash of the same suggestions. In many parts of the country.

Never use a gun on a purse-snatcher.. Never pursue a fleeing felon unless you a r e assisting a police officer who has specifically asked you for your help.. The magazines are fond of telling you solemnly that these little instruments can kill. They tell you. A hatpin against a mugger? In real life. The other lethal force doctrines are the same: You often hear.

For the same reasons. They're too hard to shoot straight. I ent on it from experience. If it's comfortable for you. It is equally true that they can. You are better off to carry it on your person-if you can find a place.

In the Gravest Extreme

If they aren't. The only advantages are the ease of practice with cheap ammo. There is always the possibility of the bag getting lost or snatched. We men like to talk about how the women of the tribe are always the ones who torture the prisoners and what not. Women's fashions lack the pockets. The handbag has been the standard location ever since hand muffs went out of style. You'll have a bitch of a time getting a gun out of a handbag in a burry. Where to Carry The woman who carries a gun is faced with a practical problem not shared by her male counterpart: It's really an expert's weapon.

In the Gravest Extreme

Stopping power is more than the. The private citizen is permitted by loy deadly force only when he or other innocent parties imminent and unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily 1 or cripple a felon. The fenses against robbery are locks. Let us consider first the circumstances under which the lethal a gun may be justified.

And you wl think about it. If you keep arms in the store. The taking of a human life is il an emotionally shattering act. You will see the latter a t the coroner's inquest. Your lawyer can also tell you the disposition of local courts toward such cases.

This is a tricky legal concept. Contact your insurance agent to see what your liability policy covers in this regard. Another important concept is "disparity of forcew-that is. In a few states. Even if you are allowed to shoot for the sole purpose of protecting your property.

It has been many years since a civilized Western nation decreed a death penalty for stealing. The verdict might be excusable homicide. If one thinks about it. He not erstanding of his legal position under these cirs no idea of how to conduct himself if. I'd get my gun and. Those hunting and rget guns aren't just thrown in to fatten the statistic of armed ither. Everyone who keeps guns has idered.

So are. Chapter 7 A Gun in your Home either use guns when they shouldn't. The main thing to remember at this point is the as castle" concept: There are probably more firearms kept as house defense eapons than for all other civilian security purposes combined. And herein lies the problem: I do recall reading of one rituation. The frightening answer is that you stand on edge of death.

His reluctance to carry a gun less from his concern for his potential victim than from a of heavier penalties if caught. Afer reviewing the statements given by the victims. Relatively few such assaults occur in the daytim seem to be increasing if newspaper reports are any indicati Almost invariably.

Such an entr almost impossible to guard against. Let us consider the classic burglar who breaks in during the night while the family 53 '. Cooperation is paramount. Whether the prevention of rape is worth the risk of traggering a wholesale slaughter is not a choice anyone can m k far ae you-or.

The Householder's Disadvantage There are few situations where you will be on even an e footing with an armed intruder. Where do you stand when an intruder. The average burglar is not so dangerous as a mugr or holdup man. The only exception to the great likelihood of wanton violence is when a householder enters unexpectedly and catches a burglar in the act during the daytime. In daylight breaks. Only if you become aware o presence and lay a careful amb prepared.

Many do carry guns knives. He recognizes the possibility of confrontation with useholder. A nu pajama'd man is a vulnerable man. He is performing an a has probably planned beforehand.

This is not as inconsequential as it may seem: Both flashlight and y [however. One is you are caught undressed. He has long since decided 54 for home defender to check for prowlers.

These are the main factors. It will be at least a few minutes. Shoes are o unless they're crepe-soled. You may also exper floating patches of color that can obscure and distract your of vision. You're eyes are adjusted to neither darkness nor light. Back to wall. Between the j transitionfrom dark to light. Your opponent. Your first reflex upon b alarmed into wakefulness. Just for the hell o it. Let us pres that you have no doubt that intruders are present.

