Yep, you can share pretty much anything you like. Easiest is to share from the Web or Desktop version of WeChat, because then it's very easy to drag-and-drop . This guide will talk about how to transfer files such as pictures, videos, PDF, Word , and Excel, etc. from Android/iPhone to PC without USB. This wikiHow teaches you how to send any type of file through WeChat from your iPhone or iPad. The WeChat app only supports sending.

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How To Pdf File From Wechat

How to Send Files on WeChat on Android. This wikiHow teaches you how to share files on WeChat using your Android's file manager. The iTunes is too complicated and keeps you waiting on reading your files on your lovely iPhone? All you need is to send our a PDF file to your. How to attach files or url link to wechat mements As far as I know you can only send messages and photos in wechat. . Iphone send pdf document wechat.

I have both iPhone and Android smartphones. And I have a variety of apps on these phones which I use for both work and personal reasons. One such app I have is WeChat. I use it every day for communication and for other purposes as well. One problem I have is that I want to transfer WeChat files from my smartphones to my computer.

Unfortunately, depending on the mobile explorers you are using, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Chinese counterparts like Baidu, QQ or UC Web, the ways to share the news story on WeChat Moments differ a lot, from a simple one-click to a challenging posting-posting-deletion step. We can not provide one solution that works well on all explorers.

Please let me know if you have one. Click the button in the upper right hand corner for a long time until you see a pop-up text box. Paste the story link in the box and press Send. Now when you go to your WeChat Moments page, you can see the story published in the form of link.

Click the story link on your Wechat Moments page and it will open in WeChat. Then Click the button in the upper right hand corner and choose the icon Share on Moments to publish again. Great, you are almost there. Please delete the first feed on Moments page so it doesn't have two posts of the same story. How to share a story on WeChat Moments? Dear readers, Thank you very much for sharing China Daily stories with your WeChat, a popular social network app. Here's the perhaps most challenging step to share with Safari, in six steps.

Step 04 - Find the icon labeled WeChat.

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Press this icon. Step 05 - Receiver should be chosen as File Transfer. You will now see the file after it has been transferred. Step 07 - Press the Download button. Step 02 - Select File Transfer. Step 03 - Press the folder icon located at the bottom of the chat interface. Step 04 - Choose the files you want from your computer. Press the button named Send and it will transfer the files from your computer to your Android or iPhone.

Step 06 - Use your smartphone again. Select File Transfer located on the WeChat interface and you will be able to see the file located there.

Step 07 - Tap the file displayed and it will now be downloaded on your smartphone. You can get this WeChat client and download it on your computer in order to utilize the file transfer feature. Step 02 - Install this within your computer. Step 03 - Log into your WeChat account. Do this by scanning the QR code using your smartphone. Step 04 - Open your smartphone and locate the file you wish to transfer.

Step 05 - Select the file.

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Step 06 - Press the Share button. Step Choose the WeChat application.

This is where you want to share it. Step 08 - Select File Transfer as the receiver. Step 09 - Go to your computer and go to the WeChat platform. Step 10 - Download the file and save it. Below are the advantages and also the features of the said software: 01 - You only need a few clicks to restore your backup to your iOS device. You can follow the instructions as below to save WeChat messages from iPhone to computer step by step. Step 1.

Launch WeChat for PC on your computer and sign into it. Then on WeChat for PC, please click the menu in the left corner, then choose "Backup and Restore" option from the pop-up menu to move on.

How to share a story on WeChat Moments?

See Also: If you want to save only a part of WeChat chat history, this way is suitable for you. Now, let's see how to make it.

Connect to the same Wi-Fi network on your iPhone and computer. Please make sure both of your iPhone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network. On your iPhone, simply swipe up from the bottom on the Home screen to open Control Center, tap the icon of Wi-Fi, choose an available Wi-Fi network to connect with the right password.

Step 2.