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I Too Had a Love Story book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Do love stories ever die? How would you react when a. . I Too Had a Love Story is an English autobiographical novel written by Ravinder Singh. This was the debut novel of the author and was first published in by . Ravinder Singh is the bestselling author of I Too Had a Love Story, Can Love Happen Twice?, Like It Happened Yesterday, Your Dreams Are.

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I Too Had A Love Story Book By Ravinder Singh

download I Too Had a Love Story 1st edition by Ravinder Singh (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. This 10th anniversary edition of I Too had a Love Story brings to life one With a personal note from the author, this book is a collector's edition. Ravinder Singh is the bestselling author of I Too Had a Love Story and Can Love Happen Twice?. Like It Happened Yesterday is his third book. After having.

Could any book ever get worse than this, i'm still wondering why so many people love it. This book is an insult to any reader. I'm giving up on these Chetan Bhagat type of writing. A doctorate of law, graduate of Harvard Law School, an Inlaks scholar, honorary professor at Amity Law School, she is the second woman in India to have been awarded this high constitutional law office. Her accomplishments extend from legal expertise to media, politics and social activism. She has also been a spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party and was even leading its all-India legal team at one point. She has also co-authored a book on international jurisdictions. I Too Had a Love Story. Ravinder Singh. This 10th anniversary edition of I Too had a Love Story brings to life one of the decade's most-loved romance novels with gorgeous illustrations in a brand new design. With a personal note from the author, this book is a collector's edition. It will also make for a fabulous gift. Do love stories ever die?

They become curious about each other's interest and find there are many similarities between them.

I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh – Book Review

After a few months of conversation over phone, they realize that they have started falling in love with each other, although they have never met face-to-face. Very soon, Ravin is asked to travel to the United States for an office assignment.

He is required to go to Delhi, where Khushi lives, to board the international flight. Ravin decides to go to Delhi one day earlier to meet Khushi for the first time, and spend time with her.

In Delhi, Ravin meets Khushi and her family including her mother and sisters and then starts his journey to the US. Even during his stay in the US, Ravin is constantly in touch with Khushi. After his return to India, Ravin meets Khushi once again. After sometime, Khushi's family visits Bhubaneswar and meet Ravin's parents.

There, they decide the date of Ravin and Khushi's engagement.

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Along with the innate beauty of their love story, the expression of the subtle emotions in the most simple and lucid way makes it special.

The fact that the writer does not make any effort to impress the readers with lofty words and articulations point to the honesty of the writer s feelings. The writer has summed up the essence of his story in the most appealing terms. Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love.

I Too Had a Love Story: Part 5 (Penguin Petit)

Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it. Those for whom love is the most beautiful feeling above human definitions and parameters the book will make for an ever cherished experience.

Introduction: With the internet becoming an integral part of our lives, people have now resorted to finding their soul mates online. But, does every love story need to have a happy ending? There are such love stories that remain incomplete due to fate.

Read this book to find out! Plot Summary: This is an autobiographical novel by Ravinder Singh which means this is his very own story. Ravin Ravinder himself and Khushi are the protagonists in the story. Both of them meet over the internet and are looking for the perfect soul mate.

The style of writing is very much similar 2 dat of Bhagats, but a lot worse. Its filled wid cheesy dialogues n attempts at jokes at even d deathbed.

My collagemates who had read it described it as humourous, among many oder things. If dis is ur definition of humour, den mind u, I am not d person 2 b wid. While I was reading d buk, I was not sure whether I really hated it or was it an ok-ok type. Thank u 4 standing by her.

I Too Had A Love Story - Penguin India

It was really easy 2 hate d buk after dat. R good men so scarce on earth dat v label any guy as good? If all der goodness ver 2 b radiated, devil wud probably go blind!

If he labels a bad buk as excellent, den it shud bcum d bestseller..