Try to avoid positions where you are plainly visible td 56 may be watching from an unlighted area. The man in a two-story home has a huge advane: Your response to an illegal entry ust be predicated on one basic architectural factor: The doors shouldn't be kept lacked. He is better prepared than you are. If yon fear that your home may one day become the are mortal combat between you and one or more intruders.

Some hideous tragedies have occurred this way. Switch on the downstairs lights while keeping your own level in darkness. His eyes are a justed to the darkness. Despite all that your opponents have going them. The best course of action is not to go and investigate. What you probably hav noticed-and probably won't until some night when you're s ing from room to room in semidarkness.

The family is therefore close enough together to be ssfully protected from the invaders below. Some people would try the opposite. Which parts will be in deep shadow? How about light is shining in from the hall? The illumination from a conventional hall light is not sufficiently bright or focused to blind a man some forty or fifty feet away.

The second approach has vantages: You must know where an opponent cab he w ambush whbn pou come downstairs to ipvestigate. It is obviously unfeasible to call police-or to barricade yourself behind the bed for the dura of the night-every time you hear a squeak in the kitchen.

It will. At this point. If you have reason to beli cross-beam. It's cheap insu against all kinds of sudden household emergencies when se rewiring. Every home should have an extension tel on the night table in the master bedroom. S ably won't be foolish enough to go down to a arrest. Mlh a. You do not ually have the practical option of calling out a challenge when rmed intruder are in sight of each other.

If you hesitate when e turns. I do not fakor a v atering the occupied home. It is. He turns instinctively with the weapon in his renalin-filled body exploding into reflexive he does not pull the trigger automatically as he faces e the first response that occurs to his hair-trigger nertem when he sees you.

Even if you do. Adherence to this precept of the lives of many police officersand law abiding realized that their antagonists did e average American has never witnessed-probably never read a complete. But what if you yell nd the tense housebreaker reflexyou. At this gnint. The call of fore the draw is a myth based on an Old West xisted in real life.. On TV. Swiftly and suddenly.

If you come upon him from behind. Hold the handgun at your beltline. Dress before you leave the bedroom. And he pulls the trigger first. If she hears sounds of a struggle or confrontation. And keep shooting him until he is unable to shoot back. But there are times when you'll want to investigate a suspicious noise just to put your or your wife's mind at ease.

I like a multi-celled. If you have ascertained that the man you have the drop on is a deliberate intruder into your occupied home and therefore. On the other hand. He might have dropped his weapon. It's possible that murder wasn't his intention when he turned toward you with weapon in hand.

The possibility of such a lurking intruder suggests that you walk in the center of a room or hall. Before you do. Give it a practice run beforehand.

This may not always work. Her role in assisting you further will be considered in the chapter on "Women and Defense Guns. A call to the police is the first priority when you have real reason to believe you've been broken into. His response is as instinctive as yours would be in his place. If you analyze a number of officialpolice reports of confrontat i o m r m e d criminals. When you leave the bedroom. Only by familiarizing. Have her dial the first digits of the police station number beforehand.

Remember to put on your glasses if you normally wear them. Hold your loaded gun firmly. If it ever happens. Have your wife at the phone if possible. This will give you more opportunity to check out the situation with your ears. But he called it. If you know someone who sells police equip ment. The point is that you can't afford to find out.

You probably never will. In the back. The steps are most strongly supported a t this point.

Two final cautions. When moving over a staircase. You'll need all of them. Unless he is a maniac who has just wiped out half your family.

Take these advantages. The law-abiding householder is a t a great situational. The police team that answers the burglary call will be walking into a tense situation with guns drawn.

A court could deem it contributory negligence. He will need all the instruction given in this chapter. I I yourself in this regard with each room in your own home. So extent of the homeowner's liability for wounds suffered by criminals or bystanders. When they see you. By not staying out of the way after making the call. A casually dressed man with a. Depending on how urgent the call was. The second warning is one applicable to virtually all armed confrontations a civilian may be involved in: Use this same technique when moving down halls.

If you do. The nearest unit responding may contain plainclothes officers. I'll toss the fiver to the. After all. But a prosecutor in a self-defense shooting case will ask. Were you looking for a logal excuse to shoot somebody? Some will nriy that submissiveness encourages wise punks to escalate their Ihreats. Take all the verbal use they give you. In anticipation of such an incident. Humor them. I'll tell him I don't wrint any trouble. I carry a five-dollar bill wrapped around a match book when I'm walking in a high-crime Mroa.

Maybe it'll just whet his appetite to go for. Mtiybe so. In fact. It would be hard to think of a situation where the civilian ever would. Before you use your gun.

There's no real solution. This does not concern us directly here. The second point is that a gun in a car is constantly left unattended and vulnerable to theft. The ideal gun? Whatever you normally carry for personal defense.

This is one of the few principles we have learned from the epoch of Vietnam. A new kind of instant blackmail had evolved from the practice of hitchhiking: One caution: Car Guns I do not favor the selection of particular guns for auto defense alone. Kind of makes you wish you didn't pick up hitchhikers. Blockades If you are in a blockade situation-people or cars are arsayed across the road.

If he is keeping one hand out of sight. In certain inner city areas. Be sure you have to shoot before you risk forfeiting your sense of hearing as well as the life of a rambunctious hitchhiker. That is because these officers realize that gunfights encountered in the course of their highway duties are likely to involve point-blank.

Better you should avoid entirely a situation that could place you in a perilous situation from which you dare not extricate yourself with the full force at your command.

Read In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection PDF Free

In certain areas of New York City. If he confronts you at the door with a drawn gun. Few State Patrols and other rural police even bother to keep metal piercing ammo in the cruisers for their own. Even for highway cops.

Another warning sign is if he jerks violently at the door. Under the seat. Where Should It Be Kept? It is never a good idea to keep a gun stored in a car. It applies as well to individuals as to countries. What if he shows a gun?

Watch him in the rear-view mirror as he approaches. You'll probably be fired upon as you draw. The concussion can cause permanent ear damage. Since you didn't deliberately run down the assailant in front of you.

The Kangamangus Highway in New Hampshire's White Mountains was at one t i e infested with hippies who would set up roadblocks. You are controlling a two-ton bludgeon. In most cases. Don't try to deliberately run anyone down. If that is the case. Avoid them if you can. Nor are the hinterlands free from such threats. They would set up at a remote point where they would have time to terrorize several carloads of tourists before the first victim could get to a telephone.

The shot will almost certainly go wild. It can honestly be stated that you were making every reasonable effort in good faith. There are not enough court precedents to make a definite state ment either way. Don't brandish it flamboyantly.

A device not built to be a deadly weapon becomes so only when used with intent to kill or injure. If criminals are swarming over your car. That's why it's important to make it obvious that. Start slowly unless the rocks are already flying through the windows. Legend has it that the practice ceased after a group of Green Berets on maneuvers in the White Mountains spent a few weekends cruising the Kangamangus in civvies.

If a rock-throwing attacker is deliberately blocking your path. This will be especially important if the court decides that the rocks or whatever did not constitute deadly weapons in the hands of your attackers. Put your car in gear. Never try to shoot from a moving car.

Not long ago. He was arrested for the act. He turns sharply away. Chapter 10 Detbrrent Effect of Defense Handguns ing force of the in its power. Wance back at the young an. The same instinct makes my qight hand unbutton my topcoat and my suitcoat. Something is wrong here. But if the timing is right. There is no one to be seen. I look around the lot. Alone in the car-filled lot is a young man in a thin pea-jafket.

I am leaving a Holiday For instance. I button my topcoat over my suitjacket as I walk through b e darkened parking lot to the very edge. It is cold. I nod to him. I wondered if I 11 there to pounce somebody else. It has been a long time since that happened to wondered if I was wrong in not trying the citizen's a r I didn't become a cop until later. You schmuck. I t h i i you get pneumonia and die. And now a lupine face rises from behind eyes on mine a s the young man's are now.

Chief's Special in its speed rig on my right hip. I keep walking. Never before. But I knew then that it was their two words against deterrent effect of merely showing the weapon along with char into use it if necessary quite often is sufficient to terminate a danger tion without bloodshed.

The gun isn't even pointed at them. I walk to my car. The young man. For me. I fc wind knife through my chest. I pass within a few yards. One of me watches in fascin before having seen a human face in a frenzy that woi lips so far back from the teeth that the gums are s other of me.

We stand looking at each other for a long momeni see the wicked tips of the hollowpoint handloads in th and wouldn't recognize them if they did. But they know what it is. I am two people. The gun-carrying man who lacks either attribute is a walking time bomb. I didn't bargain for jeopardizing my life instead of yours!

A question like. I told him to come in to the police station Monday morning and see about getting a "carry" pistol permit. But beyond the general possession of firearms. But the documentation is there. You'd think the ACLU and similar groups would appreciate that more than they do. It can even be phrased without words. They fear that a man who before avoided quarrels. What you have to do. I told him he wouldn't be arrested. Despite all the junk "rape defense manuals" and similar pop lit.

To be worthy of this privilege. Those who would ban the civilian ownership of defense guns feel that this absorption of potentially deadly power can create dangerous change in the character of the armed man. I put my hand on the guy's shoulder. And then I gave him the address of a friend of mine who runs a police equipment shop.

Discretion I rying a gun for the first time is acutely. Wanna few more? I've got files full. Over many years of carrying guns. I have learned otherwise. Somewhere in between came a lecture on trusting the frail hook-andeye lock on his screen door.

After a time. Even if you carry the gun just to feel secure in a dangerous neighborhood. In a society whose all-pervasive entertainment media have glorified men who carry guns. There is nothing inherently wrong with a civilian carrying a gun. It is interesting to note that "The Rights of Americans. The citizen who keeps a h a m for defensive purposes owes it both to himself and to bystanders to receive propr training. Keep your gun well hidden. We live according to social values that sometimes seem hard to fathom.

It serves no purpose: The same holds true for guns. To them. They regard such a person as they would one who talked to himself. I know bankers. Speaking strictly in practical terms. If the defense weapon is not actually available for swift defense. Notable among these is the right to selfdefense. It can be tempting to reveal the fact that you're "carrying.

While it is fashionable to champion certain rights of the individual-to privacy. But to non-gun-owners. A heart patient who keeps all his digitalis in the second floor medicine cabinet is not secure from a seizure in his basement.

When you carry a defense gun. The average man ned to think of firearms as somehow magical: The layman should think of the high precision.. Small range fees could go to the host club owning the range to pay for the use of the facilities.?. The bullet goes re it is aimed. It would differ from the standard police pistol course in 1. But there are sufficiently few carry-permit holders that local ranges would be adequate to process them once each every one to three years.

The very application for the carry permit indicates that the applicant believes that there is a chance At 12 yards. There is no written exam on selfdefense law.. The handgun propels a small projectile in a relatively straight line. Regular exams at the present permit-renewal intervals are incated. A passing score of out of a possible would be realistic. If this should come to pass. Your competency with the 1 weapon you carry must be such that you will not fire an acciden.

There are too many people carrying guns they don't know how to shoot straight. Some policemen are in that y to public belief. I feel there should also be a written examination to determine his grasp of the Iaws that govern self-defense and deadly force.

It is only fair. What frightens me most about civilians with guns is that so em are incredibly rotten pistol shots. Faced with an attack that called for extreme response.. I would also eliminate the rapid reloading around which the police course is built: There are people carrying guns they have never fired. Nor are the time allotments a problem unless they are too easy.. It is less than the lengtb of a mediumsized b a d lobby.

It doesn't work that way.. It is argued that this would be impossible in view of the facilities.. A proper course might be 30 shots on the Colt Police Silhouette target. One need only find a n instrucr to sign his application. The 25 yards is not an excessive distance. When the chapter on common sense about guns on the street appeared.

It is printed here with permission of GUNS magazine. I don't have to take shit from anybody. I'm going to answer them in this column. GUNS magazine has been running a chapter per issue from my book. For some months now. In another category. GUNS magazine. The following column in GUNS. Officer X. Alternatives in between that and downloading them off? download the guys a round on me.

I'm only gonna say this one more time. The judgment? Yet the Impossible. The court dqess't Lcs i e o y the i ing. Three street punks of m his professional acquaintance spotted him and began harassing him. Realizing that he was about to be killed or crippled. What led u a v be f a e import verdict.

W h y a i d that officer lose? A major reason was that the court felt he could have avoided the conflict. He wound up on the floor getting stomped by three pairs of engineer boots. You think you're gonna snuff a street rat. He fought it to the U. I explained that drawing a gun a t that point would create a number of serious problems. Supreme Court.

Officer Y's approach was a bit more personal: And its premise is what the title comes from: In moments. This officer. When you figure what lawyer's fees add up to. Officer X and Officer Y clearly think that it is chicken. Exonerated by a epartment investigation. If you do the first. Want a precedent?

I'd have bought them a round of drinks and tried to leave. As they gang-beat you. A gun is nothim more than a special-pumose item of emergencyequipment. It's a game between your lawyer and the prosecutor. Officer Y. I have done so as a civilian since I hope New York's prosecutors won't crucify them for it.

But civilians don't have anything near that authority. And that's before you count up the frightful toll that even a justifiable homicide takes in lost friendshius and iobs. And that's when you did everything within the letter of the law.

Of course. And we especially know what New York would do to someone who pulled a gun in the face of "simple harassment. Officers X and Y. Both o those things will also be a lot better for your health. I sympathize with the tragedy of those victimized by extortionists. And anything I. I'll stand by that statement. He has also kissed his own rights. I don't really give a damn if you think I'm a "true coward" because I said.

If you f need something to make you feel masculine. I should also add that I never have carried downloadoff money while in any police capacity. If they are prepared to defend themselves. I've got a statute book that says a punk who disturbs the peace is mine. When I wear that shield. I I eve1 f - Tmra. Space requirements limit our comments to the most popular models in each class. Choices include: Colt's Detective Special. The untrained civilian does not clean his gun regularly.

We considered the relative merits of each type back in the n chapter. To further reduce magazine spring stress. The amateur keeps the pistol constantly loaded. This is the best. Experts rotate their spare magazines every few months. An automatic won't. It is compact enough to be carried when bigger. A revolver will functionin spite of this neglect.

The Snub-Nosed. It is only slightly larger than the most compact models. The experts will tell you that the big automatics are actually more reliable than revolvers. Among amateurs. Let us look over the guns available. This may be true-for the customtuned automatics the experts use.

This will be repaired bv the factorv or franchised. The sharply-squared cylinder release latch is so placed that. The Dan Wesson revolver is not quite a s well made. There is a two inch barrel available. The Ruger double action. All these a r e attributes that mean more to the enthusiast than to the average citizen who wants a gun for defense.

The most popular. The 1 ejector rod is too short to clear empties completely out of the chambers. On the plus side.. The model 10 is perhaps the only fixed-sight revolver that will shoot to point of aim a s it comes from the factory..

Better Quality Revolvers These are guns with slightly better finishes.. Those who use short. Their recoil is heavy enough that it often outweighs the extra power.

Most experts consider the new action inferior to the old. The latter don't stand up well under continued h e a w recoil. Better yet is the stainless steel version. Colt's Mark 1 1 Official Police and Lawman revolvers are a 1 new design.. download the all steel version.. The 4 inch heavy barrel is the choice of professionals. This gun will take much more abuse and neglect than the standard model. Colt's Police Positive is a small frame. The - w a These more powerful guns are..

An ideal compromise for many. The latter is. Not desirable a s the shrouded Colt. Two complaints: Both a r e substantially larger than the small frame. The 5-shot cylindeE is supposed to bulge less. These a r e "expertsbnly" guns. The cocked and locked automatic is the fastest of any handgun for the first. Superb design and workmanship.

This is so only when hammer and safety become worn or broken.

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